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So a lot of ‘that’s just life’ or ‘that’s just the hardships we all endure’ can actually be unraveled by actually solving the problem instead of sticking with the status quo.

It is not just ‘in a perfect world’. There is a serious wrong that happened in regards to land, resources, and inventions.

Inventions should just be inventions that can be reproduced by a community with a need. There should not be some big economics intellectual property and profits in the way of humans doing what humans do and just making what they need for themselves.

The land and resources should logically be divided up equally among the people. The rich and good wages and working people should not have undue rights in regards to who gets what. The logic behind that is very flawed.

There is a need for a government, there is a need for government to have it’s own land and resources.

There is an absolute must that nature be accorded huge amounts of land. These need to be forever sacrosanct. We humans have trodden too far already, done too much damage, and nature has a right to existed unimpeded, exploited, or destroyed by humans.

This is another one of those absolutes that is not just ‘in a perfect world’. The present way things are being done in regards to the destruction of nature needs to get shut down with nazi decisiveness. There needs to be an absolute in regards to laws preserving nature.

“this isn’t a ticking timebomb it is an unresolved crime in progress.. the damage is literally ongoing, daily, the old ecosystems being destroyed, the species displaced or worse”

There needs to be an end to humans expanding farther out. There needs to be a world coalition of likeminded people that will help enforce this, and they are concerned civilians as well as lawful government.

Utopia vs Economics is another one of these. This isn’t a pipe dream it is the legal civilization that you are illegally in the way of with the pushing of economics on everyone from spots of authority.

In a perfect world is not a pipe dream. There is a level of in a perfect world that is a pipe dream but all of that other stuff that needs to be and can be resolved by doing things the right way (as opposed to status quo stupid) gets grouped into appearing to be the same thing. And so it not only never got done it got bullied out of the discussion.