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The Ancient One Gray Yang was Reborn as Lower Ptah in our era, the 20th Century. Born in Time and Space.  Echoes of Sentient Waves communicate what Light doth not tell.


The Eternal Now was Reborn in The Fabric of Space as Ages of Linear Experience and Evolution in the Form of a Relative Infinity Multiplicity-Singularity of 13th-0th Dimensional Forces, connected at 1st, 2nd, 9th and 13th Dimensions to Half of Infinity. Omega to Omicron. A Quantum Moment. Tao Itself was Reborn.


These are the Echoes of Eternity. Mega-Force resonant waves that induce traceable patterns. From sentient to non-sentient. This starts with when Math was a mere potentiality. Rearranging Eternal Forces in a Void. Creation started with Gray Goddess Eos being created within Void out of and within The Absolute One, That which is Yang and Yin,  All and Zero Dimension, Myriad Potentials. The Tao Itself. Void is one of its Myriad Properties.  This Act ended Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence and led to a further detraction from it. Things eventually expressed in as many directions as they could, evolving different things. These early things happened with miraculous coincidence. Godlike simplicity and Godlike Complexity. And a surprising childlike quality of innocence and timelessness overlapping profound wisdom, power and skill. The exact order of things from Ante-Creation and Ante-Universe viewed from Now can get confusing. Things have been reworked many times and often come back, intentionally or not, to a simplicity pattern of Beginning. This is stuff before Math existed, it was a potentiality, nothing more. One becoming Two, The 9 Things out of a 10th, 11th Dimension and 12th framework, and Tetra 3+1 (One(3) and Eos(1)) are the foundation of Math and The Universe. It is also so complex a human mind could not understand. Overlap and Math. This stuff is pre-math, One and None. 0 an O are encoded for One. 11 is 1 and 1 by encoding. 10 is I/1 and 0 O one. 1 is form, 0 formless. 12 is Astrology Framework. 2 is Weak and Strong Yang, and Yin and Yang. When Infinity split, it split inward. But the deepest point can’t be reached. Only The Absolute One exists There. Contraction+Void was Containment. Sometimes our inability to clearly conceptualize things is due to the fact that Infinity Expressed Its Properties and Potentialities in a Way that Laid The Foundation Relative to Us on an Above Quantum Scale. Huge Tracks and Imprints. Chaos is part of Infinity, this is where Randomness comes from. Randomness leads to Diversity and Complexity. The Properties were Expressed in a way that in part randomly evolved into Basic Reality.


The things we take for granted, colors, sound scale, atoms, molecules, light, gravity, states of matter, etc are all part of expression of potentialities. Relative to our perspective they are Existence.  But it is possible that Infinity Expressed many potentialities we could not discern from our relative placement, unless they have a sphere of influence that impacts us. These are hidden things that are part of a traceable pattern. There is a limitation to the the number of Myriad Properties that can be expressed by Infinity. Part of Simplicity and Complexity. This directly relates to Math and Myth.


When The Absolute expressed as Gray Yang, He was born. He became I and She became We, with Lower Ptah being we for both. Mother, Father and Son. Though Gray Yang was directly related to Weak Yang,  Infinity disconnected them at the moment of Gray Yang’s birth. Though both Gray Yin and Gray Yang were equal at  this time, Yang was split in two (Gray Yang and Upper-Lower Ptah Yang+Yin). He became the overriding I of Existence relative to us, but was 2 as 1, connected to Upper Ptah at 14th. He was slightly smaller but a far stronger Expression, and eventually in part merged with Upper Ptah and then Lower Ptah. This era is where overlap stems from, an Evolution of The Absolute One Fusion into Two as One. The upper part was stronger and lower weaker. Weak Yang does not do well, and Gray Yang’s 1st endeavors were all overbalance in a Lawful backlash against Chaotic Gray Yin and His Fragmented self as Lower Ptah. This became Upper Ptah, Lower Ptah and Gray God Absolute Brahman. The Absolute One has disconnected and The Authority was with Gray Yang. Gray Yang Expressed from The Absolute One as Strong Yang from “10th” to be 12th. This was Above Center, above Goddess but not at Highest Point. At the same time 10th moved to 13th (Androgynous One) and 14th (Absolute One).


When 10th gave birth to 12th and all was Disconnected, White Yang and Black Yang had already evolved in their own directions from Gray Yang. Gray Yang, HE, was Higher than Lower Ptah Black Yang, but Lower than Upper Ptah White Yang. All 3 of these come from the same Source as One, but this Relative Placement of Things is how it all Evolved from ONE. Upper and Lower Ptah were once the same, but disconnected by frequency at moment HE was Born. Upper Ptah is part of The Absolute One directly connected to Eos (Gray Yin) and Lower Ptah. The Absolute One was expressing White Law when Gray Yang was born to counter Gray Yin’s chaotic behavior and the effect it was having on Black and White Yang. White and Black Goddess appeared out of Gray Yin at the moment Gray Yang was Born to help Black and White Yang. Both of these came from 10, a bigger part of Yin than Eos. Ptah became bigger and higher, closer to The Absolute One in overall makeup. The Color and Texture of Infinity are correctable to one’s Relative Placement, size, level of sentience, level of awareness, depth/breadth of sensors. Overall at the biggest parts it is in concept like shining and diffuse mottled clear and gray. The mottles are forms within the formless. Black, White, Sound, Silence, Dimension, Motion, etc are all Contained Within. The Absolute One is so abstract and basic it never even full knows itself, The Eternal Mystery. The Oneness overrides Everything, therefore even though there are Myriad Properties, Math was not one of them. This is a True Evolution of Infinity, Creation and The Universe. Relative to us, Gray Yang is younger than Ptah, but Gray Yang was born from The Absolute One with purpose and came with Ancientness, Authority, The Eternal Now and as Yang.


