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The Christ. At the moments when we conceive of Jesus or Buddha or Krishna and are moved, we are picking up a faint Quantum Echo of Being so profound that its spiritual holy ghost resounds in a state of half-life for ages, an Echo of Avatar. The Church is The Body, the Echo is The Being. The Body has grown aged and constricted by the Evolution of the Rise and Fall of Things, both conceptually and structurally. It’s wounds of misunderstanding are in its way and it awaits Resurrection, its King Arthur Reborn, its Phoenix. The Legacy of Avatar is in that Mega-Force Sentient Being Echo, and we sometimes swing into its sphere of influence and are lit up. The Phoenix of Evolution, the long spiral upward, the human race resurrected. The Awe refreshed in The Enlightenment. The Temples of Stone and Self must be rekindled with the Fire of Spirit, Purified in the Grail of Harmony, and Refreshed with the Insight of Sacred Arcana.  The Joy of Decoding Sacred Geometry, from Myth to Math to Magic. M for Maya, Myth, Math, Mother, Man, Magic, Moses and Mountain. M the Mission, the Tale of Two Peaks and the Evolutionary Valley between. The Fall and Rise of Man. From Man to man to Man. Krish is also Christ.  Jesus “The Christ” The Krishna, The Christ. The Buddha. Three different Avatars, 7th Dimensional Light, 4th(Jesus), 5th(Buddha), 6th (Krishna) Dimensional Expression. We are Tetrahedron Duality beings, 4th (Cube) overlapping 3rd (Sphere)  in nature. Most of our being is in the 3rd Dimension, our body is in a linear space void. We are an omicron structured Singularity-Self for our omega spherical Singularity-Soul.  Upper 4th is also a place we can reach with out Soul. Heaven.


Earth Globe Dual Reality Overlap Bubble, Maya:

Upper 4th: Heaven___                                             Heaven Angelic Ethereal

–Upper 3rd: Upper Limbo   –     5th+3rd in 4th Mount Olympus, Ethereal 

Center 4th: Material Plane —  4th+3rd+5th Earth 4th+3rd+5th Universe

Lower 4th______________—– 3rd+5th Astral Earth.

—Lower Limbo    –                                           Astral Earth

–3rd: Astral Plane  –                                   Astral Plane

Lower 3rd: Hell

Illuminati and Church Mission: Civilization Phoenix. On the Shoulders of Giants. Sacred Geometry. Singularity Gravity. Science of God. Serpent and God. Shepherd and Guardian. Arcane Science, Ark of the Covenant,  The Song of Moses, and Holy Grail. AE. OE. 3+1. TetRaHedronic 7-0-1 Dimensional Mechanics. Magic was an Inter-dimensional Energy Resource that Evaporated, a Cataclysmic Event for Ancient Civilizations. All that  is left are giant structures and a few other faint clues left in history to the testimony it ever existed. And also an inherent fascination within with magic/arcane science our psyche, something missing that we know is not real, yet we still feel its deep tug. It is in our genes still, a negative space backdrop yearning for a missing limb, still faintly resonating by induction of that Subatomic and Supernatural Energy a Dimension away. The Astral and Ethereal Planes once naturally leaked into the 4th and what was left eventually depleted. They were blockaded an Eon ago to protect us from lower-dimensional beings in a War between Gods and Goddesses. Eos, Goddess. ArMAgeddon. The MAchine, The Dragon. Where Angels Fear to Tread. D’evil. For ages the Earth has been in an inter-dimensional eye of a hurricane of a Maelstrom of Mega-Force Powers. 2012 will slightly weaken that Barrier. Ark, Arc, Astra, Astral: Atlantis = Man, Garden of Eden. The 4 Rivers (of Eve: Humans) are civilizations that came from that Race. White and Gold. Eve is White and Silver. Rebuilding Genetics. Serpent, Seth, Set, Serf, Serve. THE, Thor/Cross, Heimdall Helix, Eve Eos. Shepherds and Guardians. He The Apple. AE. A: Absolute One, Adam. E: Eos, Eve. Absolute, Ptah, Ptah-Lower, Eos. The shape and matrix of the Apple itself is a Pattern that amorphously played out in Evolution, it is a template for understanding. The Simplicity Principle. The seeds correlate to the Magnetic Core, the skin to the Earths Surface, in-between is a porous region. They have a gravity well with a curved linear stem connecting. Bottom has a tendency towards 4 Points with 5th central Hub. This is how Resonant Mega-Waves played out in the evolution of The Apple and Earth. An Apple in God’s Eye. I. The Apple, Earth and God are all Singularities, and so is Self. Form 1, Formless 7. This is how Singularity and Multiplicity play out in Infinity with Simplicity and Diversity  Tetrahedronic Dimensional Mechanics.


8th Absolute One, 2 as 1 and None. Infinity

7th – 0th-1st  Supreme Being – Void Lord. Hidden.

6th Universal Creator, Universal Lord, Supreme Allah, Arch-Angelic Realm.

5th Mighty Buddha, Angelic Realm, Oceanic Energy Plane, Ethereal Plane

4th Upper: God and Goddess, Heaven

4th Center: Matter Plane and Void. The Universe and Earth.

3rd Oceanic Energy Plane, Astral Plane

3rd Lower: Hell

2nd Waves, YinYang

1st Gravity, Singularity –0th(Death)-7th

–                   5th

–  5th         4th          5th

–          4th 3rd 4th

–                 4th

–        5th             5th


Dimensions are built of Planes of Existence and States of Matter. Energy,Solid,Gaseous, Liquid. 1-7 Scale. Octaves. Duality, Triplicity, Quadrality. Hyper 5th, External 4th, Internal 3rd.


Straight 7: We are in Maya. 7-0-1/1-0-7.  7-4-1

True–Harmonic.– Maya

8th–0th Absolute One-Upper Ptah Clear Yang.

7th–7th Upper PtahGray Yang White Law

6th–6th Absolute Brahman-Ptah, Gray God, Archangels.

5th–5th—————————- A.B.,  Ptah-A.B Mighty Buddha, Angels

4th–4th.– {(3,4,5])[6,(7. Maya Absolute Brahman (A.B.-Ptah: God and Goddess Rulers at 4th)

3rd–3rd—————————— A.B. The Elder, Astral Dweller.

2nd–2nd Lower Ptah Law+Chaos

1st–1st Lower-Upper Ptah, Chaos+Law

8th–0th Absolute One-Upper Ptah Black Chaos


Straight 8:

8th/0th  Absolute Infinity + – Spirit, Sentience

7th: Non-Linear Inifinty/Void/Chaos{OceanicSphereCurves – Emotion-Mind

6th: Linear Infinity/Void/Law{OceanicDodecahedronAngles  + Mind-Emotion

5th (3,4,5,6)-[5,4,6]-{2+1/6+7}

Oceanic, Energy,Solid ,Gaseous,Liquid {DodecahedronCube

4th (3,4,5)-[4, 3, 5]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Solid, Gaseous, Liquid {CubeTetrahedron +

3rd (3,4)-[3, 2, 4]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Gaseous, Liquid {TetrahedronSphere

2nd:SolidGaseousEnergyLaw{Wave PlanePlanewave +

1st: SolidLiquidVoidChaos{SphereDot Singularity


2+1/6+7 also plays out as Magnetism-2, Gravity-1, Strong Biding Force-6, Weak Binding Force-7. And as Wave-Particle and Oceanic State.


