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The person that was focused on the best of the best that other people invented or did first.

(as well as being rather innovative but too far behind to do it first).

I’m not going to abandon Biden over some corruption (charges).

The Republic could be free of all corruption and it would still be illegal due to all of those other things including it’s big authoritarian attitude.

… it is highly unlikely it is free of corrupt, though.

But I am not going to go on demonizing Trump either, I do not see the big thing that the opposing party is pointing out (I didn’t find them to have been as accurate as I would need for that level of torch and pitchfork, just the fact ma’am), there are some issues with that side of the aisle and there are some issues (lack of truth used) with this side. So I am not going to get caught up in the political hype and end up elevating this thing that does not deserve to be elevated or devaluing that thing that does not deserve to be devalued.

It is where my body is, where I eat and drink coffee. It is still part of my reality.

But in linear space reality as a normality we are too cut off, too divided and conquered.

You can surround yourself with a lot of like minded people but it doesn’t pan out far enough. Eventually you are up against other types of mentality that you do not get along with or agree on things with.

Divided and conquered.

In linear space there is some very important thing we need to do to get us to a better future here in the now.

But we are too divided and conquered. It is political suicide to run for office on a utopia platform.

The rest of the nation is to stuck in another mind set or prefers the economic solution over utopia due to a need to work. Not a need to work to pay the bills and buy needed stuff but to work because they go stir crazy without it. They have to work, they like to work, they need the routine, they do not do as well with free time.

For the rest of us we are trying to get our free time back. We don’t really want to work. Sometimes we enjoy our work but overall we would rather not have to have our survival tied to needing to maintain a job over the 5 days a week 40 year long haul. We do not like work enough for this.

We represent a huge voter population, but we are divided and conquered.

We need a foundational basic that is centered in realism. We need a real objective to focus on that brings tangible results, we need a goal we can come together with and grassroots movement until it is no longer political suicide and then it is landslide. We need a way to free ourselves from economics, from the need to have a job to survive and live in a decent dwelling in something better than poverty.

So go ahead and stay in linear space, but please get something done instead of running around as a potential majority that is divided and conquered.

Pyramids, it’s all about pyramids. The shape of the tomb must be pyramid. It doesn’t need to be huge, but large would be nice ya know. Stones blocks are so passé and clumsy, but stone and metal would be nice.

The metal must form nor only a structure but a special pattern. A foundational inner universe beneath the stone. No plastics are to be used in it’s making. Build it along the sacred lines of the earth with the tech they used.

The sarcophagus should not have any religious symbols on it… any religious symbols of the Judeo-Christian line that is.

These religions are part of A Containment, a Rightful Bulwark against Extra-Dimensional influence.

The saint or whatever equivalent may reach a state where their tomb has it’s own otherworldly ‘shine’ as it were, due to the nature of spirituality and other dimensions. But as a normal thing this is a different line of doing things.

Now as well we don’t want no paganism of a bad variety in it. This is very clear, and in line with The Extra-Dimensional Bulwark previously mentioned. We are trying to create a place where there is an extra-dimensional anchor and some people get some sort of ‘shine’ off of it or some form of otherworldly experience. This experience must be of a benign variety.

I would need to go over symbolism of cultures as well as arcane symbols, but in reality that can fall into a linear space problem of making up a spell on this end that has no anchor on the other end.

It will most likely be Shiva that is giving the experience, or related to why if it works.

Even Shiva does not know if this will work but it is the type of shenanigans that Me and Shiva try to pull over the ages, and sometimes get in trouble with, but as well is a failure rate in regards to linear space non-magical universe. We just can’t quite seem to create Atlantis here.

There is something that Shiva is indicating that relates to The Sentient Experience is related to Thinking Along Certain Lines, or a Code of It’s Own.

We align ourselves with something that has set out to make thinking about certain things or along certain lines a potential gateway to other worldly platforms of sentience we have forgotten, or perhaps already an intrinsic part of the sentience we already are here on earth in human bodies. The very person we are is in part extra-dimensionally descended and apparently re-connectable with a sentient ocean of old now forgotten.

So perhaps the key to this is not in trying to emulate old magic spells, old arcane religious symbolism, it is in something of a wreck of a universal theory at the beginning of this website.

That is from A Sentient Realm of Theorizing. It is as well related to The Aftertell.

