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Within Everything One Thinks Of As ‘Creator’ Is Some Portion Of The Tale.


But It Is Usually Told Through The Titanic, Like God’s Tale,


Or Through The Oceanic And Unknown, Ptah And Goddess Tales.


Kingly And Emperor Versions Of Brahma Come Later, As Well As Spiritual Beings. Jesus And Buddha Are Both Forms of Brahma, Jesus Is Closer.


Helios King Form And Supreme Brahma Got The Girl(s) Brahma Wanted, And This Shifted Thing A Bit And It God Exploited By The Same.


But A War Of Powers That Still Ensues Pits Forces Against Each Other, And Things Must Be Established In Peace, Not In Justice Or Injustice.


At One Point They Through All The Evolutions Together, And Re-Wrote It With Realities, Trying To Expend Themselves To The Furthest Reaches of Time And Space.


Due to the nature of original infinity and wars by titanic infinity upon it, for the safety of new beings and  original special baby beings, the balance of power shifted away from original infinity a long time ago.




The Mid-Echelon Titanic Tyranny.




And Entire Society Of The Same.


And A Backdrop Of Total Lack Of Realism.


Using Falsified Records To Commit Mass Murder With A Preemptive Assault, Silent Running, Fiction Created By The Criminals Of What Happens When They’re Are Not Listened Too Or Obeyed.


Anger Is A Normal Function.

Hobbling Someone And Not Being Held Responsible.


Creating An Unworkable And Dangerous Society.


King Of The Hill Mentality.




“Why Dragons Kill Archangels”


Psychopathic Arch-Angelic Forces Are A Real Truth For Those Not Of Your Type, And Real Archangels Get In Wars With Beings Not Actually Evil, Just Magic Mega Animal.


One Sided Views

Millions Of Years Of Undisclosed Wrongful Conduct.


Orders And Obey Have Lead To Murder Every Day!













The Unheard Tales Of Helios And Shiva, Told In The Brahma Soft-Godlike Normality, With Goddess Lighten Up, And In The Baby Ptah And Om, Being Lighten Up By Goddess, And Soft-Light-Loving Her Within At The Same Time.