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You have too many obstacles you put in the way, but many things can be untangled from a more foundational point of view. If you stay with the status quo they cannot be untangled due to tradition.

While I didn’t even need to go back into economics because I was purely doing things by production and distribution.

I see things as they are produced as opposed to seeing things through economics, which boarders on being an abstract.

We live with a fiduciary monetary system in the first place. This means economics is not working off the firmest bottom line. But I am, because I think along the lines of the actual work being done to produce (along with gathering resources) and distribute (plus store clerks this means not just shipping).

I don’t think in terms of wages I think in terms of automation. I don’t think in terms of fueling an industry I think in terms of production of needed items. I don’t think in terms of economic systems I think in terms producing what is needed in easiest way possible.

I don’t think in terms of rent and landowners I think in terms of logical legal entitlement to non-owned lands for dwelling and agriculture and resources, and eliminating as many bills and paperwork as possible.

I don’t think in terms of how they do that or how they build that, I think in terms of how we do that and how we build that.

Which means our dividends are in not needing to pay someone else for what we can produce in community-owned automated factories. And that as well means we build and maintain our own utilities and internet and thus eliminate the costs as well.

We can produce everything we need, and done with maximum automation, and maximum product longevity, and minimum maintenance, and maximum easy-access for repairs or replacement (thus making it easier to do ourselves, and not as untrained people).