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Evolution actually predates Creation.

It predates Creating and it predates the region of existence that would be later known as Creation.

Unlike in linear space the Original Evolution had a way to Create Out Of One’s Self. We had a way to ‘make a new body’ out of ourselves, or in a specific region of ourselves. Later on too much change became a problem as we began to lose original state and original changes (all of which were perfect at the onset but things later became imbalanced or degraded).

“Originally it all starts out as one thing, there is some form of oneness at the earliest of times, though it has already changed into 4 or 5 things. This original state of having been one thing allowed for a merger back with other parts of the original thing. Later on during form evolution a more solidified separation occurs, a step towards finite, and later still here we are inhabiting finite bodies through an evolution that allowed incarnating in linear space bodies to occur”

This Creating was through certain Properties of the Original Existence that had been discovered or evolved, as well as the evolution of things from the onset of the change from one into a few into many, which happened before The Universe even existed.

The Universe was as well ‘Created’ off the same types of concepts that had evolved. Though it evolved with it’s big bang the initial thing was set up and not random.

A lot of creating deals with mergers and form and less than original state of vacuums and voids. Another major thing is intelligence and emotion level.

The initial change of existence is down and within to a more mental state. This is Original Brahma going into The New Ptah State. This was more intelligent than the rest of Original Brahma, and it as well originally evolved more than the other parts of Original Brahma. It was the final point of original change and the focused stated there for a long time in a realm of it’s own advancing.

Later on comes Form and Vacuum and Strong Form and Void.

These are The Original Building Blocks of What We Created With from What Had Evolved.

Form Condensed down in the Central Parts of The Original Universe and from this both The Gods and later The Universe were Created. This is from an Evolution that happened and The Potentials Made Manifest. Part of The Gods are Eternally Stable and part of The Gods are Evolving.

The Universe was Created as An Evolving Experiment done as a Realm (as opposed to a Being). Realms have a Co-Evolution with Beings, and Original Realms are Sentient Realms, they are still Beinghood but it is a Vast Oceanic State that others live within.

There is an Evolution that occurred from Original Eternal Sentient Infinity:

Intelligent to More Intelligent.

Original Sentience to Creative Intelligence

Formless to Form and Vacuum/Void.

Infinite to Finite.

Sentient to Non-Sentient.

The Original State is Sentience and Non-Sentience comes along later. The Original State is Formless Oceanic but Vacuum and Void come along later as another type of Formless evolution that is the byproduct of Form Condensing.

God comes from this Evolution and Creating.