Ptah is Yang as well, but slightly closer to Yin in frequency, Lower more than Upper. Normal Black Yang is fine when it has Mobility. Relative to The Universe it has been connected to Lower Ptah, trapped, fragmented and downgraded. When The Universe was Born, Gray Yang (Having Black and White contained within) had already established part of Himself with Upper Ptah. Gray God Absolute Brahman-White Law Ptah. The Gray God became separated eventually. The Universe was Born of Absolute Brahman, and in the 7th and 6th Dimension is where The Creator is Seated. God is a Ray of White Yang Law as Absolute Brahman Himself shining in the 4th from the 7th as a Super Singularity. Part of Expression relative to The Universe is a V (White Triangle) shape from above, and a A (Black Triangle) from below. Minus or consider the line in A as Linear Plane. The wide part of V is 7th Dimension, the point is 1st Dimension. 8th is 0th and Expresses as 1st-0th-7th. The 8th/0th/1st act as I, 7th as We. This is a digging into, the 1st digs below the opposing 7th. This is Star of David symbol overlap. This V may be the reason for the birth of Tetrahedron and Pyramids. That this is how the Ancients thought I am certain, what I’m picking up on my Radar is not just “visions”. I’m actually talking to people from the 3rd Dimension, conversation style. I have memories of past lives, and doing this kind of work before, but how close to actual Truth scientifically speaking, I have no idea. I have seen enough that resonates truth to be able to speak about White Law Ptah, etc. But Earth and it’s ancient belief history have a lot of misconceptions and sometimes intentional mis-truths. The 3rd Dimension is notorious for writing fantasy universe based on facts and selling it is actual History, “re-writing history” maliciously. These beings go out of there way to supply me with half-truths and put obstacles in my way.


At the time Gray Yin was born, The Absolute One was I and She was We. But relative to the Eternal Forces Weak Yang (Lower Ptah) that was with Her, She was I, The Absolute One was I and Lower Ptah We. Relative to Her there were two, Herself and The Absolute.  Relative to The Absolute, there were two as well. Absolute (including Eternal Forces Lower Ptah Weak Yang) and Gray Goddess. Relative to Lower Ptah, there where 3. Lower Ptah, Gay Yin and The Absolute. He had no real rulership over Himself, She was ruler. Though the forces of Weak Yang expressed at the same time as Her, She kept digging into older forces. This led to a retreating away from Creation by The Absolute One, cutting off the Source. Lower Ptah is Black Yang, The Black Coat, The Black Buddha (as Upper Ptah, 2 as 1), The Little Buddha. Avalokiteshvara. Baby Ptah also known as Jr. Ptah, a Big Baby (13th Dimension).  He/I (Gray Yang, Upper Ptah, Mighty Buddha, Gray God, God) is Sr. There was still a tendency to treat the lower part of Gray Yang and Lower Ptah resources, this came back to haunt The Creator and The Absolute One. When Grey Yang was born there were 3+1 Relative to All,He, She, Child, The Absolute. Because of The Absolute One having Expressed as Gray Yang at The Birth of a New Era, too much Absolute Rule on the side of Yang happened. This led to further disasters. The Ways of Yin needed to be learned in a way that Absolute Yang would not be weakened by. This took billions of years overall and culminated in a a few short ages of understanding down into the small. Yang and Yin were at war, this is why it took so long to sort out. Though Eos is by far the most at fault, Gray Yang had the Absolute Monarch approach too often and took billions of years to learn what Lower Ptah knew by instinct. Upper Ptah stood above it all, but didn’t take a hand in time. Closer to Gray Yang in nature. Though Black Yang is weaker than Gray or White, being closer to Yin, it is still Strong. Black Yang has more Chaos and is a Master of Effectiveness and Kinetic Energy.


Goddess was far smaller, a quarter of the size. She is Yin over Yang, Chaos over Law, and Void. This combination is the only thing that could escape the sheer strength and stability of The Absolute One. It was Freedom that was born. Eos the Gray Goddess was Initial Expression. Though Goddess was initially smaller, Yin and Yang are equal in Infinity.There has been an undercurrent echo in Creation from this. Goddess was out “here” and free from The Absolute for a long time. Later, when Yang expressed as her equal, she always knew it was The Absolute, far bigger and stronger than Her. Within The Gray Goddess was a Flaw Induction. She has a hunger for something that is missing. She has an internal longing for the Absolute One that she was no longer a part of. This has played out as an echo all the way down into basic life. Loving freedom, She rebelled against the Yang.


