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You can consider yourselves out of a job as politicians.

Your role is going to be that of being ‘leaders of the economy’ that you are indirectly receiving your tax dollars from. The economy will be a secondary thing going on at the same time as utopia. It cannot legally be allowed to be mandatory. Utopia is mandatory and the economy is the disneyland for workaholics.

You have continued to break the law by choosing economics.

You are being defeated by an actual realism that undercuts economics, relies on science and engineering, and is into maximum automation as opposed to the clumsy method of keeping a bunch of jobs going.

Your landowner paradigm is illegal when used on the whole. There is not enough logic in it when used on the whole.

You keep things locked in place by occupying authority and judicial spots and you will be prosecuted for using those spots to force the illegal methods of landowner and economics on the whole if you do not relent. You do not have a legal deference in this. You have a conspiracy to control.

Your whole conspiracy has boiled down to your people entrenched in authority spots they don’t belong pushing a wrongful method people are socialized to believe in.