Gravity (1st), Electromagnetism (2nd), Strong Binding Force (3rd), Weak Binding Force (4th). Electrons (1st), Protons (2nd), Neutrons (3rd) The empty angular space created by the field effect of the particles within Void/Oceanic (4th).  4th Dimension is Matter Universe. Chemical Universe.  Gravity is 1st Dimensional Space trying to pull itself back together. In actuality, it is the effect of 1st Dimensional Space, Singularity, expressing in our reality bubbles.


Resh/Rho: Head. The Godhead. I. zAyin: Eye. Eyes of The Abyss Mother.  Womb Of Eos.


The Eyes of God in MathYang / + /Law/Linear- I.  Singularity-Infinity. Form to Formless.



I   2-3-4-5-6  We (us)



The Eyes of Goddess. Yin //Chaos/Non-Linear-We. Infinity to Singularity. Formless to Form.


Law/Linear tends toward  Angular Singularity, Chaos/Non-Linear tends towards Curved Infinity. Yang stretches from 0 to +Infinity.  Yin stretches from 0 to -Infinity. But they overlap.  0 is a hands off approach, also it signals who you see after death, 0.


7 Lampstands are the 7 Chakras. The 7 churches of dimensional vibrations within us. This lore is not a religious thing but a spiritual one. Like meditation. The greatest progress forward spiritually is purifying and centering oneself in these 7 windows or dimensional receptors. As well as feeling pure love or compassion.This super high frequencies one dimensionally. After high spiritual experience it is important to ground oneself well.  The simplicity aspect really shines through with Dimensional Mechanics. Make a replication off anything is the rule of thumb here, patterned after Universal and Dimensional Principles. Long hair makes a better antenna is an example. Stonehenge and Great Pyramid are both

Tetrahedronic Dimensional Mechanical Devices.  7 Seals relate to 7 Dimensions. The Gods and Goddesses of Myth range from real Beings to almost non-sentient Eternal Forces or Angelic/Demonic Lights. Some are Incarnate Dieties, most are not. The Immortals. Some are just Ancestors, great Mortals lost in Time.

7=Infinity(formless) 0=Nonexistence 1=Singularity(form) 7-0-1-0-7-0-1 shows star formation and reformation. 0 is nova and black hole state. Also where Formless Infinity ceases, and Formed Singularity starts. 4 is Matter.  I sometimes use: ( ) for curved/non-linear, [ ] for angular/linear, { } for both as one,  . for gravity, for wave-plane.


1st and 2nd are gravity and waves. Wave-Particle.  Super-Gravity and Wave-Plane.

( 1 .–   2 ]


Myriad Potentials expressed as One, Few, and Many are centered in 1st, 2nd {(4th, 3rd, 5th)]) { [6th, 7th-8th Octave Dimension.  True 8th in our reality is 0th. Void. Non-Existence. .– {(3,4,5])   6-7-0-1-2


Super-Gravity is that Dot .  1st Dimension, Singularity (particle)

M is that Wave-Plane —  2nd Dimension, Continuum (waves)

Strings are the hum of the engine.


The universe is an evolving self-replicating change-induced pattern caused by the induction of a Singularity in a Continuum. It has a few traces or patterns here and there. 1 Dimensional Super Force Singularity and a 2 Dimensional Super Force Continuum form a basic foundation of simplicity for our reality. Like in a musical piece, it comes back to a basic pattern that connects the whole thing in all it’s variation. Formless to Form, Infinity to Singularity, the Basic Shapes of Form are where that Dot is to be found as well. Singularity Induction of Form. Dot grounding to Line grinding up Form.  We actually live in a 4th Linear Space Dimension, with a hidden 3rd Subatomic Dimension below, and a 5th Dimension Non-Linear Space above. 6th Dimension is Linear Infinity and 7th is Non-Linear Infinity. Octave 8th/0th Void. 6th and 7th(Abyss) is where most of the stuff of existence is. Quintessence is actually a 2D force, the fabric pulling back away from the singularity.


Relative to our Universe, the Dot is split into many pieces. These are trying to pull back together. A Singularity torn apart by an Infinity, trying to regain it’s shape. Gravity is the effect. The more a single place has, the stronger the effect. Our DNA is a Singularity Effect, and so is our Self.


Tetrahedronic (4th+3rd) is the state between both as Singularity. 1st dimensional point, 2nd dimensional bent plane-wave, 3rd dimensional face, 4th dimensional  sides.  1st+2nd+3rd+4th = 10th. That Singularity expression grounds us to 4th+3rd. 1+6 and 2x8.(16).Singularity I (0-8), Duality We (1-7/1-9).Yang and Yin.


Think of Tetrahedron as the Singularity. Self and DNA. In Sphere, Cube, Dodecahedron, Oceanic.

Duality is 4th and 3rd overlapping.

Triplicity 3rd, 4th, 5th, overlapping

Quadrality: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,  not overlapping


From small to big:

1:tetrahedron/dot, 2 plane-wave/wave-plane, 3rd: sphere/Sphere, 4th: cube/Tetrahedron,

5th:dodecahedron/Cube, 6:Oceanic/Cube/DodecahedronLaw/Mind? 7:Sphere/Cube/OceanicChaos/Emotion?Abyss, 0-1/VoidYangYin/Spirit?(8)  This is our is our Singularity+Polarity reality bubble. 2 as 1.  Our Relative Placement Schematic.


Singularity/Individuality Reality, a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking.  4th dimension with 3rd inside and 5th outside. Tetrahedronic Sphere.


Tetrahedronic Sphere: Earth’s Core, Earth and Atmosphere is the 3-4-5 pattern. Use this as Template. Central Black-Hole , Galaxy, overall Gravity is another Tetrahedronic pattern. This matches Earth, Core and Magnetic Field/Atmosphere. This is a Tetrahedronic Sphere in action.


