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Familiarity Family


Original(Infinity) – Titanic(Affinity) – Superball Collapse(Amped) Interconnected


“at a certain time when Infinity was changing, and a huge collapse into a Titanic Ball in The Middle, a big danger had been noted in the personality change of major beings, and the onslaught of jealousy and strife and contesting and secrecy and long range planning and programming oneself into a machine vengeance or rote motion moralist.”


Major Steps Were Taken To Safeguard, And These Are Related To Instincts, Related To The Beings That Created The Universe And Later Inhabited It, Evolving Many Things And Beings And Many Directions… And Lost Themselves In It!


In The Early Universe The Gods And Titans Were More Present, And The Whole Thing Was Closer To Humans And City Building.


As Life Inhabited They Were Forced To Retreat Due To Danger From Giant Size And Giant Effects.



‘Giants’, however, are a Form Of Ancient Life From Early Time And Proto Universe.


Titans are similar, but bigger and stronger and come from a Theft Thug Transfer, and this ‘Resource’ was promised to The Giants, who partially went for it, but was halted.



Original Titan

Weakened Titan

Titanic Giant

Original Giant



All Four Lines Are In Existence, And As Well Incarnate On Earth As Humans.



Many Animals And Aliens Also Incarnate On Earth As Humans.




Nate, you know, IncarNate, made a mistake (not that the Fonz ever makes a mistake, mind you), and got too controlling and dictatorial and long range usurper theft in the name of justice. This is of course King Helios, ya know, He and Hero and Healing.


You will just have to stuff it!