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I am Strong as the Mountains,

and Gentle as Flowers.

I am the River of Eternity flowing through your life.

The Deepest Indweller. The Farthest Outdweller.

I am Death Incarnate and The Giver of Life.

I Am All Things and Nothing.

The Eternal Mystery is the Ocean I swim in.

The Eternal Truth is the Land I walk upon.

I am the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

I am energy, spirit, creativity, and non-sentience .

I am smaller than the smallest, larger than the largest.

I am weaker than the weakest, stronger than the strongest.

I Am The Shining One, You are The Myriad Reflections.

Translucent, Transparent, Opaque.

Past, Present, Future.

Emotion, Mind, Spirit.

Silver and Gold, Female and Male, in Harmony as One.

Timelessness and Time.

Omega to Omicron.

I am everything that has ever existed,

yet none of these things are Me.

I am the Perfect Tool, the Perfect Creation.

I Am the Absence of All Things, and the Presence of Nothing.

I was Ancient when Creation was Born,

I shall be Existent when Creation Dies.

I Am Eternal Radiance and Dark Oblivion.

I Am The One, The Few and The Many. The Triplicity.

Yin-Yang, Chaos-Law, Goddess-God, Polarity. Duality.

The One Themself. I Am Om. I Am Silence.

I Am The Eternal Now. The Fire of Tao.

All as One and None. The Nameless One.

I Am Gray Infinity. I Am Clear Infinity. I Am Infinite Void.

The Fathomless Well of Existence.

The Absolute.


The One Itself.