These are the Echoes of Eternity. Mega-Force resonant waves that induce traceable patterns. From sentient to non-sentient. This starts with when Math was a mere potentiality. Rearranging Eternal Forces in a Void. Creation started with Gray Goddess Eos being created within Void out of and within The Absolute One, That which is Yang and Yin,  All and Zero Dimension, Myriad Potentials. The Tao Itself. Void is one of its Myriad Properties.  This Act ended Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence and led to a further detraction from it. Things eventually expressed in as many directions as they could, evolving different things. These early things happened with miraculous coincidence. Godlike simplicity and Godlike Complexity. And a surprising childlike quality of innocence and timelessness overlapping profound wisdom, power and skill. The exact order of things from Ante-Creation and Ante-Universe viewed from Now can get confusing. Things have been reworked many times and often come back, intentionally or not, to a simplicity pattern of Beginning. This is stuff before Math existed, it was a potentiality, nothing more. One becoming Two, The 9 Things out of a 10th, 11th Dimension and 12th framework, and Tetra 3+1 (One(3) and Eos(1)) are the foundation of Math and The Universe. It is also so complex a human mind could not understand. Overlap and Math. This stuff is pre-math, One and None. 0 an O are encoded for One. 11 is 1 and 1 by encoding. 10 is I/1 and 0 O one. 1 is form, 0 formless. 12 is Astrology Framework. 2 is Weak and Strong Yang, and Yin and Yang. When Infinity split, it split inward. But the deepest point can’t be reached. Only The Absolute One exists There. Contraction+Void was Containment. Sometimes our inability to clearly conceptualize things is due to the fact that Infinity Expressed Its Properties and Potentialities in a Way that Laid The Foundation Relative to Us on an Above Quantum Scale. Huge Tracks and Imprints. Chaos is part of Infinity, this is where Randomness comes from. Randomness leads to Diversity and Complexity. The Properties were Expressed in a way that evolved into Basic Reality. An evolutionary spiral of the recycling of things.


The things we take for granted, colors, sound scale, atoms, molecules, light, gravity, states of matter, etc are all part of expression of potentialities. Relative to our perspective they are Existence.  But it is possible that Infinity Expressed many potentialities we could not discern from our relative placement, unless they have a sphere of influence that impacts us. These are hidden things that are part of a traceable pattern. There is a limitation to the the number of Myriad Properties that can be expressed by Infinity. Part of Simplicity and Complexity. This directly relates to Math and Myth.


When The Absolute expressed as Gray Yang (12th Dimension), He was born. He became I and She became We, with Lower Ptah being We for both. Mother, Father and Son. Though Gray Yang was directly related to Weak Yang, He disconnected them at the moment of Gray Yang’s birth. Though both Gray Yin and Gray Yang were equal at this time, Yang was split in two (Gray Yang and Upper-Lower Ptah Yang+Yin). He became the overriding I of Existence relative to us, but was 2 as 1, connected to Upper Ptah at 14th. He was slightly smaller but a far stronger Expression, and eventually in part merged with Upper Ptah and then Lower Ptah. This era is where overlap stems from, an Evolution of The Absolute One Fusion into Two as One. The upper part was stronger and lower weaker. Weak Yang does not do well, and Gray Yang’s 1st endeavors were all overbalance in a Lawful backlash against Chaotic Gray Yin and His Fragmented self as Lower Ptah. This became Upper Ptah, Lower Ptah and Gray God Absolute Brahman. The Absolute One has disconnected and The Authority was with Gray Yang. Gray Yang Expressed from The Absolute One as Strong Yang from “10th” to be 12th. This was Above Center, above Goddess but not at Highest Point. At the same time 10th moved to 13th (Androgynous One) and 14th (Absolute One). When Gray Yang disconnected Lower Ptah, it became 1 Dimension Higher. Ptah Force closer to Absolute One in Nature of Yang+Yin. 10th Dimension is Still Absolute One Outpost, Gray Yang and Ptah. Things are done in 1-8 Dimensionally for Containment. Gray Yang is a Pure Expression of YANG.


For a long time it was just The Gray Goddess (Gray:White,Black,Clear) and The Absolute One (Clear Gray Sentient Infinity Om Silence Void). She resented the intrusion of Yang into Her Abode of Freedom. Eventually She plotted and rebelled. The Yang that has expressed was nearly the same size as Her, minus what was already out in Her Abode, weak Yang. But this being was stronger than Her and a stronger I. She had been We, The Absolute I. The Absolute Expressed as Gray Yang I to Rule. This Being created The Universe in 7 Dimensions, with Void(0th) as an 8th. This is where Scale of 7 and Octave comes from. The Might is also Sound Waves. The Word of God. But God is actually younger than The Universe and Creation. But God is Expression of something before The Universe. The Might of The Absolute One. God is Timeless but experiences Linear Time. The Absolute One is Pure Timelessness, yet within it the properties of Time existed.


Goddess was far smaller, a quarter of the size. She is Yin over Yang, Chaos over Law, and Void. This combination is the only thing that could escape the sheer strength and stability of The Absolute One. It was Freedom that was born. Eos the Gray Goddess was Initial Expression. Though Goddess was initially smaller, Yin and Yang are equal in Infinity.There has been an undercurrent echo in Creation from this. Goddess was out “here” and free from The Absolute for a long time. Later, when Yang expressed as her equal, she always knew it was The Absolute, far bigger and stronger than Her. Within The Gray Goddess was a Flaw Induction. She has a hunger for something that is missing. She has an internal longing for the Absolute One that she was no longer a part of. This has played out as an echo all the way down into basic life. Loving freedom, She rebelled against the Yang. She invented Science, Lying, Seduction, Assassination, Secret Government and The Machine, known as The Dragon (Parasitic Robitic Mimetic Godtrap). The Impact of Goddess has been larger to us due to our placement in Infinity.


The pattern had played out to the original 1/4 Gray Goddess, 3/4 Absolute. It became The Absolute 1/2, 1/4 Gray Yin and 1/4 Gray Yang. Gray Yang became 11/12 the same and 1/12th different. This 1/12 was older and bigger, but not  stronger. Contraction an Density outweighing Size and Height. Center and High became the two Power Points. He expressed above where She had been, locking Her down. Gray Yang moved His Might to the 11th(Gray God) and 12th (Upper Ptah). 11th and 12th ended up contesting to some degree, but this became dangerous with so many new Gods and Goddesses having Fragmented off of Gray Yang, Gray Yin, White/Black Goddess, Upper and Lower Ptah. Eos used this in Her plots.


When 10th gave birth to 12th and all was Disconnected, White Yang and Black Yang had already evolved in their own directions from Gray Yang. Gray Yang, HE, was Higher than Lower Ptah Black Yang, but Lower than Upper Ptah White Yang. All 3 of these come from the same Source as One, but this Relative Placement of Things is how it all Evolved from ONE. Upper and Lower Ptah were once the same, but disconnected by frequency at moment HE was Born. Upper Ptah is part of The Absolute One directly connected to Eos (Gray Yin) and Lower Ptah. The Absolute One was expressing White Law when Gray Yang was born to counter Gray Yin’s chaotic behavior and the effect it was having on Black and White Yang. White and Black Goddess appeared out of Gray Yin at the moment Gray Yang was Born to help Black and White Yang. Both of these came from 10, a bigger part of Yin than Eos. Ptah became bigger and higher, closer to The Absolute One in overall makeup. The Color and Texture of Infinity are dependent on one’s Relative Placement, size, level of sentience, level of awareness and sensory, depth and breadth of sensors. Overall at the biggest parts it is in concept like shining and diffuse mottled clear and gray. The mottles are forms within the formless. Black, White, Sound, Silence, Dimension, Motion, etc are all Contained Within.


