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In ancient Lemuria arose many great and forgotten civilizations, and with them came the advancements of agriculture and domesticating animals, and increased food availability.

And with this came indigestion…


Ancient Lemurian Alchemists rose to the challenge and developed the Proto Pepto Bismol. It was a large success, but the ruling elite soon capitalized on this, and successfully controlled it.



In an ancient protest like unto the boston tea party, the ancient people rose up in protest and threw all of their proto pepto bismol.





The ruling elite, having both king and shaman abilities, having lost the tale, centuries later turned it a sacred sanctuary, and many ages were spent on its banks, lending it spiritual energy.







Some of these ‘fantasy things’ I (and others) are writing are peopled by real deity, people, and events, or a template is used, and transposed, but with the same group of powerbases. {for instance, Vishnu of The Western Line T3 is a major part of the aristocracy and this story, and goes all the way back to Atlantis as an important people-level deity. Gray Yang Yama Deo Line is another major player here, and is also Ancient African Elite. )


YaMa and The YesMen ‘Yama and Vishnu’




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