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So you may very well have lost an election to voting fraud, but people would not have detected this due to you having too much shyster.

You are ‘the boy that cried wolf’ at this point. And you got caught trying to rig the election yourselves, using plausible deniability schemes. You have a laughingstock credibility in this.

But let us get down to nitty gritty. I don’t like your policies! I don’t agree with all of the liberal’s method either but I don’t like your policies even more!

And I don’t like your attitude. All too rapidly I don’t like your attitude, and your behavior as artificially elevated authorities over us (with a goon squad).

I don’t agree with your economics landowner method. I do not agree with all the hardships it creates. I do not agree with being forced to pay for what can be mass produced in a fully automated factory. I do not agree that landowning is an automatic viable thing when it is used on the whole of the lands. I do not believe you have a right to own land and charge us for what is suppose to be all of our resources.

So there is no way that you belong as leaders ruling over us!