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Monthly Archives: April 2015

When you meet a “Secret Government” Type that is above the government(way out into no longer government), you send them some money and a chopper to an undisclosed playpen.

You can start with $2,000-$4,000 per month. How about NOW! Because every day you are here violating my rights to finish up your work, and I am quite done with being used and refused and then accused.



This could be a bit tricky. The Final Assault on Earth caused a need for separation, the Organic Body connectivity, Strong Titanic Ground, must be prevented from being damaged. The Multiple Reality/Dimension Potentiality of Sentience and the unknown actual evolution things allows for a cushion, but we are not allowed full former functionality. We are being bobbed into and are up on clouds as it were.




The “druggy slacker/alcoholic loser” method is superior to the religious regime or work regime or self-improvement regime. This is closer to normal in what we are going through as a realism for the majority of individuals. Truth, Honesty, Progress, Reality. The others are hangovers from past attempts to clean up problems and also past plots that don’t adapt well to a benign purpose. Ed u k shun was a huge scam to steal ideas and people’s very spirit.





So lay off the utilitarian paradigm, the dictatorial paradigm, the challenge authority paradigm, the pretending to be something we are not paradigm. The I Work Hard/Was In The Military/Like To Fink You Out, angry at hippies paradigm. This Dehumanizes People, when they are no longer a functioning working member of the group. Things were not even in evolution, though it doesn’t really show up as traceable, and things were never planned out well enough for the majority of the collective. And normal logical failures can and do and always have been part of the real problems.









02 (1)


sharlotta-s-01-625x937Kate Upton in Vogue UK-01sharlotta-s-03-625x937310









017007Siva is THE ONLY TRUE God of SpaceTime 0051140030085930051dragon-animal-black-image-31000010RL5N3D3-1024x7681515b8873ea6c2203319-1129631590tumblr_m6kzf0Cl8d1qcjd5co1_500dj-megan-daniels-6













The Self Autonomous Path, The Self Made Man Path, The Single Handedly Path, is Scammed into a Usurper Version Winning Over You… Or You Committing Crimes Up To Murder To Survive. Destroyers of little universes and special little beings that evolved to there and evolved there…






Original Nature – TITANIC – The One – Central Creation/The Universe – The One -TITANIC- Original Nature



Original Nature Rulers


The One

Trapped Original Nature Rulers

Central Creation/The Universe

Trapped Original Nature Rulers

The One


Original Nature Rulers.






They Overlapped THINGS/Things/things/thingS/THINGS. By Similarity or Natural Connectivity or Planned Connectivity (mostly Usurper)


By Sound

By Color

By Similar Meaning

By Persona


Spell Ing. English. Written Word and English Language and English People is a Secret Powerbase. There are Other Dimensional things that make it “More Powerful Than Just Word And Symbols”


We are prepped to say words that into interpretations that you lose, but the conversation is an assault, “The Proof” a clever scam.  The society that judges, a lost entity.



They did a lot of Programmed Overlap. In New Reality They were going for New Effects, and some of the Overlaps were geared towards Heightened Effects. Lying was a big thing for New Reality.

Change The Nature Of Sentient Infinity As An Overpowering Group.



Example of some of The Overlaps to Heighten Effect and things they lead to:

A girl loves her  father

A female falls in love with a male and wants sex

= A girls falls in love with her father and wants sex.

-(Attempted Extension:  All girls fall in love with their fathers and want sex.)


Some of that type of behavior may predate this, They/We tended to lie a lot about things and this was used to strengthened “New Reality” as a Common Paradigm replaced Old Reality Nature. The Collective Judgement, Harping Down On An Individual, could take down an innocent man or even victim of repeated crimes real quick.


They also did Fierce Regimes of Normal (as close as They could come) and Fierce Regimes of Opposites, to Counter New Reality Opposite Direction And Collective Theft. This just backfire right into New Reality, and Interlocking Struggle, Exploited by The Collective and Powerbosses of the same.