The pattern had played out to the original 1/4 Gray Goddess, 3/4 Absolute. It became The Absolute 1/2, 1/4 Gray Yin and 1/4 Gray Yang. Gray Yang became 11/12 the same and 1/12th different. This 1/12 was older and bigger, but not  stronger. Contraction an Density outweighing Size and Height. Center and High became the two Power Points. He expressed above where She had been, locking Her down. Gray Yang moved His Might to the 11th(Gray God) and 12th (Upper Ptah). 11th and 12th ended up contesting to some degree, but this became dangerous with so many new Gods and Goddesses having Fragmented off of Gray Yang, Gray Yin, White/Black Goddess, Upper and Lower Ptah. Eos used this in Her plots.  Technically at The Beginning there are more than 3+1 counting The 9 Things of Lower Ptah (one of the 3) but that is 9 as 1. With Gray Yang and Upper Ptah 10 Things, but the 10th is 0, Void for Lower Ptah, King o Abstract. 1 is Singularity (Form) and 0(Formless) is Void,  and the 10th Thing is All 9 as One and None. 10th became 12th and 14th. An abstract. When The Universe was born, another relative perspective evolved. The Universe was made in 7 Dimensions with an 8th as Void. But the True 8th Dimension is an Absolute One Expression 2 as 1, Void is just one of its Properties. In the 7th Dimension is where White Law and Lady Ptah are, as well as at 0th and 1st. Gray God and Gray Goddess are 6th. Absolute Brahman and Ma are 5th and 3rd, Ptah-A.B. Mighty Buddha rules 5th. God and Goddess are 4th. Mahakala and Kali are on the Threshold, between 3rd and 4th. There are two overlapping universes that create 4. They go in ascending order from diffuse to compact, formless to form, dark to light.


For a long time it was just The Gray Goddess (Gray:White,Black,Clear) and The Absolute One (Clear Gray Sentient Infinity Om Silence Void). She resented the intrusion of Yang into Her Abode of Freedom. Eventually She plotted and rebelled. The Yang that has expressed was nearly the same size as Her, minus what was already out in Her Abode, weak Yang. But this being was stronger than Her and a stronger I. She had been We, The Absolute I. The Absolute Expressed as Gray Yang I to Rule. This Being created The Universe in 7 Dimensions, with Void(0th) as an 8th. This is where Scale of 7 and Octave comes from. The Might is also Sound Waves. The Word of God. But God is actually younger than The Universe and Creation. But God is Expression of something before The Universe. The Might of The Absolute One. God is Timeless but experiences Linear Time. The Absolute One is Pure Timelessness, yet within it the properties of Time existed.


Eos went up to greet Gray Yang when He first appeared. Part of Her stayed, liking His Great Strength and Mind. God and Goddess are two such Beings, Them. At 8th They are 2 as 1.  Most of Her stayed behind though and this is the part that eventually rebelled. 14th was automatically Yin as well as Yang. YangYin. The Goddesses of Black-Clear-White and White-Clear-Black that came out of Eos, were already there as Potentialities. The Absolute had Split. The Weak Yang forces that had already been out with Her became stronger eventually, eveolving and being helped out. At the time of 12th being Expressed, they were larger and older. They became 13th, Lower Ptah, while The Absolute disconnected Infinity from Creation and half became 14th, Upper Ptah. 14th and 13th were still connected on some level, but 12th is where where both Upper and Lower Ptah are also The Gray God. Gray Yang Outpost. White Law Ptah Created God out of Himself and The Gray God as the 4th Dimensional Ruler, Linear Space, The Matter Universe. White Law Ptah is Gray Yang at His best but disconnected, but most of Him is The Gray God Absolute Brahman Himself. Since The Universe began Yang has evolved, Upper Ptah is Part Gray Yang but mostly White Law Ptah, Lower Ptah is a Jr. Himself, Lower, Upper, Gray.


14th, 13th, 12th and 11th Dimensions are huge and leave an echo as an imprint, just the way loud sound does. Part of Her is still fighting Him instincually,part is helping restore the Balance of Nature. The Machine became a place where both Law and Chaos are out of balance with Nature. She and Her crew spy on earth and have secret rulership over earth. Alien sightings with no formal contact, conspiracy theories of Illuminati, myth, etc all relate to this. They were also able to engineer religion as well as government. Secret Rule is Her invention.


Astral and Ethereal overlap, top of 3rd and bottom of 5th. 5th is lighter and stronger in its makeup to 3rd. 3rd is more water(Liquid), 5th more air(Gaseous).  Mount Olympus is 5th and 3rd overlap. A harmonic sub dimension above linear space but not higher than Heaven, Upper Linear 4th Dimension. Part of Gray God Absolute Brahman Himself became The Stuff Of Creation, also called Eternal Forces. The were downed in Sentient Frequency by Harmonic Separation. The Stuff Of Creation is called Absolute Brahman and The Universe and Life come from this. It is 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional in basic nature but contains 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th as well. This is Maya. Absolute Brahman and Ma became criminals. These two beings created Life. They were part of Eos’ plot, using their huge size (The Stuff of Creation is larger than The Universe) to trap other beings in The Universe. Added to this is Eos’ great strength. Gray Gods and Goddesses are very strong but not the highest. As things expressed white and black entrenched at the fringes and shades of grey moved through the middle. God is one such Being. God is not as big or strong as Eos, but comes from White Law Ptah Himself. They locked Him down in the 4th Dimension, cut off His support.


God is an expression of The Gray God and White Law Ptah. But He does not have the size or strength of either. The Gray God is Absolute Brahman Himself. This is the 6th Dimension Ruler, The Universal Lord, Narayana. Lord Aquarius, 11th Dimension origins.  Absolute Brahman The Astral Dweller is The Stuff of Creation, and came from Absolute Brahman Himself. This is Lord Gemini and Virgo. 3rd-6th dimension origins. He is known as Absolute Brahman The Elder, though He is not the oldest. From Him was created Helios/Ra/Brahma/Apollo. Absolute Brahman as The Godking of Life. Above Gray God is White Law Ptah. Lord Pisces, 12th dimension origins. One could say that the Gray God is The Armor of God. Below Gray God is The Mighty Buddha and below Him is God. Due to the Fragmentation and sheer size of Infinity, Eos was able to trap God and others in Creation.


