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Ship in a Bottle, and the Bottle is a Ship that Moves. The Focus on the Ship IN The Bottle, Effects the Bottle. Warp Core Premise. A Little Influence of Big Managed To Be Levered on a Smaller Size Big Influence, Re-Engineered.

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Try Coned Light/Laser of Prime Colors. Also Experiment around with Black, Gray, White. Big Basic Primus Stuff to Unlock Multiple Effects, Noticed in Expressed Further Down Stuff.  What is Brown, Furthest Down Multiple-Evolution’s Crown?

Create a Relative Godhead, like Sun is to Planets, Planets to Moons as a Device. But have things Focused on Influencing that Relative Godhead with Big Basic Macro-Effects.  Newton Meets Einstein. “My Ship is Bigger; My Ship is Faster”

Stonehenge and Star of David (Solomon’s Seal)
Think of the two remote stones in Stonehenge with the sun as blocking gravity. Think also in terms of dimension bending. The sun and moon could also perhaps relate to linear and non-linear gravity. Is it possibly to block the linear? Does a circle cut this? Perhaps amplify 2D forces to defeat 1D forces. Light shining through glass, perhaps magnetized glass. Two opposing forces with something connected spun at super-velocity. Perhaps a ring of silver and a ring of gold with iron or magnets attached to them. Continuous motion to make it “hum”. A relativity drive/machine. Reverse-engineered E=MC2. I understood what he was thinking about when he came up with that. I think magnetic fields may be a key here. Something suspiciously non-linear about them. Perhaps this mixed with light in a gas or fluid can be warped past lightspeed on a lower level. Magnetized heavy saltwater with a drop of lemon please? Who knows. I have forgotten this stuff, this is your place to shine.
Stonehenge may be showing us symbols for ships, pyramids for gates/observatory/arcane artillery. Arktillary. Stonehenge would be showing us gravity as the 2 remote stones. With 2 inverse tetra, these 2 stones would be the 1st dimensional base of one of them, the 6th dimensional base is at the other end, and it is nearer the 4 other large stones, inside the circle. Literally crating a harmonic mini-universe. Perhaps the 6 sided object like cube or sarcophagus helps create a stabilized inner reality, allowing matter to not be torn apart by blocking gravity at sub-atomic. 2 tetrahedron placed together is 6 sided.
The Star of David may also be a symbol for two cones of light, these would be shining from each side into your medium. Try to “Catch” the lightwaves in a magnetic field. Bind them up. Try using two different wavelengths. And have the cones match at the second wheel. Try compressed gold ring to contain it in. It also shows two root-base coning out in each direction, 1-5 dimensional and 6-2 dimensional. These crystallize in the central 4 dimensional. Look at the symbolism in royal crowns, things like trine-points with a circle/dot in them and also triskele. These are tetra symbols as well as is the chalice. The top of these crowns actually has a device for whats called the crown-chakra. But you may need to reinvent them. Cross may work, but also perhaps vajra. Use your instincts in this. It is possible one would use two coils like Tibetan prayer wheels on the sides and have light and/or rays top and bottom. Never overlook experimenting with any property of the universe. Also try compressing gold. Make rings and spin them. May need to sausage pack it. Also try braiding different metals in a circle and spinning them. Mess around. And a dense massive object may actually be easier to levitate than you think because of its very nature. Self Containted Multidimensionally. Quanta. Experiment down into the Quantum Omicron.

What insights can be gained from Musical Scale? Can we divide dimensions by a platform of connectivity to Omega of  what we experience in the Omicron in Primal Truth (Music Scale a Real Truth)? Or is there no correlation or some other correlation. Sometimes when we go for it, we gallop across huge swaths of understanding and gain overall eagle-view insights.

The Actual Color of Infinity is Still Unknown to Sacred Geometrists. The Black is just Ptah? Or Infinity as Ptah, Helping Through Ptah? Or is it God Void is White Side and Original Being is Black Side? Many Secrets Way Too Far Ahead.






– Ravana 4 Headed Brahma “He Who Figured It Out First (Usually)” and Shiva “He Alone Who Remembers (Mostly)”


YinYang Gray Yang Green Dragon Ptah Pilot, Helios God Deo White Ptah Captain, God Deo Brahma Engineer. Siva God Deo Kronus Spock, God White Ptah Brahma Dr Bones.




Goddess is very important, just as are Females. She is Closer to us, and we feel a quicker, deeper and more full feeling for Her. Female to Male and Female to Female. Yin is 0,1,3,(5,7)- Multiplicity, Curves, Spheres. Yang is 0,1,2,(4,6), Angles, Cubes -Addition. Yin Spheres have less boundaries than Yang Cubes. Dot to Sphere to Sphere is Nonlinear Jump. Line to Rectangle to Cube is Linear Progression. Yin and Yang mature differently in The Universe because of Their Origins and Evolution. Females mature quicker but plateau quicker. They are closer to perfection already, smoother, more evolved. The Other, be it male or female, is a large part of their reality. Community, Love and Sex. Union. The Male is stronger in I and has a steady climb that peaks later, but can slightly out-produce in the end. Yin is Older than Yang relative to Creation.