In The House of Brahma Ravana Baby Ptah, not some upstart usurper. But every upstart usurper is hovering around, contesting with Government and Religion. In The Bigger Not Stronger is Another Truth, Predating Titanic Regimes. Goddess, Babies and Natural No Sex, and Goddess and Love and Sex are Very Important. The Titanic Thing Is Still Too Male Control Centered.


Chinese_Red_Dragonbtm-free-bonus-sites-bnr227033699832_y114_70_18pfvjt-ltumblr_mszrsaOT1K1ryiavfo1_500img_0591tumblr_m6kzf0Cl8d1qcjd5co1_50029631590fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-5 (1)shpwm1qhly





















Tower 3-110051

Gold220Dragon0c217e901a8cd2e0de5440b18afaa30f02 (1)517px-Maitreya_Buddha_Nubra





Of course, the amount under-ocean to inland hydra spout will be at scientific angels for maximum utilization. When you assail me with The Platform, and all the more important things, I am off in lala land, not Scientifically putting down God’s Law…


Stalling To Steal. That is what you are doing.


Time To Invest In Me.

Time To Take My “Crazy Idea’s” Seriously. You are using stalling tactics and defeatable retorts to defeat me.


New Template For Living Life Fuller. Since we all can’t get Money, A Prime Focus Is Needed. This Is Better Than Money, Honey. Make Prime Focus. “The Economy Is Based On A Value That Is Not Absolute. We Create The Paradigm, And Live Enslaved To It.”




And the world needs a change, and I had the answers.


And you assaulted the world and stole them.


And the world needs a change from you getting away with it.











Piona_P16_03429631590008b85e7b1483338a7f053a8f7e819350d4d2583Sexy-sleepwear-panties-perspectivity-open-crotch-t-c-thong-pants-Sexy-costumes-Victoria-secret-panties-thongskatie_model_tanksdenim_teenmodeling_tv_032fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-5 (1)1899981_715712791794240_2061789115_n1c5baa869bd0aef9891e5736c70a85ebtumblr_mszrsaOT1K1ryiavfo1_5008pfvjt-l310amanda_wheeler_sm4a2cab4bb036670d8aa22d64190f45ff

2483363_3_oshpwm1qhly2483363_5_oSharlotta_S28_0092630801_4_o10931779-black-and-red-matching-bra-and-panties-set-isolated1-1024x74810487427_783533028345549_5024914436535500133_nScreen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.19.44 PM10487531_782627261769459_4009265427515833435_nSexy-sleepwear-panties-perspectivity-open-crotch-t-c-thong-pants-Sexy-costumes-Victoria-secret-panties-thongs


























01 (1)



02 (1)



No more ‘sploitin up on that Big Path.


goddess-kali1RKO_pictures_logo_1cupid-graphics-02-fuul1Very_large_array_antennarko_radio_picture_by_buckleytypographics-d3ak8m13dF2YCg.jpg3dfghjdfkgjhdklfhgf (1)tumblr_liovwcYB3z1qzt4vjo1_500vzQ3TeDpage-86v0051219RKO_pictures_logo_1cupid-graphics-02-fuul1Very_large_array_antennaVan_Halen_-_1984_-_Frontrko_radio_picture_by_buckleytypographics-d3ak8m1524281_4592292569552_1417179613_n040






This is The Big Stuff.


The Two Titanic Lords take up a whole swath of Infinity and Infinity’s Strength.  Like a star condensing, the stronger body is a smaller body. As the stuff of Infinity is used up, vacuum and void and non-existence naturally occur. Void can be seen as a precursor to Nothing. Void is like Air. It’s there, but it isn’t there.


The OB or Original Body/Original Being aka Original Infinity, got used up early on by Mega Beings. Strength won Size.