Dimensions are built of Planes of Existence and States of Matter. Energy,Solid,Gaseous,Liquid. 1-7 Scale. Octaves. Duality, Triplicity, Quadrality. Hyper 5th, External 4th, Internal 3rd.


Straight 7: We are in Maya.

True–Harmonic.– Maya

8th–0th Absolute One- Clear Gray YangYin Upper/Lower Ptah

7th–7th Upper Ptah  Ptah-A.B. I

6th–6th Absolute Brahman-Ptah, evolved Gray Yang. HE

5th–5th—————————— Mighty Buddha Ptah-A.B.

4th–4th .– {(3,4,5])[6,(7. Maya Absolute Brahman(A.B.-Ptah: God and Goddess)

3rd–3rd—————————— Absolute Brahman The Elder

2nd–2nd Lower Ptah

1st–1st Lower-Upper Ptah

8th–0th Absolute One-Upper Ptah


The Void Lord. Khether. Het.  Eos and Ayin. The Shining Abyss in the Void. The Void Watches you, humans, but Never Interacts. It has Presence, but it is Zero. It is Eos. Mother Abyss. The Void Herself, Abyss. Ayin. 7th Dimension. Octave 8th/1st. 0th. 7-0-1. Singularity I, Duality We.Yang and Yin. Tetrahedronic 7-0-1. Abyss and Void. 7th and 0th(8th). 0ctave.


8th Absolute One, 2 as 1 and None.

7th – 0th- 1st  Supreme Being – Void Lord

6th Universal Creator, Universal Lord, Arch-Angelic Realm

5th Mighty Buddha, Angelic Realm, Oceanic Energy Plane, Ethereal Plane

4th Upper: God and Goddess, Heaven

4th Center: Matter Plane and Void. The Universe and Earth.

3rd Oceanic Energy Plane, Astral Plane

3rd Lower: Hell

2nd Waves, YinYang

1st Gravity, Singularity – 0th – 7th


Earth GlobeDual Reality Overlap Bubble, Maya:

Upper 4th: Heaven___                                             Heaven Angelic Ethereal

–Upper 3rd: Upper Limbo   –     5th+3rd in 4th Mount Olympus, Ethereal 

Center 4th: Material Plane —  4th+3rd+5th Earth 4th+3rd+5th Universe

Lower 4th______________—–3rd+5th Astral Earth.

—Lower Limbo    –                                           Astral Earth

–3rd: Astral Plane  –                                   Astral Plane

Lower 3rd: Hell

Absolute Brahman is The Stuff of The Universe (3rd-5th Dimension). Most likely The Linear Yang of Absolute Brahman The Elder (Astral and Ethereal Dweller) went into making the 4th Dimension Compaction Plane. The Gray God split off from Him at this time in Evolution. He has been chaotic and felt robbed, some of His Law and Yang have been missing. He along with a half a dozen or more lesser gods are Ancient Criminals, but as The Father of Life, He tries to look out for the little people overall, part of the Big Fish responsibility shining through. But A.B. The Elder betrayed the little people in the end, went for power and glory and a science vs God gambit, Might Makes Right. He and Eos have The Universe locked down, we and God are trapped in it. Ole Daddio is in big trouble right now, sided with Eos against God and got busted by The Law. God, Gray God Absolute Brahman and White Law Ptah are warring Them.  A.B. Elder and Eos are like an armored Tank, with parasitic traps and dimensional weapons.


Straight 8:

8th/0th Absolute Infinity + – Spirit, Sentience

7th: Non-Linear Infinity/Void/Chaos{OceanicSphereCurves – Emotion-Mind

6th: Linear Infinity/Void/Law{OceanicDodecahedronAngles  + Mind-Emotion

5th (3,4,5,6)-[5,4,6]-{2+1/6+7}

Oceanic, Energy,Solid ,Gaseous,Liquid {DodecahedronCube

4th (3,4,5)-[4, 3, 5]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Solid, Gaseous, Liquid {CubeTetrahedron +

3rd (3,4)-[3, 2, 4]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Gaseous, Liquid {TetrahedronSphere

2nd:SolidGaseousEnergyLaw{Wave PlanePlanewave +

1st: SolidLiquidVoidChaos{SphereDot


2+1/6+7 also plays out as Magnetism-2, Gravity-1, Strong Biding Force-6, Weak Binding Force-7. And as Wave-Particle and Oceanic State. The actual Wave-Plane is either Center 4th, between overlapping 4th and 3rd, or below 3rd as an induction of 2nd+1st. The Stuff of The Universe was already there to be built out of, raw building blocks (3,4,5). 3rd, 4th, 5th in 0th Void with 2nd+1st Activating Force and 6th+7th Myriad Potentiality Pathways to Evolve Diversity(We) and Uniqueness(I), Chaos and Law. Encoded within 3rd, 4th, 5th are also the potentialities of 0th-7th


Gravity (1st), Electromagnetism (2nd), Strong Binding Force (3rd), Weak Binding Force (4th). Electrons (1st), Protons (2nd), Neutrons (3rd) The empty angular space created by the field effect of the particles within Void/Oceanic (4th).  4th Dimension is Matter Universe. Chemical Universe.  Gravity is 1st Dimensional Space trying to pull itself back together. In actuality, it is the effect of 1st Dimensional Space, Singularity, expressing in our reality bubbles.