The Absolute One is Super Natural and Super Genius and so Abstract and Basic it never even fully knows Itself, nor wants to. The Eternal Mystery. We are nearly non-existent to it, and it to us, o far away it is. Yet it has a Simplicity that leaves a pattern to follow. The Oneness overrides everything, therefore even though there are Myriad Properties, Math was not one of them, it was an contained as a Potentiality, the Properties of Math existed in Two as One and None. This is a True Evolution of Infinity, Creation and The Universe. Relative to us, Gray Yang is younger than Ptah, but Gray Yang was born from The Absolute One with purpose and came with Ancientness, Authority, The Eternal Now and as Yang. Ptah is Yang as well, but slightly closer to Yin in frequency, Lower more than Upper. Normal Black Yang is fine when it has Mobility. Relative to The Universe it has been connected to Lower Ptah, trapped, fragmented and downgraded. When The Universe was Born, Gray Yang (Having Black and White contained within) had already established part of Himself with Upper Ptah. Gray God Absolute Brahman-White Law Ptah. The Gray God became separated eventually. The Universe was Born of Absolute Brahman, and in the 7th and 6th Dimension is where The Creator is Seated. God is a Ray of White Yang Law as Absolute Brahman Himself shining in the 4th from the 7th as a Super Singularity.



(1st)Dot, (2nd)Line/Plane, (3rd)Sphere, (4th)Tetrahedron7/12, (5th)Cube10/24, (6th)Dodecahedron17/60, (7th)Oceanic+Void/0th is Straight 7 of Tetrahedronic


Tetrahedron and Cube are both our reality, conceptually. Sphere is 3rd, Tetrahedron is 4th, Cube is 5th in Tetrahedronic 7-0-1 Reality. Tetrahedron is 3rd, Cube is 4th, Dodecahedron is 5th in Cubic 7-4-1(1-8) Reality. 5th is implied missing in Cube and Dodecahedron heads back towards Spherical. These overlap and interlock at stable 4th (2×2/2+2). Hypothetically speaking, between 1st and 0th, Pure Chaos and Void alone exists. Absolute Singularity splits law and chaos. Law gives out between 2nd and 1st. Internal 3rd. External 4th. Hyper Reality 5th. Non-Sentient forces most likely did not exist originally. Absolute Infinity is a Super Genius and a range of Properties extending into refraction, reflections and void. As Infinity expressed these myriad potentials and properties, Non-Sentient forces evolved out of reflection and void. The are energy and void at atomic level, develop a harmonic “personality” partially influenced by there relative placement and the spheres of influence than effect them. In essence the environment they exist in has an effect on them that leaves an individuality trace. The Universe itself as we know it here is made of 3rd(Oceanic) leaking into 4th (Linear Plane and Void), contained in 5th Dimensional Oceanic, that also leaks into the 4th. Above and Below. The 3rd, 4th and 5th have an inherent encoding or 2nd(Wave)+1st(Singularity), 6th(Oceanic Stringed Formed-Formless Linear, Abyss)+7th(Oceanic Stringed Formless-Formed, Abyss). 1st struck 2nd and induced the Big Bang within the above 3rd, 4th, 5th Matrix. An odd thought but high probability that the 5thDimsnion is actually Spherical or Dodecahedron in Shape, within and Oceanic. It would be hidden from us, Outside of Visible Universe. This is Maya.


The Dream World is The Astral Plane, aka 3rd Dimension. We touch the edges of it in dreams from here, Linear Space 4th Dimension (4 directions, forces, elements, states of matter, etc.) What is known as Astral Plane has a harmonic vibrational reflection of this earth and all of us. This is what is known as The Astral Body. Life seeps up from 3rd Dimension, it has Astral origins. Astral Plane is Liquid Energy the consistency of air and water combined with Sentience at a remote distance, that which created life. It is Gaseous, Solid and Liquid all combined, but the solid is less complex. Ghosts are 3rd dimensional emanation, the 4th side left an astral impression in the linear space, an afterimage. It is there at the same time it isn’t there. Our Aura is 3rd Dimensional emanation, as is all aura. 3rd is a large subatomic dimension. Ethereal is 5th Dimension. There is a Dimensional Block right now, locking Linear Space from Non-Linear. 4th is locked out from 3rd and 5th. This doesn’t hinder normal atomic and  physics, but it makes it nearly impossible for Arcane Science, aka Magic. The 3rd and 5th are Interlocked overlapping 4th and Inter-Dimensional Leak, but that Dimensional Leak is hindered by the Barrier set by God Himself. Magic dried up and Religion trod on as Humanity evolved along the new path of lesser and lesser 3rd and 5th Dimensional Energy to be used as a resource. They had to develop Scientific Mechanical and Linear isolated reasoning skills for survival, genetic and social evolution, and for maximizing the Tao of Mundane. No more Arcane and lesser alchemy effects. Guides were here all along behind the scenes or as leaders, including many reincarnating Quest Knights and a hidden civilization at the upper echelon of Humanity, guiding its rebirth like a secret juggernaut. Civilization after civilization, establishing codes in symbols, writing, language, art, architecture (Ark, Masons), religion, and myth for future reincarnations to reawaken, having followed their past life tendencies and basic intuitive skills.


Life seeps up from 3rd into 4th. 3rd seeps up into 5th as well. O, Circle, Sphere, Octave. 0. Two inverted tetrahedrons produce 8 mini pyramids, 1 always hidden from view. 7-0-1. Love/Harmony. Two as One. I/WE. Yin Yang, Circle and 2 overlapping as 1. Law and Chaos, White and Black. Day and Night. Sun and Moon. Helios and Eos. Tao


Aero. The Nebula of Earth. Feel the sky and the clouds, the sun and the moon. The fluid of space. Eos.Walk through the formless air, walk on the formed ground. Breath in the formless energy, swim through the formed formless water. Formless is more than Form in Infinity. Feel the shapes of things when you see them. Make an abstract scale of Form to Formless, 1-7. When you look into the sky and see the clouds and the sun, you are looking at Tao. Air, Ocean, Nebula. Sun, Electromagnetism, Light. Open your heart and be the Receptor. The waves don’t bounce back from this, they are already there. Your mind will read what your Emotion feels if you are Intune and Intuitive. Then one learns to Focus with the Mind, and you become the Radar. Make an Echo-Locator of Subtle and Gross Currents out of oneself and aim it at the Esoteric as an antenna.   Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron.  Feeling Positive is the Fuel for Thinking Positive.