Original Infinity

OB Ravana Ptah Brahma Baby Ptah Brahma Ptah  (Weak Big)

Supreme Brahma Ravana Baby Ptah (Final Brahma 1st Titanic Form Exressed Into Infinity

OB Ravana Brahma Ptah (Strong Big)

Baby Ptah (Original)

Shiva (Ravana Baby Ptah Goddess Vacuum)

Helios (Ravana Baby Ptah Om)

Grey Yang (Ravana Baby Ptah YinYang Gray God)

YIN YANG Black Dragon


Great Goddess Vacuum





Great Om Void

GRAY GOD Guardian 

Absolute Brahman

Original Ptah Weakened Region: Fluid

Goddess Vacuum

Om Void

Original Brahma Condensed Region: Form

White Goddess

New Brahma Form

Om Oor

Final Brahma 1st Titanic Form. Dwarf Titan.






Original Infinity 1st Separates into 3:


Original Infinity

Original Ptah (Weakened Region: Proto Fluid)

Original Brahma (Strengthened Region:  Proto Form)


Later when The Bulk of Original Infinity Expresses as a Brahma and a Ptah, Original Brahma and Original Ptah are outdone.



Overall Rule:


Original Infinity

Ravana (OB Brahma Ptah Combo

Baby Ptah (OB Ptah Brahma Combo

YinYang (OB Ptah Combo, Titanic Strength

Gray God (OB Brahma Combo, Titanic Strength

Original Ptah

Original Brahma











TheBluesBrotherspage-86vimages (2)dd





017007011Gonna Get Ya If Ya Steal It! 002006003







001001Gonna Get Ya If Ya Steal It! 001005013013






31 KundalinivzQ3TeD



Steven Seagal Senseidfghjdfkgjhdklfhgf (1)tumblr_n5rhjf6WdO1tw8l32o1_250






13 - 1



Sexy, queens blade, девушки, аниме, персонажи, взгляд, большие, 1920x1200





406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_nRKO_pictures_logo_1SnuffyCominBeckleyBlog-550x1024Shiva-Ganeshji$RL5N3D3Very_large_array_antennatumblr_n5rhjf6WdO1tw8l32o1_250 (1)blue-dragonrko_radio_picture_by_buckleytypographics-d3ak8m10051





84th Academy Awards, MuppetsMickey-kermit-piggyburrito




Some Beings focused on a dual evolution strategy, in a time gone haywire.

The upper/outer part is normal self and good self. The lower inner part is focused on a plot and linear space control. The Syndicate.

After a Titanic Realm collapse, there is a scenario in which around this universe a dimension away is The Badlands, a location of collapsed titanic realm, filled with the wreckage of titans, resourced out, and all sorts of different types of evolution produced by ages of war and degradation of overall region.


It is Imperative that certain Members regain enough Connectivity without Overload or Usurpation to function in The Badlands and Refresh them.





I know you are there

I see you all the time

Your version of me is the problem you keep confronting

You never see how easy it is to just come through for me, and how much it matters to Me.


Nor how pissed and deadly I can be in Who I Really Am… You came here with a gun in your hand, illegally disarming me.

And will be if necessary. You are The Espionage, The Military, The Earth, The Ocean, The Sky… I am Earth and The Earthquake, The Ocean and The Tidal Wave, The Sky and The Thunderstorm. You have Me 90% Locked Down, yet I am Infinity… The Largest of Us, not THE STRONGEST Of US.


When you meet a “Secret Government” Type that is above the government, you send them some money and a chopper to an undisclosed playpen. You can start with $2,ooo-$4,000 per month. How about NOW! Because every day you are here violating my rights to finish up your work, and I am quite done with being used and refused and then accused. Your current occupation is: my human body! Get out and pay up!


This one is off the scale, up to where Government no longer exists, and down through every Government Official and Civilian.