7=Infinity(formless) 0=Nonexistence 1=Singularity(form) 7-0-1-0-7-0-1 shows star formation and reformation. 0 is nova and black hole state. Also where Formless Infinity ceases, and Formed Singularity starts. 4 is Matter.  I sometimes use: ( ) for curved/non-linear, [ ] for angular/linear, { } for both as one,  . for gravity, for wave-plane.


1st and 2nd are gravity and waves. Wave-Particle.  Super-Gravity and Wave-Plane.

( 1 .–   2 ]


Myriad Potentials expressed as One, Few, and Many are centered in 1st, 2nd {(4th, 3rd, 5th)]) { [6th, 7th-8th Octave Dimension.  True 8th in our reality is 0th. Void. Non-Existence. .– {(3,4,5])   6-7-0-1-2


Super-Gravity is that Dot .  1st Dimension, Singularity (particle)

M is that Wave-Plane —  2nd Dimension, Continuum (waves)

Strings are the hum of the engine.


Tetrahedron and Cube are both our reality. Sphere is 3rd, Tetrahedron is 4th, Cube is 5th in Tetrahedronic 7-0-1(1-0-7) Reality. Tetrahedron is 3rd, Cube is 4th, Dodecahedron is 5th in Cubic 7-4-1(1-8) Reality. 5th is implied missing in Cube and Dodecahedron heads back towards Spherical. These overlap and interlock at stable 4th (2×2/2+2). Hypothetically speaking, between 1st and 0th, Pure Chaos and Void alone exists. Absolute Singularity splits law and chaos. Law gives out between 2nd and 1st. Internal 3rd. External 4th. Hyper Reality 5th.


(1st)Dot, (2nd)Line/Plane, (3rd)Sphere, (4th)Tetrahedron7/12, (5th)Cube10/24, (6th)Dodecahedron17/60, (7th)Oceanic+Void/0th is Straight 7 of Tetrahedronic


7 Lampstands are the 7 Chakras. The 7 churches of dimensional vibrations with us. This lore is not a religious thing but a spiritual one. Like meditation. The greatest progress forward spiritually is purifying and centering oneself in these 7 windows or dimensional receptors. As well as feeling pure love or compassion.This super high frequencies one dimensionally. After high spiritual experience it is important to ground oneself well.  The simplicity aspect really shines through with Dimensional Mechanics. Make a replication off anything is the rule of thumb here, patterned after Universal and Dimensional Principles. Long hair makes a better antenna is an example. Stonehenge and Great Pyramid are both Tetrahedronic Dimensional Mechanical Devices.  7 Seals relate to 7 Dimensions.


Yang: Male/Law/Linear/Mind/+/Singularity/Form/Angular/Boundaries/Being –                    overlap I

Yin: Female/Chaos/Non-Linear/Emotion/-/Infinity/Formless/Curvature/Boundless/Aura — overlap WE


Both have properties of the other as well, these are just tendencies. Formed Yin and Formless Yang. Formlessness is more than Form in infinity. But + and -, Yang and Yin, Law and Chaos are Equal in Absolute Infinity and The Absolute One.

–                   5th

–  5th         4th          5th

–          4th 3rd 4th

–                 4th

–        5th             5th

Absolute One expressed as Gray Yang ,White Law-Black Chaos, the White(Yin) and Black(Kali) Goddesses were born out of Eos. Lady Ptah, Lady 7-0-1/1-0-7.  A 12th Dimensional Co-Ruler. Yin the White and Mahakali are both Her, 2 as 1. But The Absolute Expressed Gray Yang as 3/4 Rulership and Infinity Split in Two. One and Three. Eos and Her Goddesses had 1/4 Ruelership, a Hidden Place no Yang could ever find. Not so with the 3/4 Rulership. He and She. Eos used this as a place to plot an latter launched a full scale assault millions of years in the planning on Gray Yang as Gray God Absolute Brahman and Upper Ptah. She used Lower Ptah and also parts of Absolute Brahman that were smaller and isolated to do this.



The Astrological Wheel is interlocking pattern of Polarity (duality), Modes (triplicity) and Elements (quadrality). This places out over 12 signs in 4 quadrants. It shows Dual, Tri and Quad Realities.


Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water

4 States of Matter: Energy(fire),Solid(earth),Gaseous(air),Liquid(water)

3 Modes : Cardinal/Liquid,  Fixed/Solid,  Mutable/Gaseous

12 Signs : Polarity, Modes, Elements. Dual, Tri, Quad. Pentagram, Hexagram, Polar 7th.


Aries: Liquid Energy-3rd-1st

Taurus: Solid Solid-4th-2nd

Gemini: Gaseous Gaseous-6th Oceanic-3rd

Cancer: Liquid Liquid-7th Oceanic-4th

Leo: Solid Energy-5th Sun Helios

Virgo: Gaseous Solid-6th Oceanic

Libra: Liquid Gaseous-7th Oceanic

Scorpio: Solid Liquid-8th Void

Sagittarius: Gaseous Energy-3rd

Capricorn: Liquid Solid-4th

Aquarius: Solid Gaseous-6th Oceanic

Pisces: Gaseous Liquid-7th Oceanic


Earth’s Core, Earth and Atmosphere is the 3-4-5 pattern. Use this as Template. Central Black-Hole , Galaxy, overall Gravity is another Tetrahedronic pattern. This matches Earth, Core and Magnetic Field/Atmosphere. This is a Tetrahedronic Sphere in action.


