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And quit acting like a banana republic dictator.

Your people are on the verge of being a real regime republic. You pretended you didn’t lose. You had reason to wish a recount in close count states but you as well pretended you didn’t lose. And the gambit went on with your people now trying to make it real by frauding an election process with a wrongful but legalized way of dumping ballots as opposed to verification.

You are out to tamper with the vote by dumping ballots in a big blanket way, a way that should never have been allowed to be legal. You already tried to tamper with the voting process using plausible deniability schemes and the US Postal Service. Ballot Box limitation in Texas, and unauthorized and not fully trustable ballot harvesting boxes in California. In fact you seem to have been going at this for quite some time with your long range illegal chess match of unlawful lawmakers.

‘It is understandable that in a scenario where the actual state votes were close to want to verify things.’

But pushing conspiracy theory is not someone trying to verify things, it is someone degenerating this country into a banana republic superpower.

And the death threats?

Your people are practically out in the open.