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Corridors of pain,

abused flesh laid bare,

to glaring eyes,

and caustic stares…


A weakened pinnacle,

of helpless rage,

held tightly back like horses reins.


Tears pouring down,

cheeks of joy,

forever gone,

from victim’s face.


Shivering gnawing rats of rage,

eating away…

all peace and self,

leaving cold…

an inner child alone and trembling in a glaring crowd.


Inward turning broken motion,

shame’s implosion of lust and need,

stripping away self empowerment,

leaving exposed and bare,

internal wounds of heart and mind.



Darting eyes,


lusting forth,

attaining not.

Searching for… Humiliation!

that you may might rise again,

from ashes,

of accepted shame.


Intense inner core,

of broken dreams,

unheard screams,

internalized needs,

bound round and round,

red and raw flesh,

heightened to hysteria,

by pain and fear so deep,

they do block all motion.

Motion towards… attainment,

of hearts desires,

so lost from view,

that only symbolic dreams may lead you thither.


See the hand,

hovering close,

will it slap, or stoke,

which do you desire more,

which causes greater fear…


This is the way of shame,

an abused weakness,

so humiliating,

that freedom becomes a fantasy and a horror.


A horror,

for beneath this weakness,

an anger festering into monstrous proportions.

So fearful that it must be locked away,

in sickened basements,

of tormented psyche,

shoved in lost corners of dirtiness, desires.


To one day explode,

into violent release,

leaving you sweat-encased and panting free,

in final surrender,

to humiliation and self-destruction.


Free at last,

but forever in bondage,

to an icon of dark sickness,

stripping away all hope,

like an insatiable monster,

devouring innocence and power,

forever unfed and leaving cold,

an inner child.


This is the tormented hell,

of power stripping,


re-occurring shame.


That runs forever unchecked,

until one day you find the strength!

to be tender,

in a world that worships raw power.

And the courage!

to accept weakness,

in a world of fierce denial.


Love yourselves,

in all your hideousness,

stand up naked and laughing,

before caustic eyes of foolish hipsters,

proclaiming coldness as Cool,

anger as power,

and condemnation as self-elevation.


Is emotional homework not the toughest of all?

It demands only the cutting edge,

and the deepest dive.