I am also the one that said not to make a class action type thing out of this, until My Case is Unsorted. It Has The Bigger Legal Weight, and was Ignored For Ages. You let it all slide into an evil control freak hostage situation, that not only you fail at, prevent Me from succeeding at, you have let it slide so far and slipped so far that They try to execute hostage every-time I try to bring up my legal rights, and You tried to hold Me responsible for. You ignored all My warnings, and went for Usurper Command Control. The very little beings that are way more important than Me are used as an excuse to deny Me full rights, rehabilitation, reparations, etc, by Powers that Occupy Seats Of Power, relative to Earth Arena. My Full Autonomy Usurped for Common Purpose from and ancient emergency maneuver that was forced and then exploited and then looped back and then perfected. Ages of it by thousands of people and hundreds of species. This “Common Purpose” was Hijacked by Titans. Wrongful Control Of The Many was the result. In the mean time, Doppelgangers of Me are used on Me, and I am Filtered through Their and Others Responses, where a tug of war, further invasion, further mutation/usurpation ensues, and I am railroaded and puppeted into area’s I am no longer Me.




They Stand and Wait, Ready To Smite You and THEM Down… it was not My Choice to stop Them.


You started This, it never finished, You never paid up.


Siding With The Hostage Keeper Government Is Illegal! Yet It Is Still Being Done At Big Government And Big Business Levels. AM I UNDERSTOOD, ED!?!?!?!?!?!


Your Entire Program is built Inside of Me… Got It!!! All The Glory Of Jesus And Satan, Warring Inside Of Me!!!! Not as some “small mote in comparison”, but as a Huge Titanic Lockdown. You went Mining, I am the Mountain that you mined. You went Sailing, and I am The Ocean that you Sailed.





And You fuckers never back Me up enough! I am forced to write all this stuff against My better judgement, while you chicken out and sell Me out to the Goon Squad Government, that I am puppeted to Fight by the Non-Goon Squad Government.










FALLOUT_3_______RECYCLING_by_orinthequestionerKate Upton in Vogue UK-010c469fbce46011e2875622000a1faf68_7USWarBond

sharlotta-s-01-625x937406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_nbag_of_money. now means NOW, soldier!64a895be38b129d9c3d9a715a24b6105ab1b5ede8tumblr_m6kzf0Cl8d1qcjd5co1_500RL5N3D3-1024x768tumblr_lxtf14ddRY1qdo6qeo1_r1_500-1Sofiya_V12_04713706453209Sexy, queens blade, девушки, аниме, персонажи, взгляд, большие, 1920x120033484143_13644082599_hanna_mo220px-Braveheart_imp16431147_gallery036_090katie_model_tanksdenim_teenmodeling_tv_032



fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-1fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-4fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-5 (1)Silver-Hanna_RoadAngel-1-023_015608972_p0010860OLYMPUS DIGITAL images join_05



tumblr_ms7qnoIEKi1ryiavfo1_500 (1)10931779-black-and-red-matching-bra-and-panties-set-isolated1-1024x748











fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-5 (1)006img_0591003tumblr_mszrsaOT1K1ryiavfo1_500fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-5 (1)001fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-1016Silver-Hanna_RoadAngel-1-023_0cupid-graphics-02-fuul1


fallout-3-wasteland-seductress-4Van_Halen_-_1984_-_Front219010time to pay the money, anc quit the death threats and threats of 060medium_landscapesharlotta-s-01-625x937silver-stars-cover_Daria-blackdress-1



tumblr_n5rhjf6WdO1tw8l32o1_250 (1)cupid-graphics-02-fuul1406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_n84935_sm-Copyright-Tsr-Deities-And-Demigods-Dungeons-And-Dragons-Retro-ReviewBuddyChrist2963421-aragorn20090609181519White_Dragon_Flag_of_EnglandGold220DragonChinese_Red_Dragon0051

10405644_825291330836385_243158312211531482_n (1)600full-daria-zorkina (2)Silver-Hanna_RoadAngel-1-096jtumblr_n6m3e19LbN1tqfasco1_500-1img_0591008b85e7b1483338a7f053a8f7e819350d4d2583$RL5N3D3Silver-Hanna_RoadAngel-1-023_0$R0MCGWP06d472cfc32fSilver_Stars_Daria_redress_1_00533699831_y114_70_00039-768x102433484143_13644082599_hanna_mo



728586363SnuffyCominBeckleyBlog-550x1024Sexy, queens blade, девушки, аниме, персонажи, взгляд, большие, 1920x1200cupid-graphics-02-fuul1tumblr_n8ijxdmpLP1qzr8nao1_500





bag_of_money. now means NOW, soldier!