Non-Linear. One jumps to Chaos to beat Law, or ducks below Linear to move great distances in a small space, to pop back up. Move to 5th or 3rd to beat space/time distance problem of Linear 4th. Linear Gravity can also be cut to achieve Anti-Gravity. Circle and speed and/or vibration to do this. 5th Dimension is Non-Linear space. One jumps over linear space.

When you see the universe with your Mind it is Linear, when you feel it with your Heart it is Nonlinear. It is closer. From angular to spherical . Yang to Yin. You jump from Linear-Law to Nonlinear-Chaos. Feel The Galaxy. You go from 4th and 2nd dimensional to 5th and 3rd. From Cube and Tetrahedron, to Dodecahedron and Sphere.

Yang: Male/Law/Linear/Mind/+/Singularity/Form/Angular/Boundaries/Being I

Yin: Female/Chaos/Non-Linear/Emotion/-/Infinity/Formless/Curvature/Boundless/Aura WE

7=Infinity(formless) 0=Nonexistence(void) 1=Singularity(form) 7-0-1-0-7-0-1 shows Star Formation and Reformation (Reincarnation, Resurrection, Recycling). 0 is nova and black hole state. Also where Formless Infinity ceases, and Formed Singularity starts. 4 is Matter. I sometimes use: ( ) for curved/non-linear, [ ] for angular/linear, { } for both as one, . for gravity, — for wave-plane.

1st and 2nd are gravity and waves. Wave-Particle. Super-Gravity and Wave-Plane.
( 1 .– 2 ]

Myriad Potentials expressed as Sliding Scale One, Few, and Many are centered in 1st, 2nd {(4th, 3rd, 5th)]) { [6th, 7th-8th Octave Dimension. True 8th in our reality is 0th. Void. Non-Existence. .– {(3,4,5]) 6-7-0-1-2

Super-Gravity is that Dot . 1st Dimension, Singularity (particle)
M is that Wave-Plane — 2nd Dimension, Continuum (waves)
Strings are the hum of the engine.
Yin is overwhelmed by Yang very easily in this universe. She is very attracted to the strength and resilience but also feels the intrusion if yang is not evolved enough. Too much of this and she will lock down in defensive pattern. It really takes an understanding and evolution of the Yin nature in Yang that allows him to be that strong and pervasive with that little tripping of wires.

7th Chakra is Infinity/Om/Silence/Oneness/Timeless. 3rd is Arcane Power, 5th Expression, 2nd Polar Attraction/Repulsion, 1st is Grounding Point.

Subconscious is akin to Internal 3rd Dimension, Sphere and Nonlinear Emotion. Conscious is akin to External 4th, Cube and Linear Thought. You are a Tetrahedron, like your DNA. Singularity expresses as a Tetrahedron, in a Sphere of Influence of 5 Dimensions. Dot (Super Gravity), Line (Wave-Plane Continuum), Sphere, Cube, Dodecahedron. This is exists in Oceanic State and Void State. Form to Formless. Singularity to Infinity. Faint threads strong like Nano carbon tubes are the deep fabric of The Abyss. This is 6th Dimension, and leads to a more full and less threaded 6th. Those faint threads are also the remnants in the vacuum of 3rd-5th Dimension of the 3rd, 4th, 5th that was dug out and compressed, pre-Big Bang. 1st and 2nd Dimension Forces Ignited this firework and are the Central Engine of Evolution. Singularity and Duality.

Our Chakras are Dimension Gates, allowing a faint emanation through. The Central 4th Relative to 1-7th is Heart Chakra, Anahata. Harmony. I sometimes focus on just the 7th, 4th and 1st at once. A polarity with 4th as Harmony. From there I deal with 6th Chakra, Pituitary and Central Tetrahedronic Core Pineal and Sub Cortex. A Cobra with a tail grounding at 1st Chakra and Hooded Head is above your own at 7th Chakra. Feeling is fuel to visualizing. Hood is where your head is. -The Serpent Speaks.

Like cotton wrapped around steel, our movement are smooth as glassy water, continuity like pouring oil. Gentle and Strong. Visualize bubbling wells in the soles of the feet. Wells of energy. Visualize and feel blades extending into the ground from the soles of the feet. -Tai Ch’i speaks.

4th is Linear Law and Void Compaction Plane, Bright and White. 3rd is Astral Ocean, Clear and Black. It has black Chaos clouds in random pattern of equal proportions. These are also containment. This is an Oceanic Energy Plane. 5th is a mixture of these two.