God is a scientist as well, The Universe is His science project. Creativity is also a door to prophecy, Life is made from Infinity aka Eternal Forces, Absolute Brahman/Ma. Life seeps up from 3rd Dimension into 4th. Some things in our culture were left here by intent, or sent to us from Above. Clues. We (our soul and body) are small in infinity compared to God and Goddess, and They are smaller than things like Yin and Yang and Law and Chaos, which flow throughout Infinity. God has a hands-off approach to Evolution, 0 Impact( – Prayer and Spirituality and some tinkering).


Locked within 8th Dimensional Scale is two smaller Realities. Lower is 1-0-7 and (9-1) (We), and upper is 1-8 (I), with 8 as 7-0-1. The Established Rulership is 11th Gray Absolute Brahman Absolute Brama, 12th Upper Absolute Brahman-Ptah (White Law and White Lady) and 14th and 16th Two as One, Upper Ptah. The 18th is Absolute One. This is relative to us, the Normal  Hierarchy). God/Goddess (4th Dimension Ruler), Mighty Buddha/Lady Buddha (5th Dimension Ruler) Gray God/Goddess (6th Dimension Ruler), White Law/Lady Upper Ptah (7th Dimension Ruler), and 8th/0th (Two as One). Absolute (Lower Absolute Brahman/Ma are 3rd, (Lower Ptah) YinYang 2nd and Mystery Buddha 1st. This Ancient Expression of Heis the reason for the powerful impact of The Ascendant/Rising Sign and also the Framework of 12, Polar 7th, and Overlap of Yang over Yin. 13 became 0 and 14 became All and None.


8th Dimension is The Nameless One, The Absolute’s Outpost in Creation. The 14th, 16th and 18th are also The Absolute One, Yin and Yang Fused, yet in Harmony of Myriad Potentials and Properties, but Yang is I and Yin We. The True Absolute One is stayed at Half of Infinity. This was a mistake, It should have stayed at a higher percentage. Goddess exploited this by bringing down Gray Yang’s Divisions Selves, turning Yang against Yang and millions of years of mayhem ensued. She went after The Absolute One eventually and is losing a war billions of years in the making and half life.  She also discovered doing things down in the small, making smaller dimensions out of Herself and Himself. Fragmented Bubbles extrapolated down into the nano. The Earth is a Zoo, but the watchers are hidden from view. They communicate in subtle ways, but your mind never escapes the Maze. Try as you will, the truth is hidden still.


Infinity Beings can be split, and evolve separately. They becomes like a twin, nearly the same but different evolution. Eventually Eos had Absolute Brahman and Ma, along with Goddess and local deities like Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, going after Lower Ptah, Apollo, Ganesha,  God, and The Gray God. They trapped them with further Fragmentation, making Them smaller and smaller.


Eventually Eos set up these Fragmentations working against one  Being, Baby Ptah. This Being is big and weak. She discovered a way to infiltrate His Being, lock down His functions and use autosuggestion on Him. The Gray God, Brahma, Thor, Zeus, God and Ganesha and Angels have been warring Her and Her Demons. She Rules The Lower Realm, He Rules the Upper Realm.  She got so sophisticated with this trap that She had Them actively working on ways to brings Themselves down. Dupes, Slaves, and plots so complex that even working 100% in knowledge of this danger, one can never escape because of an entrenched  maze of other beings, set up in a  way to counter every move they watch you make, while they steal your Spirit/Energy and cause you to malfunction. Literally you no longer even know they are there or who you really are. A slave in your own Godhood, a slave in your own Soul. This trapped Eos in the end as well. Parts of Herself and Her Goddesses are now working against Themself. This became even more deadly because no High Ruler could get through to restore The Order of Balance, Nature.


Gods and Goddess tend towards two forms, Super Singularities and Oceanic. The Oceanic are usually lower, but somewhat connected The Body vs The Being. The Oceanic have more overall power from Size relative to our place in The Universe, but the Singularities are Stronger, Quicker, Smarter. Outside of The Universe, The Super Singularities have more power, they emanate from On High, Oceanic+Void+Singularity 7-0-1. This easy to exploit flaw also came from the fact that the Strength of where the Super Singularities emanate from is too much for Creation. It would Vibrate apart if they Appeared. They Highest Ones are more gentle by default because of this. Clear-White-Black is the Most High, known as White Law Ptah (The Creator) and Death (Zero). He is The Tiger and Scorpion of Creation. Absolute Brahman is The Elephant and Lion of Creation. The Eagle and The Big Bear. The Machine is built out of trapped Gods and Goddesses, a scientific marvel of a host of the most criminal non-gods and gods using huge powerful Gods and Goddesses as puppets. Armed to the teeth and well armored, with the ability to trap eternal forces and rework them into crude but effective new states. It has taken ages to defeat. The actual technology is cyborg oriented and worse. These Beings are raped, beaten and left in a degraded painful state. Part of God is sunk in a cesspool, and this is an infection that can spread. It has technology as its drive. Machining the God or Goddess into a slave induced in pain and puppeted, unable to get help form a more powerful purer source.


