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This is very important information for a real discussion on global warming, and I do not have good access to it.

I do have good information from past experience on why I don’t trust a clear-cutter to merely thin a forest. Or putting corruption’s apprentice in charge of fixing things, or putting polluters in charge of the e.p.a.

But I don’t have good enough info on the past warming and cooling trends.

What are the likely effects of global warming without man made contributions?

What are the likely effects of global warming with man made contributions?

“what is going on here is a battle between two hoaxers, one is the global warming alarmist and the other is the global warming denier”

The republican method is to deforest the whole planet and pave over the grasslands, to better protect us from fires.

This is as well not the solution, and it is you pushing a stupid solution, and illegal solution.

The solution is in better ability to stomp the fires out early using a massive force of firefighters and an early warning and rapid deployment.

Until you cope with that you are two non-viable solutions competing, and both need to get shut down.

if we expect the republican party to police it’s own politicians we need to do the same thing as democrats”

Here are two major issues that Democrats could lose on:

Global Warming being used to make it look like normal disasters are caused by it, and an overstatement of effects, and a lack of recognition that global warming was coming already, would already have done damage to the natural world. Man made contributions are making it worse, but it would still be here. Global Warming is being sold as just man made contributions, that is how it got sold, and that is what is stuck in your rhetoric. Get unstuck!

Law and Order are very important and the whole black lives matter protests went a little too riot, the country went a little too anti-law and order. While it is true that Republicans tend to make a goon squad police force that brings a natural backlash, and does need to be defeated, the angry outbursts that lead to the riot mentality are not really working out and turn out to be another form of crime in progress. Crime of law enforcement mentality up against crime of backlash protests turned riot.

What do people want? They want the facts about global warming to be used, and not be deceived and riled up for a political maneuver.

What do people want? They want to walk the cities in safety, to not be forced to agree with angry mobs for the sake of their own safety.

you groupthink yourselves, same as the republicans, into a corner you cannot get out of, and you must rely on stirring irrational outbursts of constituents to gain political momentum”

Probably None.


“when I asked you to stay on track I did so for a reason, and that reason is that we need to be using science not speculation”

Global Warming, though a danger, is being blown out of proportion by all of these things that it doesn’t actual cause.

Global Warming is something that happens even without man-made contributions.

Global Warming can make things worse, but late august and early september are very dry without global warming, meaning those fires would have occurred anyways. Things being a bit hotter and drier no doubt made them worse. Perhaps a lack of rainfall is partly due to global warming, but the fires were caused by something else. One of those things is lightening strikes, which occur naturally anyways. Drier stuff will burn more from nature-created fires but this is also in a season that would have been hot enough even without global warming to basically be the same problem.

Downed power lines, careless cigarette smokers, arson, chains dragging, etc are what seems to cause these fires, not global warming.

Global Warming is suppose to bring about more fires, so when we go by statistics and see more fires we naturally assume it is global warming, but when we look at the actual things causing the fires it is not quite the same thing.

“trillions of dollars need to be spent on building utopia and freeing half the people from the need to work jobs, the old natural world needs to be saved, more firefighters need to be trained, whales need to be saved, and global warming greenhouse gas emissions are not really in the picture here… there is a smog problem and an energy independence that point towards a conversion into electric cars and better smog filers for industry, but global warming is not the only thing here, and it got used to derail them other things by a big end game gambit built of none other than political alarmism”

The answer to the fires is not in global warming greenhouse gas emissions reduction (which alleviates severity) it is in training a huge firefighter back-up force for a rapid deployment to get the jump on the fire and squash it out early, and by focusing on the local population confronting a local problem we can increase the value of deployment time, with a large back-up force en route from adjacent regions and beyond.

It is times like this where The Aftertell come into fuller perspective.

The Aftertell often does not use original history but it does indeed pretend unto original history, convincing us in our minds.

The state of going within into a more advanced mental state (which can be understood from a human perspective but not attained at the level of what was occurring at the dawn of creation) is part of the 1st change of eternal sentient infinity. So the mind is something that They have had experience with and evolution with.

