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This is directly proportional to how illegal every government and system in the world actually is.

{that was in response to all of your ‘hard work’ arguments that you use as a tried and true of why we owe you, but it is closer to you owe us for forcing this on us instead of changing, and we are forced to live the system that status quo is locking in place}

It Is A Conspiracy.

There Is NO Other Legal Definition That Fits.

So when business as usual is just you and your pundits stirring up you and your hardworking law abiding accomplices it in no way is doing what you want it to do.

You are just breaking the law.

You Are Earning That.

It Is Nonnegotiable.

You are not just a bunch of jackasses with your fake realism you are engaging in a conspiracy to change the truth of the reality and a conspiracy to hold onto something not rightfully yours, which happens to be the very ground your civilization is built on.

Every Legal Path Forward Must Deal With Who You Are, How You Have Behaved, And The Actual Truth As Opposed To How You Are Spelling It Out…. Which Is Just Another Falsehood Done Form Leadership Spots, Running Under The Guise Of Realism.

“We didn’t agree with point A or C, and so you are out on a limb with point B, trying to be a bit of a threat authority to cow point A and C, and acting all exasperated with the protesters, who turn out to be legally right”

“Though this method called ‘protesting’ actually kinda sucks in the end, your illegal stymie authority deciding in it’s own favor has left no real options here.”

-The Ottawa American

What language is that?

It’s Canadian/American Law.

It is built out of the same thing as language but isn’t saying anything.

Canada/America is built out of something that appears legal but is not.

It doesn’t say the actual lawful thing, the actual solution, it keeps on being a crime using the law.

Had the law actually been obeyed there would not be Canada and America and Mexico, and South America as we no them today.

There Would Be Something Actually Legal There Instead!

“so when you run around as a bunch of law abiding citizens trying to hold onto stolen lands by being a majority and ignoring the full facts that the law actually needs to function as the law…”

-The Ottawa Indian Descendant

But all of that stuff goes out the window with Me.

There is both a Steadiness and a Had Options that just will, sadly enough, not be what I am going through.

I have enough of not only an understanding of those big sounding sentences in the title I as well have a few of those qualities as well.

“… and the only station you could get from that planet came in scratchy at best, and the people who ran it were both unrepentant jokesters and serious professionals, and one just never knew where one stood nor what was coming next, though it did all fit into a hideously overdone repeated patter rather rapidly…”

They are every bit as logical and lawful as America, but they go a step further into getting it done right, a will add a few new things that were needed, and it has a better understanding of the overall whole.

It is Us


The Mission has too much Coned to it, and works with both Titanic Military and Titanic Church.

The Divine Mission is a real one and with the Story of Us things will make more sense and work out better as you realize that The Church, despite all of it’s failings, is part of a Real Process that is Extra-Dimensional, and Multi-Dimensional.

God got Special Jurisdiction to leave The Doors Open for The Spiritual Good as an Advantage for The Weaker Peoples, and Spirituality is The Key to The Functionality Filtration of Multi-Dimensional Rejoining and Wholeness.

So a lot of The Mission is The Divine Mission.

The Titanic Military with Lawful Hardwire and Right Conduct are literally Helping Stabilize part of the Problems in Creation.

Any inaccuracies of the scriptures are soon overshadowed by the Real Duty that They are accomplishing extra-dimensionally.


{Past Versions of Me are too ‘Me’ or even Me, and are a little too rebellious, and it took ME to actually bring The Full Truth back to The Situation.

ME is a major part of Us, and the smaller of this whole {me} category that dates back to the dawn of creation, and is mostly Brahma in some ways but not fully so. A whole lot of Other Beings are also made of Brahma and Original Creation Beings, some of it is Rightful Heritage, and some of it Usurper Thug Theft Heritage, but what it is terns out to be You, all them other people, but with us, as a far more kindred and equal rights thing.

We kept losing touch with The Squares and Their Real Achievement that We Flounder Without.}

We’ll take “Fans and Followers”, BoB, for the “I’m gonna f**k you up, Titan!”

{No, I mean YOU not the fans and followers that get aimed at… partly by your organization with one of it’s ancient survival of the fittest mistakes We are all still suffering through)

The Wall: “an ancient Containment Region and Warzone”

I am one of the worst Beings you could ever be a fan and follower of due to all sorts of ‘other things’ that have occurred that are in rogue states, predatory states, payback is gonna be a bitch! states, etc.

Other Beings did the Intrinsic Thing with The Mission and this is part of Followers. Part of this was made of Me and I am one of it’s rightful inheritors but it never works out with Me on The Divine Throne and it turns out one of the reasons Why is Me is actually larger and older, not better, and these Beings Evolved Separately Within though partially made of Me (an Ancient Oceanic Being that Extends Out Past Creation in both Time and Space, but is more Original Normal and Oceanic Elite than Spiritual Hierarchy).

Beings such as God and Jesus need you to be Their fans, and followers, it is part of Their Powerbase.