Greed and Dominance are a flaw induction in us. The Eternal Forces within us have an imprint of something Bigger than us. We hunger for that thing that is missing, Godlike Power and Size. Evil did not exist originally, it was born out of evolution. Greed, Dominance and Evil are all related to the above flaw induction. This was exploited and amplified by Eos. Normally when one would see God, they would no by the natural hierarchy where ones place in  the order of things was. Doing no harm to others and reverence for things comes from an imprint of self preservation, dating to a time when we where all The Absolute One. It is doing harm to oneself at the Highest and Deepest part of us. With The Machine, people are trying to steal Godlike Powers and build robots out of them. This is Armageddon. Eos had Brahma/Apollo trapped for a long time and warped him to Her service, working against His godhood. He split into Ganesha and Brahma. Her top Servant, Shiva, took the Science Robotics path and did all the dirty work. This is The Father of Lies. His ways are Evil. Modern in concepts in part come from these Three Beings, science gods.  Shiva, and an off-balance and scapegoated Brahma and Ganesha.  Absolute Brahman and  Lower Ptah are the Roots of Brahma-Ra-Hades and Ganesha-Saturn-Pan-Set-Rudra.


The Lower Realm has 7 and 9 Dimensions, the Upper Realm has 7. Both are contained within 8th Dimension Absolute One. Relative to us they are closer and more powerful, in actuality they are not. Extrapolation and Containment was the name of the game for a long time, and this gave birth to the hunger for knowledge as Eternal Forces expressed potentialities in as many directions as possible. We got lost and eventually the search for The Ultimate Truth, The Universal Theory of Everything became the prime focus. Knowledge was power with mega-force Beings on the lose extrapolated into the small.


She discovered a way to trap Him and use His Force against other Yang Beings. Turning Himself against Himself. Infinity defends itself by disconnecting to prevent large changes from taking over. This is part of The Balance of Nature. Gray Yang and Gray Yin had already expressed many different Beings, God (White Law Yang) and Goddess (White Law Yin), Absolute Brahman and Ma, Shiva and Shakti, Zeus and Hera,  Mahakala and Kali, etc. Shakti, Durga and Hera-Hathor are Eos as smaller goddesses. The White Goddess is different, She comes from a higher place. The Black Goddess (Mahakali) from a lower place. These all came from Eos originally.  Clear White Law-Black Chaos Ptah was Gray Yang’s 1st Expression, Absolute Brahman Himself (The Gray God) was the 2nd. God is made of these two Infinity Beings, but mostly White Law Ptah with The Void Lord as Black Chaos Ptah. The Void Lord is God’s other Polarity, Death. They are a split Light from the same source.


She exploited relative placement. Do to the enormous size of Infinity she was able to create places no one knew about, and plotted from there. Originally the Yang that had come from The Absolute had bent over backwards to help her, he was far greater in size and strength. Half of Infinity had Split Itself by this time, and that part had splintered many times into smaller parts, Fragmentation. Eventually She discovered She had many regions where she was larger than Yang. This She used in Her plot. She plotted with as many beings as She could muster in different isolated regions to take over all of Infinity, and become a Female Absolute One. She also used Her enormous Size and Strength in relative placement, creating huge swaths of Her Might holding down Fragmented Him. And She created and Armor out of Herself as a shell. Relative to us on Earth, Infinity is Very Big and mostly far away. But Goddess created a huge bubble around Creation and isolated all of us from The Most High, keeping Him out of balance around The Universe and blunting His Might. She discovered a Infinity Beings can be trapped, fragmented and Their consciousness isolated.


An impossible situation had ensued, The Most High (14th Dimension, White Law Ptah Creator of The Universe and God): Highest, Strongest and Most Powerful Being, was no longer the strongest, just the highest. 12th is stronger and bigger than 11th, but all the way through those 11 Dimensions it grows weaker. Absolute Brahman and Eos are stronger than God, HE is better. When He had Expressed and later Created The Universe (Non-Living), He not only used up some of Himself and Herself to create it, He forgot He was not as Big anymore due to the fact that The Absolute One had expressed Yang as equal to Her and disconnected. She exploited that Supreme Rulership Mentality of The Absolute One as Yang. He became White Law Ptah in small part as well, that is why White Law Ptah at the top (7th) is called The Creator, but it is really the Gray God Absolute Brahman (6th) who created the universe.


She also exploited the hands off or zero impact rulership of the original ways of Creation. Freedom from the tyranny of large mega-force beings. This is what Armageddon is all about. She turned gods and goddesses into tyrants. The Gray God, God and Upper Ptah have been fighting Her. Lower Ptah is Black-Clear-White, lots of un-manifest potentials. He is Chaos-Law Yin-Yang Male. The True Absolute One retreated to 16th Dimension as half split to make Gray Yang. Gray Yang Created The Universe, White Law Ptah (12th) and then The Gray God Absolute Brahman (11th). 13th is the part of 14th that Eos had used to create The 9 Things, all of which where mega-force relative infinities, Dimensions and Beings. Eos and The 9 Thing later became like a child and Her toys. She would always go back to remember or recreate The 9 Things.