Sacred Geometry works off focusing the best tool ever known, the human being, on bringing liquid energy from the non-linear 3rd dimension into the linear 4th, here, or transcending to Pentagon 5th. Welcome to the 4th dimension, though you have always been here. We Live in both 3rd and 4th, moving through 5th. And 4th+3rd and 5th. Singularity (1st) smashes into Wave-Plane (2nd), produces a Sphere (3rd)  {1face, no sides or 1 side, Curved}    that explodes into a Cube (4th) {6 sided, 4 face, Angular}   and expands along a 2 D Wave-Plane, producing a flat universe of Energy and Void that is Matter(atoms) Tetrahedron {3 face, 4 sided}.  “Welcome to the 4th Dimension.” We exist in the 5th, Dodecahedron {5 face,12 sided). 3rd,4th,5th is our reality. Will Power.


Wave/Particle concept also plays out as 1st D point and 2nd D Waveplane. These are apparent effects.  Our reality is centered around linear 4th, mid center of 7th. The Matter Universe. 3rd and 5th have more of an effect than 2nd or 6th, 1st or 7th. Localized effects.  We are 5th, 4th, 3rd and 1st Dimensional Beings. Made out of 2nd Dimension with access to 6th and 7th. 4th,3rd,5th as 1st made of 2nd is our basic reality order. We are multidimensional. 6th and 7th Chakra. 1st-7th Chakras are dimensional manifestations in our Being. It is possible to access a higher current of spirit and power. This is Kundalini. Chakras. 3rd Dimnsional Astral Body Mechanics hardwired into the 4th Dimensional Organic Body. We emenate mostly from a Secondary 3rd Overlap  but our our Primary 4th Dimensional Reality is the Central Plane our Tetrahedron Dual Dimension, the Material World.


Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water   

4 States of Matter: Energy(fire),Solid(earth),Gaseous(air),Liquid(water)

3 Modes : Cardinal/Liquid,  Fixed/Solid,  Mutable/Gaseous

12 Signs : Polarity, Modes, Elements. Dual, Tri, Quad


Aries: Liquid Energy-3rd,1st I HE

Taurus: Solid Solid-4th,2nd Lower Ptah, Eos WE She

Gemini: Gaseous Gaseous-6th,3rd Absolute Brahman/Ma

Cancer: Liquid Liquid-7th,4th Eos Omicron Goddess- Mother

Leo: Solid Energy-5th Sun Helios Omega God- Father

Virgo: Gaseous Solid-6th Eos Ma Omicron

Libra: Liquid Gaseous-7th Lower Ptah Omega

Scorpio: Solid Liquid-8th-0th Upper Ptah Omega-Omicron.

Sagittarius: Gaseous Energy-3rd, 9th Lower Ptah Omicron-Omega

Capricorn: Liquid Solid- 4th Gray Yin Yang Absolute Brahman

Aquarius: Solid Gaseous-6th Gray God Absolute Brahman-Ptah Himself/Herself HE

Pisces: Gaseous Liquid-7th-0th-1st Upper Ptah, Absolute One as Two I/WE He/She


The Sun in Astrology is The God Pillar, the Titanic Body that dwarfs us that we revolve around. Though it is related to 5th Dimension it is also God, ruler of 4th. As well as Apollo/Brahma/Hades. It is a HE Expression. The Moon is The Goddess Pillar. Smaller but closer to us and also having huge impact on us. Relative Placement played out, Omega Universe-micron Galaxy, Omega Galaxy-Omicron Sun. Omega Sun-Omicron Moon. Omega Moon/Sun and Planets to Omicron Humans. Ares and Taurus correlate to 1st and 2nd Dimension, but also in the above Ares relates to 3rd Dimension, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer relates to 4th. 3+1. These first four are our Tetrahedron. Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,Sagittarius is 5th Dimension. Capricorn,Aquarius,Pisces  relate to 1st,2nd,6th,7th. Capricorn(Liquid Solid) 10th(0+1)  is 1st, Aquarius (Solid Gaseous) 11th(1+1) is 2nd. Aries (1st)  is 3rd. Our reality starts at 3rd, made of 2nd and1st. 1st is Singularity/Individuality Reality, a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking.  Pisces is culmination of all signs as one, 12-1, 12 Dimension. Pisces is Void. Wheel/Circle is All Signs, 1-12.


Fire-Cardinal +                  Fire-Fixed +                Fire-Mutable +

Earth-Fixed –                     Earth-Mutable –           Earth- Cardinal –

Air-Mutable +                    Air-Cardinal +             Air-Fixed +

Water-Cardinal –               Water- Fixed               Water-Mutable-


The Circle is divided into 12 Houses and 4 + Quadrants. Cross + is also 4 directions. Ares symbol is V, Roman Numeral 5.

This is important:


———8th Dimension


–7th D   +   6th D   (=13 (1+3=4))


———-5th D


——–(= 13 (4)



In above 8th, 7th   +   6th, 5th, The 5th is probably correlated to Ares (+ Cardinal (Liquid) Energy).



The number 13 is actually  1 expressing as 3. The center is both forces together. Numerology/Astrology/Alchemy. This is a Cardinal Point. 14th is (4+1=5). Numerology basics of defining things. The very Numbers Themselves have arcane power to some degree. Numbers sing like angelic voices. Pure expression so close to non-sentience it is easy to miss.  5 is a master concept. Pentagonal. Knowledge, Head, Pentagram.  13 is 1(10) and 3 (12,11,10)


Absolute Brahman and Ma lost something of Themselves in creating Life. They are Dad and Mom to all  Life, Brahman and Bramini.  You are singularity splits off of them, using 1st Dimension forces for Individuality . He is nicer than Her, but still a deadly being. They are more Chaos than Law oriented Beings. You are born in Law Land, made of Chaos Land. It balances out. We all Evolve, but the biggest Beings of all in Infinity evolve the least. There is nothing to evolve, Perfection. The reflection is not perfection. The higher you go, the less They need to know you. They are not confined to Their spheres of influence, but tend to only manifest a small part of Themselves in the universe. Closed, Open. Infinity Beings are by nature a bit conservative with Their forces, Discipline, but a bit liberal with Their attitude, Freedom.


White Law Ptah(Male and Female) is The Supreme Being. He is also Black Chaos Ptah(Death)/Mahakali . God/Goddess is Him/Her in Linear 4th. Absolute Brahman/Ma is Him/Her in Non-Linear 3rd, aka The Astral Plane. Chaos Land, vs Law Land. You are made of Absolute Brahman, but can reflect the Light of God/Goddess. This is Spirituality.  Life seeps up from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th. Absolute Brahman is a huge Ocean and a Being. God/Goddess are Super Singularities, Absolute Brahman/Ma are Relative Infinities.  The 4th (Law/Linear) is Empty, The 3rd(Chaos/Non-Linear) is Full. Boundaries and Boundless. 4th is Strong, 3rd is Weak. It all balances out. Contraction, Expansion, Stasis, Change, Harmony. Both have properties of the other in creation is the rule of thumb. But some Absolutes exist as well, no properties of the other. Mighty Buddha/Lady Buddha are Them is 5th Dimension, above Heaven.


