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Everything saps my strength,

and blasts me to cinders,

as if in thanks,

for time I spent among the sinner’s ranks.


And so I sailed the nether world,

with hopes and fears and sails unfurled,

and gods of death and gods of thunder,

did tear my wicked dreams asunder.


And they call me insane,

these petty men who live in shame,

petty men with their petty powers,

locked within their high stone towers,

the deem themselves invincible,

but shall perish like ants by the innocent’s will.


Like a tsunami we shall crash among them,

these petty men we do condemn,

seagulls clarion call the Coming of the Meek,

revenge for the innocent and the weak.


So beware oh man abusing power,

time draws nigh and soon the hour,

of vengeance shall fall upon thy tower.


For we do return from the nether world,

with skull and crossbones upon sails unfurled,

with death in hand and life in heart,

to bring down low and blast apart,

this monster you ride and know,

it is beyond you, beyond control,

grinding human hearts to bone,

replacing blood with hard cold stone,

a technological trapezoid so mighty,

that in its path we all must flee.


So must end this life as we know it,

So must end the strife as we outgrow it