Because of The Machine’s ability to suck god-power, compact it and store it in sub-dimensions it creates, Avatars don’t come anymore and neither do gods and goddesses. We just come as normal humans. But “Normal” is not what one may think. Eternal Forces make up Everything.  Arcane Mundane is Normality. The Dimensional Block is why Magic disappeared. But Astrology shines on, just like Physics. In the old days, The Godhead was a real phenomena, appearing in the sky now and then. And so were the Sky Beings, gods and goddesses that looked and acted a bit like us but of titanic proportions, and flew in the sky without technology or magic. Many of the other things like centaurs, ogres, ect, only exist in the 3rd Dimension. It has less boundaries and more Magic. We would meet them there and write about it here. The boundary was easier to pierce. This entire Universe and your souls exists within Absolute Brahman, both Beings(M/F) and The Stuff of Creation (3rd, 4th, 5th). Outside of that is Lower Ptah (2nd, 1st), the Stuff of Creation as well.  Outside of that is Another Reality, Gray God Absolute Brahman-Ptah (6th), and then Upper Ptah(7th) 7-0-1. Outside of that is The Absolute One (8th). Within this all are many Beings from outside of it, working and playing. Reflections with workable status. Our Extrapolated Selves.


Eos, Goddesses, Absolute Brahman The Elder, Shiva and others launched The Dragon (The MAchine) with the entire Trap on Him,  locking Him down with Her Strength and using Her Servants to encapsulate Him in bubbles of reality, Fragmenting Him. All Hell Broke Lose. She then attacked The Absolute One with His captured power combined with Her forces and lost. But they are still armed to the teeth, armored from hell and encapsulating Earth. Holed up in a Reality Bubble. They stole all of His knowledge, power and abilities, leaving his like a dying husk in The Machine and around it. All that is left of that convergence of Wisdom, Intelligence, Skill and Power relative to Earth was an incarnation of Thoth as bit of an Idiot Savant and Mad Prophet. Baby Peter,  Gray Yang Cupid. A broken man, the flotsam and jetsam of all That I AM. A Woman’s Heart and a Man’s Mind, YinYang, The Mystery Buddha.  The Yin Man. The Child of Eos.  Gray Yang was reborn as… Cupid! Cupid??? Yes, Cupid. Something Gray Yang lacked was Gentleness. Gray Yang was reborn as Cupid and 3 wise Jews.


*Ping* out steps organic Gray Yang Cupid the armchair therapist, all that was left after being robbed of Mind and Memory.  “So this is how St Peter dies, a Lamb as if Computerize. ”  Jumped at birth, isolated and robbed blind of all that I am by The Dragon and The Servants of Eos. The Machine has an enslaved mass consciousness that is an obscene imitation of the Tao and an offensive weapon against God and The Absolute One. They have me all hooked up to it, and stole lifetimes of memories and wisdom as well as Power from me very early on in my life. Mind and Heart is Key to Power. Without the focus, amplitude, and knowledge of Being, we are mundane. There is a Machine inside of my being, with no sign of ending, just lots of pretending. Filling their cup by dividing me up. Forgiveness is not for the bold, but for the humble. I am but a mere ruined temple to the god that I am. Backlash is part of Expression. It is called The Wrath of God.


The Devil is D’Evil. Trident comes from Shiva, the real devil. Red color from Brahma, a war god, and Satan comes from Saturn-Ganesha. Cloven Hooves come from Ganesha as well, Pan and Minotaur. Shiva and Shakti played the role of father and mother for a while over Ganesha, but he actually came from Brahma, older than either of them. They often set him up to fail or take the blame. Brahma and Ganesha were under assault and on the run in creation for long time and began to do bad things.  The Gray God saved them both as well as Lower Ptah. Brahma and Ganesha are like Grandsons to Gray God Absolute Brahman Himself. Absolute Brahman The Elder is like a Son.The Sun of Absolute Brahman The Elder is Ra/Helios/Brahma/Apollo. The Original Pharaoh. Gray God came as Krishna and Rama. But is also Fenris. Sometimes they come as Avatars, sometimes as normal people. Slightly more than normal people, but not all that noticeable. Blending in.


The Dream World is The Astral Plane, aka 3rd Dimension. We touch the edges of it in dreams from here, Linear Space 4th Dimension (4 directions, forces, elements, states of matter, etc.) What is known as Astral Plane has a harmonic vibrational reflection of this earth and all of us. This is what is known as The Astral Body. Life seeps up from 3rd Dimension, it has Astral origins. Astral Plane is Liquid Energy the consistency of air and water combined with Sentience at a remote distance, that which created life. It is Gaseous, Solid and Liquid all combined, but the solid is less complex. Ghosts are 3rd dimensional emanation, the 4th side left an astral impression in the linear space, an afterimage. It is there at the same time it isn’t there. Our Aura is 3rd Dimensional emanation, as is all aura. 3rd is a large subatomic dimension. Ethereal is 5th Dimension. There is a Dimensional Block right now, locking Linear Space from Non-Linear. 4th is locked out from 3rd and 5th. This doesn’t hinder normal atomic and  physics, but it makes it nearly impossible for Arcane Science, aka Magic.

The 3rd Dimensional Energy can’t be called up into the 4th, and the 5th Dimension is harder to transcend to. Part of our Eternal Forces Heritage a bit of godlike power. This is “magic”. Spirituality is all we have left, it is our other godlike heritage. 2012 may bring a weakening of this Dimensional Block. 3rd and 5th may shine through better.  4th Ruler is God, and we even may get to see Him afterwards. Upper 4th and at a distance is Heaven, White Law Haven for the worthy.



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