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A bunch of people pussy-foot around the truth every single day and this allows you to go on breaking the law from top government jobs.

You have no more leeway. There are no lawful interpretations that allow you to go on being the law makers.

You are not the rule of law that is part of your conspiracy, your front.

You are not only in 100% illegal defiance of the truth of these being Native American Lands your big empire is illegally built on your attitude towards all sorts of other Americans who understand Freedom better than you do (and wish to live it instead of preach it and live propaganda) is that of an authoritarian with goon squad and a forced economics routine with an illegal land owner paradigm and illegal patent paradigm that forces us all into work slavery for what we should basically have for free (for the making of by ourselves off of resources and in automated factories).

Deeds Not Words.

Your deeds speak louder than your words.

No anger and no yelling.

It’s The Law!

I find a very strict zero tolerance stance against lawmakers who illegally decide to keep stolen property and engage in conspiracies to garner support for their crimes while they wrongfully occupy law jobs… to be a far better approach than liberalism.

You are not now and never really have been legal in what you are and what you do.

There is no point in listing to authoritarian lawmakers that chose the break the law and keep stolen property (with a threat of force).

You must change or you must be removed from all government jobs and and taken off to jail for knowingly engaging in a conspiracy you lyingly call normal, done from government jobs and big authority military and businessmen.

Don’t ever expect us to listen to your rule of law as long as you sit there breaking the law. It isn’t legal!

In fact it isn’t legal to have you sit there as the big authority lawmaker even one more day. Every day you still sit there you are a crime in progress and the country needs to have you removed from power as opposed to tolerating your illegality and threat authority.

You have been notified of the actual legal facts and you chose to break the law and push a gambit. You broke the law all over again in doing so.

“if The Supreme Court does not comply with The Legal Facts of These Stolen Lands every single one of you will be removed from your illegal lawmaker position”

It’s The Law!

You will not have ‘negotiated in full faith with Native Americans’ you will have illegally tried to dictate terms from wrongful positions of authority.

Your lands shall be confiscated by The Owners (Native Americans) and you can go live on a Reservation in Their Lands… since it may not be feasible to deport you all.

It’s The Law!

You have become totally unqualified to be the rulers or those we are suppose to emulate.

Landowner paradigm on stolen lands. Strike One!

Economic system doing damage to the planet and forcing us all to work. Strike Two!

Bit Authority Government demanding that we obey it, it’s illegal goon squad authority, its illegal rule of law while it breaks the law, and its illegal dedication to Economics as the main solution. Strike Three!

You’re Out!

You keep running around with the middle man solution pointing at economics and calling this all unrealistic.

You are not now and never have been dealing with the actual truth, and how easy it really is.

Utilities can be built and maintained by the people to be provided for free because it is We The People as a community that build and maintain these things as opposed to monetary solutions and wages

Products made by Utopia will be built to last as long as scientifically possible and everything that can be recycled will be recycled.

There is even work to do for the working man, but it is more on your own time, without the need to go to a job, or replace the one you lost. You can even do all the same stuff as jobs in Utopia even if you don’t need them, as long as you don’t try to force this on us again.

“your stress level will go way down, your sex life will go way up having the free time, you will probably age far better as well” 

(as long as you steer clear of drinking and hard drugs)

That answers all the accusation your forced realism is lying about.

-Repeater Peter

“… you do their work for them”

But in reality you are being just as careless as the other side demanding they go back to work.

So on everyone of these other issues that utopia also applies it will get used over and over and over and over again until it is finally put back where it was illegally stymied from.

The Central Discussion of Our Lives and Civilization.