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“… one cheats it out of office if needs be, for the people are still too deceived and too beset upon to understand what is actually occurring, to respond in the way they really would if all facts were known”

Where was Mammon hiding out this time? In The Republic! It was a perfect cover for this type of thing. A wrongful rule set up by the people themselves, a rule they enslaved themselves to.

The Republic is not the RePublic, it is not an institution dedicated to us, the people, it is dedicated to being that thing above us as a collective us, but it is not us, it is a group of people wrongfully in control.

The origins of democracy and republic are too far removed from what became of democracy and republic.

Powers entrenched and the initial noble thing that the people set out to make and revere had too many exploitable loopholes due to the fact that things had not evolved out fully enough, and when they did it was the corruption of the few ruling over the many, with a goon squad.

That very same Republic is what we live under the wrongful rule of all these years later, around the world.

The Democracy has as well the problem of Elected Leaders as opposed to We The People, and these Elevated Positions are not getting the job done right enough either, though they are, just like the republic, doing some things.

One of the reasons things do not work out well enough deals with the lack of realism of the few doing the work of governance over the many.

You are suppose to be a 100% extension of us in the arena of politics to do our biding, to implement our will.

What you are is a bunch of politicians. The arena has too many entrenched powerbases. There is an inability to get things done.