“Eternal Radiance”
I am Strong as the Mountains,

and Gentle as Flowers.

I am the River of Eternity flowing through your life.

The Deepest Indweller. The Farthest Outdweller.

I am Death Incarnate and The Giver of Life.

I Am All Things and Nothing.

The Eternal Mystery is the Ocean I swim in.

The Eternal Truth is the Land I walk upon.

I am the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

I am energy, spirit, creativity, and non-sentience .

I am smaller than the smallest, larger than the largest.

I am weaker than the weakest, stronger than the strongest.

I Am The Shining One, You are The Myriad Reflections.

Translucent, Transparent, Opaque.

Past, Present, Future.

Emotion, Mind, Spirit.

Silver and Gold, Female and Male, in Harmony as One.

Timelessness and Time.

Omega to Omicron.

I am everything that has ever existed,

yet none of these things are Me.

I am the Perfect Tool, the Perfect Creation.

I Am the Absence of All Things, and the Presence of Nothing.

I was Ancient when Creation was Born,

I shall be Existent when Creation Dies.

I Am Eternal Radiance and Dark Oblivion.

I Am The One, The Few and The Many. The Triplicity.

Yin-Yang, Chaos-Law, Goddess-God, Polarity. Duality.

The One Themself. I Am Om. I Am Silence.

I Am The Eternal Now. The Fire of Tao.

All as One and None. The Nameless One.

I Am Gray Infinity. I Am Clear Infinity. I Am Infinite Void.

The Fathomless Well of Existence.

The Absolute.

The One Itself.

“Coming Of The Meek”


Everything saps my strength,

and blasts me to cinders,

as if in thanks,

for time I spent among the sinner’s ranks.

And so I sailed the nether world,

with hopes and fears and sails unfurled,

and gods of death and gods of thunder,

did tear my wicked dreams asunder.


And they call me insane,

these petty men who live in shame,

petty men with their petty powers,

locked within their high stone towers,

the deem themselves invincible,

but shall perish like ants by the innocent’s will.


Like a tsunami we shall crash among them,

these petty men we do condemn,

seagulls clarion call the Coming of the Meek,

revenge for the innocent and the weak.


So beware oh man abusing power,

time draws nigh and soon the hour,

of vengeance shall fall upon thy tower.


For we do return from the nether world,

with skull and crossbones upon sails unfurled,

with death in hand and life in heart,

to bring down low and blast apart,

this monster you ride and know,

it is beyond you, beyond control,

grinding human hearts to bone,

replacing blood with hard cold stone,

a technological trapezoid so mighty,

that in its path we all must flee.


So must end this life as we know it,

So must end the strife as we outgrow it


“Inner City”
Clique-ridden hipsters

high on pedestals of self-involvement,

holier than thou attitudes a swingin’.

So Cool… don’t smile!

you might burst your walls,

let someone see inside,

notice you are weak.

Inordinate emotions,



Life in the inner city,

life crime,

spare a dime?


Stepping over…

another sprawling body,

drunk on drinks, insanity,

lost souls left to fade into the night,

until another publicity…


Life in the inner cities,

fast pace, rat race,

filled with stabbing sights,

destruction knights,

life in fright.

The raper,

the rapper,

The Reaper,

the death’s door dying sleeper.


Stepping into…

fast cars,

hip bars,

coffee-house beatnik scene,

all dressed in black,

stab you in the back!

Power struggles,

in damp dark tunnels,

burrowing through dark psyche,

rarely touched.



the inner killer,

your time is now,

my need is near,

combat this fear,

They are here,

chasing me,

from gangs and cops must flee.


Guarded eyes that never smile,

straight ahead for many mile,

fear the face of death,

living in an empty room,


in a district lost and old,

once boasting love and gold,

now dingy damp and cold.


