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They need an easy to build self-sustaining agrarian civilization (with beer) that is unhooked from the economy altogether.

They do not need a bunch of corrupt democrats trying to turn them into tax-abiding citizens that pay your wages.

As I have said if you are not going to be using tax dollars to build a civilization that frees us from being enslaved to the economy you really don’t have a job being our spokesperson. You are simply not getting the facts straight.

Many people are for a while happy to have a job, and then after a while they are just enduring through it.

People who like to work and have jobs are as specific type of person that should never have been used as a blanket for the whole of us as who we are suppose to be.

It isn’t who we are suppose to be and working jobs is a forced realism process. It is not at all the scientific bottom line.

Disparity of wealth is a flawed argument that is no longer dealing with the full facts and only applies to an economy (that some people are happy to work in and other people are just enduring through).

Some people can’t work a job. Some people don’t adapt as well to your socialized jobs routine. Some people do it right and something goes wrong and then they are in economic hardships.

You are willing to spend trillions of dollars on a green economy but you are not willing to spend trillions of dollars on freeing the people from being enslaved to economics.

We The People do not need to compete with you the politician and government people over the use of tax dollars. You run a half-illegal system that forces us to work and pay your taxes. Many democrats do not even make enough money to pay taxes and then you put us in compeititon with people that love to work and are forced to pay taxes to cover those of us that are not working.

If we are not heading towards being better workers you don’t have a good enough solution for us.

Working a job was someone else’s idea and it works for their people. The rest of the people are just enduring through it or hate it.

Finding a better job is not the end all solution for everyone. Unhooking us from the need for an economy in the first place is where you are suppose to be.

All the arguments you have against this method do not pan out to actually logical. You push a stupid tradition that enslaves us all and pays your wages.

“you never went back to what went wrong with the landowner forefathers choosing the free market economy, and before the end of homesteading; you are basically a continuation of the same landowner forefathers pushing a free market economy all over our actual freedom in a modern world of vast automation potential”

Your list of democrat achievements:

Almost saved the whales.

Almost saved the environment.

Almost defeated corruption.

Almost taxed our sensibilities out.

Almost turned this country into a nation of lawless riots.