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Stay Positive.

Stay Safe.

Stay Steady.


Be On The Move, Nomadic. Be On The Go, Up And At ‘Em. Prance.

Be Stationary.  Stance. Trance.



Put In Some Work if possible¬†¬† {it got ‘Hooked Up’ to Other Functionality}

Listen to Classical Music {Hooked Up

Listen to Jazz {Hooked Up


Mow The Lawn {Hooked Up

Play Video Games {Hooked Up



Toys For The Kids To Play With {Hooked Up

Tools For Adults To Play With {Hooked Up

A Women In The Kitchen With Her Utensils {Hooked Up

A Women In Bed With A Lover {Hooked Up

(or surf porn – Mr Jack is Hooked Up and Jacked Up- ‘The Big Solution’)



Lighting The Place Up Sentiently





“and if dad don’t want to go to work either, and wants to stay home and play video games, then we need to build a civilizations to facilitate this”



Help Facilitate Change




Prepare To Be Wrong When You Are Judgemental (but stay happy, helpful or silent, positive, grounded in the best fabric of self, stable, insightful, playful ‘the stuff that is right about you’) , Or Not At The Same Level As Others In A Context Of Focus Being On Something Lesser Or Great, Farther Behind Or Father Ahead, Or Just Plain Old Different. We Are Working In An Old Invaded And Confused Region.





A Unified All


This Bring Great Potentials, Great Dangers.


Usurper Of All



‘One Ring To Rule Them All,

One Ring To Find Them,

One Ring To Preemptively Attract Them All, {The Ring of a King, Helios King T1.)}]

And In The Darkness Bind Them.