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Clique-ridden hipsters

high on pedestals of self-involvement,

holier than thou attitudes a swingin’.

So Cool… don’t smile!

you might burst your walls,

let someone see inside,

notice you are weak.

Inordinate emotions,


Life in the inner city,

life crime,

spare a dime?


Stepping over…

another sprawling body,

drunk on drinks, insanity,

lost souls left to fade into the night,

until another publicity…


Life in the inner cities,

fast pace, rat race,

filled with stabbing sights,

destruction knights,

life in fright.

The raper,

the rapper,

The Reaper,

the death’s door dying sleeper.


Stepping into…

fast cars,

hip bars,

coffee-house beatnik scene,

all dressed in black,

stab you in the back!

Power struggles,

in damp dark tunnels,

burrowing through dark psyche,

rarely touched.



the inner killer,

your time is now,

my need is near,

combat this fear,

They are here,

chasing me,

through long dark alleys,

from gangs and cops must flee.


Guarded eyes that never smile,

straight ahead for many mile,

fear the face of death,

living in an empty room,


in a district lost and old,

once boasting love and gold,

now dingy damp and cold.


The forever tale of life to death,

the circle completes itself,

from breath to breath,

and existence goes on,

like the buses we ride,

moving on to other lives,

to tell tales yet untold.

My stop is hear,

my death is near,

but a new life awaits,

not pearly gates,

or fiery pits of hell…


For all these things exist,

in the inner cities that we dwell,

the spit filled streets,

chocolate treats,

and friendship greets,

at our favorite coffee shops.


Artists, politicians, havers, have-nots,

rich brat snots, all dressed in cashmere,

dis-conjunct a ripped tweed coat,

of another bereft of home and purpose,

the receiving end of “get a job”

from pretentious snobs,

and the fortunate ones.

A sign of our failure that we overlooked,

for it was to them and not us,

that failure came.


All these things micro-cosmically contained,

within our over-populated,

highly un-integrated,

definitely over-rated,

but satiated,

buzzeling busy,

Inner City.