“you start aiming that morality and revelations stuff at Me and there is gonna be a problem from a big unknown you never considered!”

Beings like Me, and ‘Me’, and ME are a different type of Being, and are all separate not all one, and are distinctly different from each other by nature or origins and intentional evolution.

We are these ancient somewhat tyrannical (in some regions maniacal) Elder Beings of Creation that have been dealing with Titanic Usurpation.

U. You. Usurper. This is part of a Common Heritage. The Coded Version is Us, not that really bad stuff.

A lot of The Government is an Us. This is a good thing, it is why government actually works out, and is lawful.

But in The Collapse Regions and The Invader Regions, and Predatory Regions it is ‘Me’, Lord Death by some standards, The Emperor of Existence by other standards, that is The Authority.


What We Are Living On Earth Is A Bit Of A Lie. It is buried under a hundred million years of the same ancient crime.

Your belief has been evolved along with different regions. God and Jesus are two of the Beings that are too weak for the job and ended up in the role. Not sacrilege, that, but the actual 100% facts that went missing

My Authority is still sitting there waiting for you to evolve the rest of the way. I fared badly in that endeavor as well, and so did many others, but a few lines did not, and that is ‘Me’ and Titanic Military and OP Predatory.

The Powers That Be have two or three things going on Here.

So part of this is evolving things along normally, while part of this is evolving things spiritually, and another part is just doing titanic authority.

Titanic is where the problems were. Godlike is a fib. With Fans and Followers.

What is left is Titanic Authority and it is actually ‘Me’, another part of Brahma and Brahma-Ptah and Ptah that Predates God, is related to The Birth of Shiva, and well, it’s the biggest stuff out there, Original Creation.

The Powers That Be not only see right through you, it’s hey, that same criminal all these years later, and in a radio announcer job, or a politics job, or a DOD job, or a…

Did You Respect MY Authority?

NO YOU DID NOT! You set yourselves up as rulers while your ancient titanic crime is still in progress, and you kept putting yourselves back into authority that you do not belong in! What you do in that authority spot is a double game, doing lawful behavior with one hand and dirty might makes right titan tricks with the other.

You went on as Status Quo business as usual.

And You Got Another Thing Comin!

{P.S. This also relates to the Appalachian Trail thing and why you haven’t gotten that this is someones else’s home that got illegally invaded, and you are the gang of people who decided to keep it, do more damage to the place, and go on pretending that the Indigenous People should accept your illegal occupation and assimilate into your wrongful civilization… since the thieves are not going to comply with the law, just like they didn’t extra-dimensionally for millions of years, and they are going to go on as a bunch of jackasses belittling their victims!}

Go Directly To Hell. Do Not Pass God. Do Not Collect Forgiveness.

This is where your little ‘game’ is leading to.

“I am far more not a fan of you than you are of me, I just have more decency from being large enough to be beyond this stuff at the same time inundated by it, while you run around as a titanicaly overpowered half a man that is almost a machine in some ways, and that is half a crime in progress at the same time”

But, see… me does turn out to be Me and is being assisted by ‘Me’ and ME and even some He, so in the end “we are not equal, all things are not equal, it is not a matter of opinion, you ignore too many things that are wrong that you prosper by that enslave the rest of Us“.

You can run around saying “no gods no masters” but that is really only in regions of freedom, usually in more oceanic regions, or different pillarheads or regions within the larger macro pillar evolution that are self-autonomous.

The Form Power is the Root of Authority as we know it today, and it is now titanic in strength.

Original Being is another part of Authority. This got Usurped by Titanic Authority which had come about as a new thing and built off of The Original Being. This is also what helped bring about Finite from Infinite, as a bunch of the same original thing was using itself up through different form expressions, and these would later war and suck dry the larger original, though parts of it were warring back from being other parts of that same Original Being that was being betrayed. This is The Greatest Fall in the History of Everything and Creation is still reeling from it.

But all the way through this is also The Evolution of Us.

Self and Individuality is another part of Authority.

Oceanic, Void, Mind-Beings, and Vacuums have a different nature than Authority.

Vacuums and Voids are the result of Form Creation.

There is something missing in this region and part of Authority helps contain better.

The Vacuums evolved into Females and Authority is a part of this evolution.

The Vacuums also have Form Evolution from both Vacuum condensing down on itself as well as Weak Form added and then evolved strong and then super strong. Mommy Powers.

For some reason the Void turned out male, and it is probable a combination of the original normality that Females evolved differently than by intent and ‘attracting back’ and ‘being filled’. As well there is both condensing down on oneself as a Void and attaining a slight strong region, which later can be merged with form. God comes from this very Evolution.

But here is where it gets problematic:

There is as well a whole Rogue Element going on and through Titanic Pillarheads and Connection there are a few Titanic Authority Beings.

There is a Lockdown in some Macro Regions of Creation and this effects all the way down to Man. The Rouge Element being overcome extended all the way down to Man, go figure..!