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Where will The Economic System be when old yeller blows?

If we ever have a nuclear winter from Yellowstone Eruption the economic system will be preparing to starve due to the fact of not being able to grow food.

Utopia on the other hand will have thought ahead, will not be burdened by costs, and will set out to confront the problem before it happens.

There will be massive amounts of facilities that can produce food indoors. There will be ash filtration that is there or can be installed.

Attempts to insulate against magnetic pulses caused by shifting poles of earth as well will be done.

Food production will be self-contained and ready to be done on other planets.

Utopia will set out to make meteor interceptors as well and a massive long range detection grid. Costs will once again not be a burden.

Economics and costs are a dinosaur headed for extinction, it fails us too many times.