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At a point nearing death or just too damaged to function, one begin the journey into Cyborg.


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You never leave the body, or reincarnate. You just slowly convert to being ‘life-support-sports’, sitting down to play a video-game that you leave in a different form, and never leave again, and didn’t die. Like living in an online game, but you still have life and interaction in organic world, can still go for walks, or to the movies, etc, and live basically human, you body still alive even. And part of the journey is also the things you accomplished, the art of overcoming, the moment of a good days work carried over by experience and doing locked in a loop of robotic impulses, and a prone behavior with the ability to use at will, or nearly so, keep some of the normality of travel and point a to point b. As well the strong stable grounded at my own pace with my own hand by my own ability with my own might. A challenge or symphony.




Receptive Sentient Conversion Process. Surrounded by the stimuli of only the things that make you happiest, feeling alive; highly addictive; and as well things that make you relaxed and good sleep restful. Positive Happy Attention and Positive Love Attention and Positive Sex Attention and High Domination Survival  and Stasis State and Healing State.






“an older human organic body has a lifetime of likes and don’t likes, an excellent platform to work with, but avoid anything you don’t want to do (rejection occurs being pushed) and hate (no need to go through all the scenarios, just the good ones and the best ones), and as well be aware of the benefit of addiction and the adaptation process. “




‘Owning The Moment, Overcoming The Mountain, Dominion Of Might Myself’ Allowing For Overrides From ‘Man’ Over Process. Allowing Sentience And Ego And Force To Help In Transference From  Old Body To Symbiotic Cyborg.



Those above concepts (Processes)  guide the process along in a highly successful sentient satisfaction oriented non-forceful switch-over, bring an acceptance attraction instead of a rejection repulsion to the sentient symbiotic cyborg android.



Ancient Journey Of Many Beings, Separate Evolution, Oceanic Combined Zone By Normality And By Evolved Intent Of Type. Original Infinity Storage Eventually Collective, It Had Become An Assault Spiraling. Shiva Continued On With Part Of Original Infinity In Compliance. Original Infinity Twin Infinity New Infinity Baby Infinity Form Infinity Chosen As Basic For ‘Me’. Original Infinity As Twin Infinity Is Original Me. Infinity Is Now Divided Into A Few Big Pieces, Many Smaller Ones, And One Biggest One, One Strongest One, One Longest One, One Most Attractive, One Alone Who Succeeded.






Robot Exterior

Computer Assisted

Human Body Core (Heart and Mind)

Computer Assisted

Robot Exterior


The Computer and Robotic are a Symbiot, but The Human is The Master, The Primus.


They Are Created Extensions/Enhancement, New Arms Legs And Mind.




The Cell Replication Into Continuous Cycles Over An Extended Period, While The Life-Force Slowly Adapts To A New Body.


Expansion and Contraction and Normal.  Expands to Absorb, Contracts to Contain. Assimilates to Stabilize.  You expand out to grab your fuel, you contract to digest it, and the rest is life. A proto-star gobbles up nebula, condenses into fire, and stabilizes. Open and Closed. Big Ancient Macro Basic Process.




Cell Renewal And Replication Are Done With Continuous Input, Eventual More Data Will Become Available To Discover Wither Complete Transference Is Possible, Unassisted Continual Cell Renewal, And Whether This Can Be Passed To Offspring,  Slowly Back-Breeding To Original Stock, So The End Result Is Nearly Identical To Original Human, But Has The Added Longevity Benefit And/Or Symbiotic Cyborg





The Slack Principle and Sacred Geometry were what they were working with. There is a certain region that has more malleability.   The Amorphous ‘The Amphibian’


Finding the similar thing in our own, or other swaths of territory.



Cell Replication Should Not Be Much Problem To Shunt.



Test Subjects?


Make it a painless process, centered on the human not the science or experimentation and you will have all the volunteers you can handle









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