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A lot of this ended up as Conservative.

A lot of this is Republican.

There is also the Titanic Takeover that happened many macro ages ago, and the echo of this is still here on Earth, and it is being done through government.

The actual Titanic Takeover never got defeated nor rightfully resolved.

The Titanic produces not only beings that are overloaded by titanic problems but one’s that have an ancient undefeated conspiracy, and are themselves part of an old usurper rule group.

“this is not a fictional tale about somewhere else it is directly related to many of the people around us, it is a tale that deals more with the spirit level of who people are, though this is not the spiritual soul as it were it is part of the real eternal person and is often times normal”

The Containment of The Problem was also done by The Titanic Realm, and Authority is a big part of this ancient endeavor.

The Big Authority Conservative is a real face of certain regions within Creation. You would notice the similarity to some people on earth and realize these people are somehow related.

Too much of the big authority push went too far, tried to rule over the whole of everything. This is part of The Problem that is slowly being resolved.