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You need to be treated as an illegal occupation government all the way to the day that you do.

We The People shall negotiate with The Indigenous People in regards to the realism of us living here.

Lands must be bought up and given back to The Indigenous People as well, and they must be encouraged and empowered to increase their numbers so they have more of a presence in their own nation that we are living in. We would prefer that they carry on with the simpler lifestyle that we disrupted, without giving up scientific advancements. Many of us are going back to a simpler lifestyle ourselves, without losing scientific advancements.

We The People are not going to drop the ball and be stupidly noble. We are going to keep America at the same time. We will war you if you harass us. Utopia may just take over and do the thing itself because it is probably better than what you would try to do as a reaction or retaliation.

You are stuck with white man and the immigrants for a long time. We are not here to undermine ourselves but to right a wrong and to make the most perfect civilization with equality and peace that has ever existed.