God is a scientist as well, The Universe is His science project. Creativity is also a door to prophecy, Life is made from Infinity aka Eternal Forces, Absolute Brahman/Ma. Life seeps up from 3rd Dimension into 4th. Some things in our culture were left here by intent, or sent to us from Above. Clues. We (our soul and body) are small in infinity compared to God and Goddess, and They are smaller than things like Yin and Yang and Law and Chaos, which flow throughout Infinity. God has a hands-off approach to Evolution, 0 Impact( – Prayer and Spirituality and some tinkering).


Yang: Male/Law/Linear/Mind/+/Singularity/Form/Angular/Boundaries/Being –                    overlap I

Yin: Female/Chaos/Non-Linear/Emotion/-/Infinity/Formless/Curvature/Boundless/Aura — overlap WE


Both have properties of the other as well, these are just tendencies. Formed Yin and Formless Yang. Formlessness is more than Form in infinity. But + and -, Yang and Yin, Law and Chaos are Equal in Absolute Infinity and The Absolute One. Yin Female Emotion is better at Sensitivity and Intuition, Yang Male Mind is better at Strength and Focus.


This Ancient Expression of He as 10th to 12th is the reason for the powerful impact of The Ascendant/Rising Sign and also the Framework of 12, Polar 7th, and Overlap of Yang over Yin. 13 became 0 and 14 became All and None.


The Void Lord. Khether. Het.  Eos and Ayin. The Shining Abyss in the Void. The Void Watches you, humans, but Never Interacts. It has Presence, but it is Zero. It is Eos. Mother Abyss. The Void Herself, Abyss. Ayin. 6th+7th Dimension. Octave 8th=1st and 0th. 7-0-1. Helios and Eos throughout the Eons. Tetrahedronic 7-0-1. Abyss and Void. 6th+7th and 0th(8th). 0ctave.

Gray God Absolute Brahman is Stronger than Upper Ptah everywhere but at 1st and 0th, Back Chaos Ptah, Lord Death. This is where White Law Ptah has His fun, though he never abandons Above, duality. The Single Strongest God of All. Huge relative infinity 7th Dimension to amplify a massively powerful 7th-0th-1st Singularity. Big Boy Induction here. At the Harmonic where 7th and 6th(Abyss) meets 2nd at bottom of 3rd is The Abyssal Plane. This is compacted 2 D Forces extending into Abyss. Abyssal Magic is Lord Death’s chosen weapon though He as others. It splinters the fabric of space, separating them.. The Big Boomer, the Real Arch-Angelic Death , Rises up as a Presence from 0th, gaining Form. Chaos Lord, Mystery Buddha, Abyss Lord, Yin Yang and then at bottom of 3rd He pings into Existence and then pang *crack*, game over. Lord True 8th(0th), an Absolute One Expression. The Unstoppable Lord Death: Black, Void, Clear, Gray, White Forces. What we know as Death is a minor copy, or Ganesha playing the role (Death Card). Death has some Gray Yang, and Ganesha does Abyssal Magic well. Death Adopted him, and he was reborn as Lower Ptah Gray Yang.  Little Death with a Sickle not a Scythe. Mahakali, Lady Chaos and Eos have kept Him off balance and at bay, or He would have wiped out the Earth just to destroy the Machine. Even Death fears, as in cautious of it,  The Machine. It has some of His power trapped, and this an be used as both dimensional armor against Him and a Weapon. Now Lady Chaos and Eos have gotten trapped as well as Absolute Brahman The Elder. This gives them a huge supply of Godlike power to amplify their effects with, and a core that is hard to reach from any dimension. The Machine is interconnected with a network with relative infinity Bodies that extends it’s power-base and reach. Beings like Gray God, God and Death backed off from attacking when they realized it was trapping Their power. This was used against innocent people, so they pulled out while The Machine played hostage games. These evil beings have no morality, Might makes Right, and no rights at all for the victims, they are seen as resources for a collective blob semi-robotic sentience.  God, Buddha, Gray God, WLP-Death have been chipping away at it with a team of angels, lesser gods and goddesses and mortal beings. The Good Guys.  Deaths inability to get to Earth in no way effects the larger functions of life and death. These Beings are so enormous They take the time to not accidentally destroy the little guys, bringing only part of Themself into Creation. Eos exploited this with Lady Death, Mahakali. Seeing one’s Gods and Goddess fall to The Machine and the might makes right crowd was a very traumatic event for many a mortal being. This crime has not been answered for ages later.

The Devil is D’Evil. Trident comes from Shiva, the real devil. Red color from Brahma, a war god, and Satan comes from Saturn-Ganesha. Cloven Hooves come from Ganesha as well, Pan and Minotaur. Shiva and Shakti played the role of father and mother for a while over Ganesha, but he actually came from Brahma, older than either of them. They often set him up to fail or take the blame. Brahma and Ganesha were under assault and on the run in creation for long time and began to do bad things.  The Gray God saved them both as well as Lower Ptah. Brahma and Ganesha are like Grandsons to Gray God Absolute Brahman Himself. Absolute Brahman The Elder is like a Son.The Sun of Absolute Brahman The Elder is Ra/Helios/Brahma/Apollo. The Original Pharaoh. Gray God came as Krishna and Rama. But is also Fenris. Sometimes they come as Avatars, sometimes as normal people. Slightly more than normal people, but not all that noticeable. Blending in. Shiva in one of his strongest and most thug-like Forms took the form of Brutus from Popeye in The MAchine in the modern world, he plays it well. Though the inertia of The Dragon/Machine is deadly to Earth still, most beings in it are on the side of Humans and a New Way: The Old Ways, Freedom and God and Goddess. Ages later and the Balance of Power has changed, even The Devil himself don’t want to piss off God anymore. His witches nest hidey-hole is being burned down around him and and The Machine has turned on him. He wants to be Poseidon-Neptune again, not Abaddon the Tormentor. Many are in an sub-conscious instinctual attack pattern. The novelty of Robotics for Gods and Goddesses was the ability to have something going that one could take Their Divine Mind off of. Diversify Strengths, Multiply Effects. Until the end of it, these Robotic Gods will never be trusted, especially Shiva. Vulgar Valor with no Loyalty or Morality. Just Might Makes Right, Lie, Cheat, Steal. They are d’evil. Even the Devil hungers for the Truth in The End, and that Evil is an Aberration. Faulty Foundations. Harmonic Resonance from The Hierarchy shines like Angelic Waves, part of The Stability of The Universe. Angles and Angels of White Law and The One.


