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Dominion is not at all the right name for a computer voting system.

But as far as tally of the vote goes it does not sound unfeasible that a whole bunch of votes get tallied from districts and this creates huge rises and falls with who is ahead (in the real time of vote counting).

My initial experience with this whole computer voting thing was with another company that had the wrong name, Diebold, and apparently was a conservative owned corporation.

Even without that I do not trust computers to count our votes.

The computer error can be a factor but far more of a factor is the easy way to cheat an election with computers.

We The People do not actually get to count the vote ourselves, and the people that play political chess know this. It is very possible corruption has entrenched itself enough to cover it’s ass cheating elections. It is really not much different with the hand counted vote process since we the people are not able to verify that, but computers make it easier to cheat.