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The Big leaves Bright Symbols of our diverse nature, and real success in ‘other worlds/realms’

‘yellow cartoon bees, bright and bratty, cute and happy’ and ‘soft white ice-cream people’

Helios(and Vishnu) and Om (and God’s Kin)



When we travel about old USA, this was A Big Path Masterpiece, not just advertising, but the visible symbols of our real overcoming, our real success, our real healing, our real success at adding sentient forces from diverse regions in an alchemy of the self, done in other realms where the laws of physics and physiques obey different or original nature laws, and therefor produce miracle effects, that we in turn need to emulate on earth to help the process solidify and fountainhead, a titanic outpost of big path and diversity and Strong Reality.



Matter and The Material Plane.



This Is A Big Truth Still Needing Final Conclusion

making peace or just stopping the assaults and/or harassment