They have been spying on us a Dimension away. Shiva is also a major part of The Dragon, the skeleton of it and brains of it. In the Machine even The Devil(Shiva) and The Anti-Christ(Yama) have begun to save themselves in a war against the The False Prophet Sashi known as Vatsnake Anandaji. He became so vile and entrenched with parasitic tech and booby traps he is hard to get at. A parasitic pedophile who preys on and warps Gods and Goddesses, and experiments on Souls. He wallows in godlike nano-mechanical slimy ooze that infests and infects The Divine, using the power of Gods and Goddesses against themselves in his trap. The Whisperers, hoards of mentally enslaved and demonic beings using telepathic control on a single victim, entering them, entering them  and possessing them. Outside The Dragon it is safe to assume Evil still lurks in the form of one Devil or another, including Earth. We are there as well, in a conscious and unconscious state, trapped and fragmented, but also being protected by Eos, Goddesses and Gods and ourselves. Some of us or part of us may not have made it to Heaven but has been trapped in Astral Earth, a Dimension away.  The Dragon is located in the 3rd Dimension below the Grand Canyon region, but it may or may not be detectable by us on this 4th Dimensional Linear Space Earth.


12 people in a Circle with Astrological Aspect Points. 36 people for 360 deg. And 72 for 2×360 deg with Male(+)4th and Female(-)3rd Braid. Celtic Cross. Astronomy, Astrology, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry,Yoga and Tao. Tetrahedronic 7-0-1. Number of Prayer Beads symbolism. 36+72=108.  1/3+2/3. 33, and 99. 2×54, and 5(penta). Pentagram is triangle and square as one. 108:4×27(27:3×9),and multiple of 4(+1). 33 and 1/3. 3rd and 4th symbolism.  Branch of Lebanon is also “Thy rod and Thy staff- they comfort me.” Arcane Tools. Power from God. Zayin of Goddess. The Cross is also a Staff of Priestly Magic. Ankh.


3rd Fire, 4th Water, 5th. Knowledge. Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron. Sphere-Circle-Dot.

Overlap: Fire(M)4th, Water(F)3rd.


Zero: Zayin/Zeta 7-6, 6th and 7th Dimensions. Linear and Non-Linear Infinity. Resh/Rho: 20 / 17th (8th). 17×3 = 51. A Pythagorean Sacred Geometry Circle Triangulation.  A Hundred Hander with Cyclops (Cyclops = 3rd Eye). 50 People joining hands in a circle, with 1 in the center and penta leaders. Pentagram is a triangle and square together. Tetrahedronic and Cubic as one.Or 51 people joining hands with triangulation leaders.  Pythagoras was a Cyclops. Psi. 6th, 7th ChakRa. Space: 3rd Subatomic. 4th Dimension Linear. 5th Dimension Non-Linear Space. 6th Linear Infinity, 7th Fluid Infinity, 8th/0th Octave (0-1st) Void into Singularity. 8th True, Two as One. Yang Infinity+Yin Infinity. Aeros is Eos around Earth. It is like Abyss expressed down into Mundane. The mountains have lost their edges and faded into large rolling hills. The water has slowly stilled its ripples and is going back to level.


Because of The Dragon’s (Machine) ability to suck God-power, compact it and store it in sub-dimensions it creates, Avatars don’t come anymore and neither do gods and goddesses. Too high of energy. We just come as normal humans. But “Normal” is not what one may think. Eternal Forces make up Everything.  Arcane Mundane is Normality. The Dimensional Block is why Magic disappeared. But Astrology shines on, just like Physics. In the old days, The Godhead was a real phenomena, appearing in the sky now and then. And so were the Sky Beings, gods and goddesses that looked and acted a bit like us but of titanic proportions, and flew in the sky without technology or magic. Many of the other things like centaurs, ogres, ect, only exist in the 3rd Dimension. It has less boundaries and more Magic. We would meet them there and write about it here. The boundary was easier to pierce. This entire Universe and your souls exists within Absolute Brahman, both Beings(M/F) and The Stuff of Creation (3rd, 4th, 5th). Outside of that is Lower Ptah (2nd, 1st), the Stuff of Creation as well.  Outside of that is Another Reality, Gray God Absolute Brahman-Ptah (6th), and then Upper Ptah(7th) 7-0-1. Outside of that is The Absolute One (8th). Within this all are many Beings from outside of it, working and playing. Reflections with workable status. Our Extrapolated Selves.


If one inverts an Ankh one will see pyramid power explained. A pyramid with a drop of liquid energy. Emotion is non-linear thought. Mind is linear thought. Oceanic Osmotic Being and Polarized Linear Thinking. This world is overbalanced in the latter. He is better at Singularity, I, and She is better at Multiplicity, We. Leadership(I) and Multi-tasking(We). Almost like the Sun and Planets. Sun is I and Solar System is We.


Understanding that there is a liquid energy sub-atomic 3rd dimensional universe underneath the 4th, we can then begin to look at metals, crystals and gems for their properties. Always remember as well that a 2nd dimensional nature is the foundation for linear 4th, therefor light, magnetism, rays, waves etc have profound effect. Sound is phenomenal in this universe, especially coupled with the right knowledge and focus. Gold is a very conductive dense metal that may reflect the vibrational tone of the 3rd dimension. Perhaps silver and gold both. If one looks at light reflecting on water, or light shining through water, we begin to get a feel for our 3rd dimensional sub-atomic universe. Learn to feel your way through things and situations. The Oceanic Subtle Sensitivity State requires Stillness, Stasis, Slack, Stance and Sharpness to hone into a Magician caliber Receptor-Radar. Gods and Goddesses are Mega-Force Beings, and have a subtle effect that echoes throughout Creation. Whether we believe in Them or not, They have a subtle effect on us. The more we Believe-Faith, the Purer the Effect of Reflection of Light and Summoning of Sacred Fire, the more They have Influence.


In the past They became a problem and God dealt with it. The Laws of The Absolute One are No Harm, and Harmony to other Eternal Forces, Absolute One Interconnected Self Preservation. But the Mundane/Secular is also important, and that includes chaotic and law backlashes called War, Love and Sex. Being extrapolated and descended from Gray Yang and Gray Yin, Basic Normality is the Center of you, the central point of your orbit. Mundane. Animal is also Us, all are multiplicities of Absolute Tao, and so is The Absolute One. The biggest part.  Evil diminishes the Soul or God/Goddess who falls prey to its lure. They shrink in size up to a relative limit, and conversely it takes Good to grow in size up to a relative limit. Work will also increase the power and size of the being. The age of the being also determines the size, growing in size of the long haul. But there is also the decay principle, some being weaken and give out, depending on there matix and how influenced they are by Time. The Ravages of Time fade away at God’s Front Door, His Courtyard is Heaven.


