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If humans, who have overpopulated and damaged the world, set out to capture excess rainwater and used it to water the earth in drier seasons or regions as well as grow food and have steady water supply, we could offset a lot of the problems.

There Would Be No Drought In California!

At least relative to a whole lot of territory.




You can even water by airplane, and airplane by solar power.


‘Farm Hand Drones’






Save The Earth

Water The Earth

Grow The Plant Life Up High


Kiss The Problems Goodbye


“watering plants and trees helps with the ecosystem, ‘the hub of the biosphere’, and with carbon and oxygen”





And  in advanced emergency situations, a swath of the place is preserved and watered.




But one thing is for certain: You are trapped in an economic paradigm that will not confront the problems at the big level, and a well a despondent population prone to no and giving up and complaining. ‘At least we got to bitch about something, and maybe this will help make change’. A stalled general population.


Covert the society to preserving nature, and away from competitive economics.


As well, it must be seen in a proper way, and not with shyster.


Look at all the small town through-out America, and note that on a grass roots level a huge foundation has already been laid and funded.


Hoards of jobs can be created from saving the environment.

But more importantly we are safeguarding life on earth. Actively, with water and food and billions of hands helping.





Make very large long lasting tarps, to be unfolded and used with barrels. And advanced system could even switch barrels when they are full from using weight measure, balance,  levers, gears, and automated mechanical systems,  archaic weight trigger.


On a normal thing barrels manually transferred.  Pay by the barrel for workers.


An advanced archaic would use the flowing water to move the funnel-head at a slow speed and cover a bunch or barrels, or a row of them, and barrel transference,


Water could also be sold. And minerals added to rainwater for drinking.



Digging holes in the ground is a bad idea, but as well a containment area could be created and fed during heavy rain to be locally redistributed during drought. And dig out cubes or chunks of it, and relocate, with as minimal damage as possible.  Develop equipment and methods to due this. Or use mobile or stationary above ground storage.























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