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It is righting some of the same things that they tried to right, but it is doing it right for a change.

“logical legal entitlement to non-owned lands for dwelling, agriculture, and resources” is going to kick the living s**t out of private property.

It isn’t gonna be wrongful stupid commie and try to take the land or declare all landowning illegal, no, it is going to take the middle path and help assist the largest amount of real estate sales in the history of the country.

It isn’t gonna burden the tax payer it is going to have the money printed up to fun the building and buying of things.

And when it is done it will step right off the grid, right out of the economic system. It won’t be trying to get rid of the economic system, it will be able to produce cheaper labor. In fact ‘non-owned lands for dwelling’ will be a staple of many working class people. They spend their money in the more diverse economic system, because though Utopia has a fine selection indeed it just don’t have as many varieties of cheeses and stuff.

It will take the homeless off the streets. It will take the welfare people out of the neighborhood as well.

It will produce what is needed, that is how. It learned from you but knew something older, something that predated economics and landowners. It knew something free time and normal.

It knew something smart about fully automating. And that smart thing was not in needing less workers and making more profits but in needing no workers at all and not trying to make up the loss somewhere else but instead moving beyond the rent and bills and jobs and consumers method.

Don’t fill more work into the free time gained by automation but instead alleviate the amount of time people need to work each day.