“going within to reach another universe, not one of fantasy but a sentient ocean your organic experience is cut off from by intent; or is already automatically experienced as the basic person you are without any understanding of it’s partial extra-dimensional nature, it is so much a part of you already you miss it, it was centered in this universe”

Shiva is capable of making stuff up and having it be the key to unlocking something else. It takes Shiva on the other side of things to make an attempt at a tomb that is more than just what science and normality would expect.

What I am going through is already an experience with Shiva on the other side, I am sometimes in conversation with, though it is often more direct than words, it is some form of input invented long ago.

Tetrahedronic 7-0-1 was slightly more My baby than Shiva’s, but there is this other one that seems to have been Shivas that I like, and it deals with the way Shiva thought of The Great Pyramid (which Shiva mistakenly? attributes to some post-Altanean civilization that some would call the Osirean Civilization, and all I can verify is there is such a thing in other dimensions, where there is also such a thing as Atlantis). It got added together with Tetra 7-0-1, but it is Tetrahedronic Spheres.

However, it would seem prudent to research and use certain arcane religious symbols from a few select sources that are likely to have a bit of… past functionality with such endeavors.

The solution is not in a communist takeover ‘logically declaring all land illegal to own’, it is in a clever capitalist trick of printing up the money in a one-shot use, the money goes into the pockets of property sales as well as in areas of renewable energy (utopia don’t need no stinkin’ coal plants nor no stinkin’ coal miner jobs) and the creation of items needed to kick start utopia, as well as make production facilities to be a self-sustaining automated factory builder of needed items.

The Economy will go into a lockdown to prevent fluctuations.

There is another clever capitalist trick. Owning all branches from gathering to processing to production to sales. This maximizes cost effective.

Now where I do want to go antique commie on you is in ‘the company store’, I want The Government to make it’s own Production Facilities for The People.

The Government will be producing things for Utopia initially, at maximum low costs owning all aspects from gather to processing to production to installation. The Government Industry shall continue on being part of The Economic System with it’s profits being like unto tax revenues to fill government coffers.

The quality will be good, planned obsolesce will be eliminated from this government owned industry. You have a ‘soul of the country’ to earn back with making long lasting quality products, as opposed to shoddy ones for profits and wages.

“the thing still needs to be viewed from the perspective of mass entitlement because it actually is, and what the entailment does is build a high tech fully automated self-sustaining agrarian civilization that replaces the welfare state but is also restoring the free time freedom of the civilization we would now be living had it not been for an illegal when used on the whole landowner paradigm, patent holder paradigm, and economics platform, the forced realism our civilization”

You can wait around for God or The Devil for all that worship stuff, it never was very Brahma, and it has a serious Self-Autonomy Deficiency going on with it.

Lose the Obey Me thing?

hhhhmmmm, now.

Are you going to do this thing right for a change?

hhhhmmmm, now.

I ain’t given up on that obey thing.

(not only because you ain’t getting it right but because it is also My Right, junior!)

Destiny did not align with you it aligned with Me.

The bulk of the truth was not being used by you, it was more used by Me.

Economics is what you have chosen to work within the confines of, while Me is an ancient civilization builder (extra-dimensional, earlier universes).

You flock to the experts and pundits and I have a need to eventually investigate what they are saying vs automatic belief.

Disparity of wealth is not even the right course to be on, building utopia is.

The legal entitlement we actually have is squandered on working within the confines of a rigged status quo.

You are not coming to the ultimate solution you are perpetuating an inaccurate status quo.

You have had many lifetimes to out-evolve things and part of Me was outside of this the whole time.

You put yourselves as rulers over us and I am knocking you on your asses.

“and I have only just started getting nazi all over your asses!”

But it still is not Armageddon, ‘The Actual Event”.

Armageddon starts long before humans even exited, it started in The Titanic Realm and was part of The Titanic Takeover and The Collapse of Creation.

Rightful Conduct is part of an ancient process that is helping us get back to doing things the right way.

A Lockdown Containment is doing a lot of what is left of the work because heinously strong insane evil does not reach a state of peace and spirituality and rightful conduct, it goes on evilly killing the innocent until it is stopped.

God demands that Evil obey Him and Evil assaults back in a second and begins to win all over again.

“Armageddon is not a pretty sight to behold”

The big final showdown that is stated as Armageddon has been in progress since long before humans even existed.

We name it this way, we think of it that way, it is left in this myth or religion or that, but the actual event is a real one and has been going on for millions and millions of years.

2012 is just another version of this, myths of the Norse are in the same category.