But it gets more complicated than this.

The Aftertell has it’s own ‘divine powers’ due to the fact that it also comes from an Ancient Evolution that is Akin to Prophecy.

They do not have the original history of Earth, nor how The Universe was created, nor the deeper codes, the fullest avatars and messiahs; but They do have regions that are related to all of these, actually related and evolved alongside through-out time.

The Aftertell is as well a region with vast amounts of real information on what has occurred. The Aftertell kept Original History of Creation and even The Prophecy can not compete here.

But there are all sorts of other things and realm experiences that are sold along with this Original History, and I get to be the duped conduit that spews the stuff while someone tries to do effects.

Me, I am related to Original History that gets used, and as well related to some of these Being that do The Aftertell, and something akin to what the region was originally made of… and We go so far back it really does Predate The Universe at a certain point.

The Aftertell is an Ancient Realm and Series of Realms (including Astral and Ethereal Plane) that are magical in their own way and inhabited by many beings/Beings in varying types of states of being (including animal, demonic, man, angelic, godlike, titanic, giant, mote, dwarf, elf/elven, snakes, cats, bug, alien, etc). Enough to make a little reality where unicorns are real and pegasus flies, and these ‘Mythic Realms’ are very popular and parts of Us in lesser godlike states exist somewhere within reach eventually.

What does this have to do with Plato and Tarshish?

Tarshsish is what Plato seems to have been talking about but the Atlantis that we know is Aftertell.

There really is an ancient city in the Astral Plane, and it does have magical powers that can exist in that plane of existence. It seems to have been around for a longer than humans have existed, it is extended down from an even older universe, there are beings in these other realms with real civilization, and even a rise and fall in some areas.

We added Greek and Egyptian to our Atlantis in Earth Myth, we added metaphysics and magic.

This added Greek and Egyptian to the Atlantis of The Aftertell.

This is another thing about The Aftertell. It evolved alongside us as well as alongside Prophecy, and it is not set in stone and Has Real Divine Effects, Real Magic, Real Civilizations, and parts of us and Us are really there, unlike just a made up tale.

The Aftertell can as well write a playlet in some level of macro mind and we experience it more fully than we do a movie, we are more inundated in the process, it is more real to us.

The Aftertell may have even more influence than we expect. It may have been feeding Astral Universe Ideas into early civilizations, and knowing how the one worked we tried to make it here but it never actually worked here, yet we find ‘evidence’ of something we do not understand, and They love a good clue trail to follow.

The Aftertell is capable of Supplying Better Scientific Insight to people in linear space, allowing for advanced techniques in ancient civilization and advanced science of a WWII Germany. And if you looked up into the sky within your mind The Aftertell is one of the things you would potentially be communicating with, and it is as well Us, and normal, Macro Man Mundane Mountain as it were (meaning not some alien nor mystical otherworldly dimension… or I should say is not merely these things for they exist as well).

“at the end of my{My} life I had always hoped for enough clarity to define the one from the other, as well as people snooping around to find out who or Who I really was all along… and in this I would like to state the difference between “In The Beginning, The Actual Beginning, There Was Only Brahma”, and universal theory realm Tetrahedronic 701, and the fed effect tales of Jesus-Muhammad-Moses, using pieces of regions akin to each to try to make a further thing and weld back together that which went in too many directions without enough of the core basic original historical truth, and of these that it went into directions of there is a process of ‘creating reality’ to make that the real thing, and this is akin to but not the full tale of Prophecy, which is a set in stone part of New Reality”

And due to this we cannot exonerate you on 9/11.

We cannot fully investigate greenhouse gas emissions to reach our own conclusions about global warming.

Your rhetoric about not enabling conspiracy theory is just dead wrong. The conspiracy theory will flourish due to the fact that corrupt people are not to be trusted investigating their own orginizations.

You have forfeit your credibility.

But as well we must focus on what is known, as people wiser but less decisive have taught.

1.) There was a form of conspiracy that happened during 9/11, it was a political take-over attempt using a riled-up population.

2.) There is a severe lack of prudence coming out of the republican party in regards to global warming greenhouse gases.