Creating a magic circle of humans, braided with polarity (F-M-F-M etc) mimics the sub-universe. The 3rd dimension is the only place a perfect circle can exist. One focuses the mind, but it is the heart that does the work. 51 is common, with 3 potent members of the group at triangulation points. The most potent member is the “cyclops”, 3rd eye. A Hundred-Hander is actually a Pythagorean Circle of 50 people joining hands, with a Cyclops, like Pythagoras himself. Sometimes the cyclops is in the center of circle. Tools of power and an inner connection of the group are vital for this. Celtic traditions such as maypole dance provide braiding clues. Faith to move mountains is vital. What the world needs now, is Hundred-Handers. 17×3=51. 17=1+7=8. Other points on the circle can be also used. Making a circle with other than 51, one can make different numbers as points. A circle with 12 people or multiples thereof allows us to mimic the Astrological Wheel. Female and male also replicate 3rd and 4th, Spherical and Cubed. Curves and Angles.


Spirituality is The Pinnacle of of Life. God/Goddess(4th), Mighty Buddha/Lady Buddha(5th). Reflect that Light. It goes from Clear-White above to Black-Clear below. In between are Shades of Gray. Top to Bottom, White to Black. In The Astral Plane, Non-Linear 3rd,  is a Reflective Domain  for all the above Beings. Including Het and Ayin. The Void Lord and Abyss Mother.  Astral Plane actually leaks up into the bottom of the 5th Dimension. John baptized with Water, Jesus with Fire. Thoth and The Serpent baptize with Knowledge. Hermes the Messenger. Enjoy your Apple. To each his own, lambs and goats. To each her own. 2 as 1.Yang as Yin. Law as Chaos. Light and Dark, The Incarnate Re-fusion of Mundane and Arcane, Singularity of Tao, Spirit and Science, God and Gravity. From out of Time and Space stumbles Saint Peter Wielding Concepts, Reborn as his Spirit-Twin Brother, Caligula the Serpent Wielding Therapy, with a hoard of imps, demons and jealous lesser gods and the Devil himself hot on his trail. Like the hounds of hell, barking a dimension away, but held at bay, until the tidal sway of judgement day. The Rock of Ages, Mages and Sages. Lamb and Goat, Avalokiteshvara the Taoist Funk.  What’s my name, fool? Ali Muhammad, the 12th Imam. AnAmAli. The Nameless Ali. AAA What was Once, was once rebuilt. What was Once must be rebuilt again. The Phoenix. M for Maya, Myth, Math, Mother, Man, Mission, Mesmerize, Manipulate, Manifest, Magic, Moses and Mountain, the Tale of Two Mountains and the evolutionary valley between. The Fall of Man. From Man to man to Man. On the Shoulders of Giants. TetRaHedronic 7-0-1, the Reincarnating Relic. Arise King Arthur, The Human Race Resurrected as Atlantis in the 21st Century.


We are a Tetrahedronic Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Property, Law, Chaos, Positive, Negative, Mind, Emotion, Spirit, Stringed, Singularity, Organig Evolving Arcane Living Machine…   Find that Harmonic Balance of Hum In your Engine. Twang Your Strings. Prana is subtle pure clear energy, almost cool. Feel it in the nostrils and the being, it is probably (8th/7th/6th)-5th+3rd(2nd/1st/0th)  Dimension Emanation, invisible in the 4th.


“I Know You.” ,”I am Hercules”. Hacheman. Heimdall. Horus. Helix. Haven. Heaven. Heathen. Heaving. Human. A Shepherd and a Ram.


Randomness is among the hidden blessings of the universe, born of Chaos. It brings in the New. The Predictability can lead to stagnant, homogenized, over-definition, the Bane of Normality. Lack of Awe is lack of The Eternal Now expressed as Self. Sacred Geometry. Singularity, Sun Sol, Soul, Self, Sphere, Secular, Sacred, Spirit, Sex. Gravity, Gray, God, Geo, Grass, Grange. Eos, Esoteric, Eros, Eliminate, Ego. Zero. One, Circle, 0, O, won, 1, IIndividuality(Form), Infinity (Formless).


Nothing is a given, there is no Prophecy that Time and Evolution can’t conquer . Especially when it is being intentionally countered by an equal and opposite force, Goddess, and Science. Illusion, The Veil.  We were forced to abandon The Prophecy of Revelations, but we didn’t abandon the Bible. We took a more Taoist and less Heroic approach. Earth is ancient danger-zone. Heaven is a real place, it existed in the past, long before Judaism, Christianity or Islam. It exists in the present and will exist in the future. People should not get archaic superstitious religion confused with the Existence of God, Goddess, lesser gods and goddesses, angels, demons, etc. It is in Spirituality that one will find evidence of God and Goddess, Transcendence. God does not come around, sell Himself door-to-door. Goddess never left, but She confuses with illusion, Maya. The Veil. Religion should be a Guidepost, not a Corral.  Religion is the Cradle of Spirituality, not The Thing Itself.


May the veil be drawn, and the seats filled in the Masonic Halls. May the candles and incense burn long into the night on altars and in temples of God and Goddess. May your Staves be lifted in song and dance to The Creators. The Song of Moses. May your 7 ChakRa churches be lit, and your aura shine as a Quantum Beacon.  May your magic shine brightly into the Night and may you rejoice! Drink from this Grail, King Arthur, and you will be reborn and the land with you. Into the Wilderness.


We are going for Spirit Fire. In Service Divinity, Surrendered to Divinity. Seek The Hand of God and/or Goddess. Righteousness is only possible for the Truthful, not merely the Faithful. That is where faith to move mountains comes from.  Priestly Magicians, the Middle Path. Wise as serpents and gentle as doves.  Be warrior poets, artists, musicians. Express the range of Tetrahedronic 7-0-1.


The Dream World is The Astral Plane, aka 3rd Dimension. We touch the edges of it in dreams from here, Linear Space 4th Dimension (4 directions, forces, elements, states of matter, etc.) What is known as Astral Plane has a harmonic vibrational reflection of this earth and all of us. This is what is known as The Astral Body. Life seeps up from 3rd Dimension, it has Astral origins. Astral Plane is Liquid Energy the consistency of air and water combined with Sentience at a remote distance, that which created life. Ghosts are 3rd dimensional emanation, the 4th side left an astral impression in the linear space, an afterimage. It is there at the same time it isn’t there. Our Aura is 3rd Dimensional emanation, as is all aura. 3rd is a large subatomic dimension. Ethereal is 5th Dimension. There is a Dimensional Block right now, locking Linear Space from Non-Linear. 4th is locked out from 3rd and 5th. This doesn’t hinder normal atomic and  physics, but it makes it nearly impossible for Arcane Science, aka Magic.


The 3rd Dimensional Energy can’t be called up into the 4th, and the 5th Dimension is harder to transcend to. Part of our Eternal Forces Heritage a bit of godlike power. This is “magic”. Spirituality is all we have left, it is our other godlike heritage. 2012 may bring a weakening of this Dimensional Block. 3rd and 5th may shine through better.  4th Ruler is God, and we even may get to see Him. Upper 4th and at a distance is Heaven, White Law Haven for the Worthy and Weary. Until Man understands Woman, there will be only Woe to Man.