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You can isolate yourself,

in your glass house,

pretending people can’t see inside,

you can hide behind your art and your intuition,

but this wont make people like you.

you can preach your insights,

dance your dances,

play your games,

but until you love yourself,

people wont respect you,

until you believe in yourself,

people wont really take you seriously.


You can pretend you are on a high pedestal,

looking down on the ignorant masses,

but your body language, your speech,

and your discomfort with yourself,

speak more than all your lofty ideals ever can.


You can tell meĀ  how you are growing,

how you have changed,

how you have overcome all that.


But every-time hear you speak,

see you interact,

I see a tree without roots,

and know you shall soon topple.