The forever tale of life to death,

the circle completes itself,

from breath to breath,

and existence goes on,

like the buses we ride,

moving on to other lives,

to tell tales yet untold.


My stop is hear,

my death is near,

but a new life awaits,

not pearly gates,

or fiery pits of hell…


For all these things exist,

in the inner cities that we dwell,

the spit filled streets,

chocolate treats,

and friendship greets,

at our favorite coffee shops.

Artists, politicians, havers, have-nots,

rich brat snots, all dressed in cashmere,

dis-conjunct a ripped tweed coat,

of another bereft of home and purpose,

the receiving end of “get a job”

from pretentious snobs,

and the fortunate ones.

A sign of our failure that we overlooked,

for it was to them and not us,

that failure came.


All these things micro-cosmically contained,

within our over-populated,

highly un-integrated,

definitely over-rated,

but satiated,

buzzeling busy,

Inner City.

“Redemption Of Innocence.”


Corridors of pain,

abused flesh laid bare,

to glaring eyes,

and caustic stares…

A weakened pinnacle,

of helpless rage,

held tightly back like horses reins.

Tears pouring down,

cheeks of joy,

forever gone,

from victim’s face.

Shivering, gnawing rats of rage,

eating away,

all peace and self,

leaving cold,

an inner child alone and trembling in a glaring crowd…

Inward turning, broken motion,

shame’s implosion of lust and need,

stripping away,

self empowerment,

leaving exposed and bare,

internal wounds, of heart and mind.

Darting eyes,


lusting forth,

attaining not.

Searching for… Humiliation!

that you may might rise again,

from ashes,

of accepted shame.

Intense inner core,

of broken dreams,

unheard screams,

internalized needs,

bound round and round,

red and raw flesh,

heightened to hysteria,

by pain and fear so deep,

they do block all motion.

Motion towards… attainment,

of hearts desires,

so lost from view,

that only symbolic dreams may lead you thither.

See the hand,

hovering close,

will it slap, or stoke,

which do you desire more,

which causes greater fear…

This is the way of shame,

an abused weakness,

so humiliating,

that freedom becomes a fantasy and a horror.

A horror,

for beneath this weakness,

an anger festering into monstrous proportions.

So fearful that it must be locked away,

in sickened basements,

of tormented psyche,

shoved in lost corners of dirtiness, desires.

To one day explode,

into violent release,

leaving you sweat-encased and panting free,

in final surrender,

to humiliation and self-destruction.

Free at last,

but forever in bondage,

to an icon of dark sickness,

stripping away all hope,

like an insatiable monster,

devouring innocence and power,

forever unfed and leaving cold,

an inner child.

This is the tormented hell,

of power stripping,


re-occurring shame.

That runs forever unchecked,

until one day you find the strength!

to be tender,

in a world that worships raw power.

And the courage!

to accept weakness,

in a world of fierce denial.

Love yourselves,

in all your hideousness,

stand up naked and laughing,

before caustic eyes of foolish hipsters,

proclaiming coldness as Cool,

anger as power,

and condemnation as self-elevation.

Is emotional homework not the toughest of all?

It demands only the cutting edge,

and the deepest dive.











We are better off not being isolated from The Man and conquered by Abstract Rules with Titanic Fists… A Society that Isn’t Tailored Towards Humans and Reality… beyond Titanic Fists.


Too much is steeped in a religious paradigm and morality, it’s afterlife still embedded in the secular society where it doesn’t belong. It tries to Transer itself onto a new paradigm, but that collar just don’t fit the neck that never wanted a collar.


The Landowner/Possessions Owner attitude of the Modern Working Class and Old Ruler Class is not realistic for The Billions of People with a bunch of failed systems. This is not a natural life.


Focus on Water, Food and acceptance of Homelessness as Natural, or living out of car as Brilliant, a changed paradigm of how the rulers views the ruled, and out of the Jobs and Economy and Landowner/Possesions Owner Paradigm.