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This means no rent and no bill across the board. The whole thing gets put into stasis. This applies to businesses not just people. All of those business hassles caused by the pandemic would not even be there. Everything would have been put on hold, all the way up and down the chain of debt. The government may as well need to help make up any losses that were unduly brought about by the freeze of all bill paying.

On top of this a stimulus needs to be issued for the people to stay afloat. It can be printed up by the government and slowly taken back by the government (meaning the money is taken out of action).

This means no one has to foot the bill. Lockdowns on prices and stuff may need to ensue to prevent any fluctuations in the economy caused by an influx of mr. nobody’s money.

You based your economic thinking on an outdated concept, it is the work done in economics. Not only is this a vastly automated world that can quickly become even more so there is an actual exploitable loophole here as well. The government can print up and hand out hoards of money with no work done, no taxes used. You can go spend that money.

The work done in economics:

Where things will fall apart is if no one is doing the basic work that stocks the shelves (meaning from resource gathering to production to store clerks).

This is the work done. The actual physical work of keeping the food grown, the water purified, the cornflakes toasted, the boxes shipped to grocery stores, and the store shelves stocked.

This ‘necessary work done’ is also the area of people that will be continuing to need to be working during the pandemic lockdown.

But since everyone else is on a forced holiday these people should be accorded a boon: they get to get ahead. The money they earn will not need to be used to pay the rent or the bills, since these will be in a stasis for the lockdown. This means that those that will be forced to work and risk getting the virus will actually be able to get ahead since their bills will be in stasis but their earning power will continue on the same.

“job opening: ‘do the real work done of keeping civilization itself afloat‘, enquire within, on the job training provided, hard working republicans welcome,