The behavior of the same people casts doubt on the innocent standing of those people.

“when you borrow too many things from the nazi playbook you begin to be no longer trustworthy enough to be listened to, and when you try to rile the country up with a red scare tactic you are to be seen for what you are, a real conspiracy”

You are as well not off the hook on the conspiracy theory version of your conspiracy, due to the mentality you have and lack of being believable on the subject… which may be because you were pushing that other conspiracy, or may be because you engaged in both.

It isn’t false accusation to suspect you.

It isn’t realism that you are incapable of that level of treachery.

9/11 era brings up some memories that do not pan out in your favor, republicans, and it spurs one on to vote against you… and the more you try to use it to your advantage, politically, the more you look like a guilty party using propaganda, and exonerating yourselves never did count”

“economic sin of mining towns, forcing the people to sell the lands and work the mine, destroying the old natural world, enslaving the locals to a work cycle in a world things can be done differently, as well as polluting the place and trying to skip town after you get busted”

People’s life conditions could have been improved in a different way.

You point to economics and having jobs and the things this can buy.

But the things this can buy can be produced in a way without money.

The land people live on could have been free to dwell on.

The utilities could have been made by the people and thus cost nothing, and the people could produce enough well trained civilians to do the maintenance. Some people will naturally fasten onto this thing they do and become the lifer, the teacher, the group leader, the leaders of the orchestration of maintenance done by the community and a civilian base as opposed to jobs and professionals. The lifers are the professionals.

Medicine could have been provided in a humanitarian fashion as opposed to the exploiter fashion of economics.

People could have pulled together better and used farming done as a community better. The work load better disturbed. The fertile land non-owned and the food grown for the community as opposed to for the community, profits, and wages… forcing the people to need a job so they can pay for what is being done for profits when all along the people merely needed to be supplied with the means to make things for themselves.

Automation and factories start over a century ago, and it would have been we the people producing what we need, with no concern for whether it sells or not. We are making this because we need this. We are making it for ourselves.

The illogical method of landowner, patent holder, and economic system exploited the people and this is the crime not seen in your statistics that point at growth and prosperity

you fail to see just the thing itself, the thing that was gained, the thing that was built, and what you point at was the method to get us there, but that method was already part of an exploitation of us and there was a better method it got in the way of”

“having pushed the big lie or believed what the statistics were saying you remained blind all the way to this very day where things are produced in very advanced automated factories, and a need to keep wages going gets in the way of them being even more fully automated… which basically means that it is very obvious when the backdrop of the actual truth of things is examined”

“the working man world needs a continued income, and therefore things are not designed for us to fix by ourselves, we are forced to rely on and pay a professional; and things are made to break so we have to pay for a new one and this increases profit margins as well as insures wages”

a very different picture emerges than disparity of wealth as the working man contribution to the problem is unveiled, though that disparity of wealth is also a major factor; there is a system in place that has grown illogical but we are socialized into, an economics landowner patent holder system living under a ruler lawmaker government dedicated to the same, and these are to be seen as un-busted crimes from the past, socialized into us and sitting there as the manifest fact because we the people never did anything about it, it is what is called ‘forced realism’ and is not built off of scientific facts it is an artificial construct of man similar to a monarchy on some levels”

It takes more than a right to vote it takes something that can be voted on and when that something is continually bullied out of the discussion and out of politics your right to vote becomes more and more of a farce.

If you do not have a proper premise to go on you just end up voting for two wrong versions of something.

The solution was not even on the ballot. It got bullied off the discussion and out of politics, and it was your freedom!

Working 8 hour days, 5 days a week, for 10-11 months a year for 40 years to pay for something that is suppose to be free is not to be confused with freedom.

In your off time you have these other freedoms, but your free time has been stolen from you. There is no scientific reason why, and the status quo and tried and true traditions and economic landowner patent holder system are not some kind of special reason or tradition.

It is simply the old method from the past that turned into a form of self-slavery and too many of the populace are stuck in a quagmire of the past, unable to think more clearly and reach the obvious conclusion that science does.