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God is not actually omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient.

But at the same time God really does exist, and God really does have a Mission and God’s Mission really is far older than the human species.

But one needs to move beyond Infinity in one’s thinking and start understanding limitations.

God’s Story as told by The Scriptures is not the actual full truth, it is in part the creation of men on earth in times of antiquity (which is obvious to the rational observer) and part of a Special Process that was used to try to elevate God to a higher position as one wielding powers over people, powers to orchestrate others.

This Fib is not just a lie, though it is an outright Fib. It has special properties and a special dispensation, it is on a special mission. It has hidden back-up that ain’t no fib, they are real powers.

God, the real God, is up against too many things.

God, not being omnipotent, must use other ways to achieve the nearly impossible. God as well gets assistance from Others.

Some of these Others are actually larger and older than God.

Your tale of God calls that heresy and you do a serious disservice to God the real Being when you do.

The Tale of God that you use is a Fib and the one that I am telling you is the actual original origins.

God needs our help as well as Our Help.

The reason this is is that God is not omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. Those are elevated value tales that cloud your mind and get you to think it is all sorted out. It is so very not all sorted out.

Now here is a little tale of Us and that means U and that means you, and this means You.

The actual size of many Normal Beings and Titanic Realm Beings (all just average organic humans on earth) is sometimes descendant from Someone that was Larger Than God to start out with.

This is once again not heresy it is the missing truth.

God gets a lot of Assistance but at the same time The Fib is taxed out.

All along God needed Our Help but God was assumed to be Omnipotent.