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Instead of invalidating votes from signatures and what not more effort should be made to verify things.

This should in no way be excusable due to the work load it will cause.

People’s Votes need to matter, absolutely.

People’s Votes should not be subject to being invalidated so easily.

People’s Votes should not be subject to the (illegal) political maneuvering.

“all votes need to be kept for verification and any legal process that does a recount must be fully held to that standard and things like absentee ballots must be physically kept for potential need of verification”

Though the election process takes a year the actual voting is done in far too short of a time. Due to the importance of voting in America the timeframe should be extended.

Due to the Importance of Voting in America it should not be treated as a sports game where we know the results on election night. It needs to have a more adequate timeframe due to the level of importance it is.