The Human Body is a Phenomenal Tool. Wield it Well. Here in the 4th Dimension Compaction Plane, as Simplicity Omicron for an Extra-Dimensional Simplicity Omega Soul. That Soul evolves into complexity over time, bet retains timeless simplicity. You are you own rad induction off an electrified plate, but it is more subtle and profound. Being in the Body. Form. At One with the Body with your Heart, Mind and Spirit. We Navigate our Body. We also Navigate our Mind, Emotion and Spirit. This is Self and it Evolves with Soul Containment.

Separation and Continuity. Individuality is part of Separation. While there is Continuity, it exists as an Abstract with most things relative to Individuality. The Big Oceanic Beings or Sentient Super Singularities have a far greater amount of Stuff, and are a lot closer to Infinity in over all nature. As things progress down, it gets less and less like Infinity. Individuality is still King down here at Material Plane, Harmony brings Unity. Separation outranks Continuity relative to us. In this Model, Separation is 1st Singularity, Self, Gravity I and Continuity is 2nd Duality, Polarity, Waveplane Continuum, We.

The multiplicity of nuances of myriad properties being expressed as myriad potentialities within Nature is far to great for science to compete with. From Macro to Micro there are just too many things going on in too large of a scale, Infinity. This is another reason why Simplicity is Prime. It is what has already been evolved by Nature here to cope with this all. It is The Limitations and Boundaries within Boundless Infinity.

The Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain are linear and non-linear duality. This is how overlapping interlocking 1st Singularity Super-gravity and 2nd Duality Wave-plane Continuum evolved relative to sentient us in Linear 4th, Cube. Non-linear chaos Singularity became the Emotions, the linear law Duality became The Mind. 1st became 4th and 2nd became 6th Chakra.

Top and Center. The Center Hub has greater control than the outer rim of the Wheel, and is quicker. Top has greater vantage point, and reach. Mind is Top (6th Chakra), Emotion is Center (4th Chakra), Body is Wheel, Material Vessel. Esoterically, Mind and Emotion have different but overlapping “velocity and vector” in Time and Space, Emotion is more timeless by nature.

Emotion is the key to some of the most miraculous effects, including instant-point shoot from the hip bulls-eye. Doing by feel, honed down from actual doing by intent. Mind, Emotion and Body as One Unit. The Tai Ch’i Poise, The Dancer Form, The Surfer.

Telesmatic Magic: Once we have a extra/intra dimensional functional Image, we can harmonically resonate to it by expanding our being. This is possible because it is a true thing we are dealing with, and the better the functional image, the more accurate the co-ordinance and therefore ability to get there we have. The more honed and attuned we are Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, the more multidimensional forces we can access and power utilize. Purify and strengthen Chakras

The Sun and Planets are large bodies of influence positioned at Lagrange Points. These have an influence on Dimensional Mechanics. This relates to both a Helio and Geo Centric System. This is Frame of Reference. Harmonic and “Apparent Effect” comes through with the massive size of Natural Dimensional Mechanics. Even the reflections have workable status. A scale of (1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4,1-5 1-6,7) is the most powerful influence. Sun(1) to Saturn(7), Saturn(1) to Sun(7), we occupy the 4th Harmonic. The harmonic of the asteroid belt exists as well, but most likely Jupiter overpowers this as an influence, as well as the odd Octave 8th=1st principle. The simplicity aspect really shines through with Dimensional Mechanics. Make a replication off anything is the rule of thumb here, patterned after Universal and Dimensional Principles. Long hair makes a better antenna is an example. Stonehenge and Great Pyramid are both Tetrahedronic Dimensional Mechanical Devices. 10 and 12 also have very powerful influence.

Wood is a good example to study. It is both structured and diffuse. Law and chaos in an excellent balance. Crystals are another example. Condensed and transparent, another expression of law and chaos. They are more centered in linear/ law, chaos pushed aside and Clear/Void remains. Clear/Void Law. Following the evolution of the universe, one can see what it has become. The Universe teaches, but few truly learn. Clouds are a perfect template for understanding chaos. Infinity is the author of sentience. Higher sentience exists. Sentience is older than the universe.

Sacred Geometry is really a Spiritual Philosophy, Metaphysical in Nature, that accompanies Science and Religion, Life and Now. It is a Subjective-Object Stance that is Arcane in it view of Aero, the magnetism and electricity, light and gravity, gaseous, liquid, solid energy. Shapes. Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Scales. Music and Colors. Trodding boldly in this Void Space in out Aero Ocean, on Gaea Ground, swimming blissfully through Hydro Ocean.

Being the Omicron Ground of Overlapping Omega Lightning Bolts called Mind, Emotion and Spirit, in an Omega Spherical Soul. You are the Magnetic Core of your own Singularity-Duality-Triplicity-Quadtrality-Quintplicity called Self. Formed Body, Formless Soul. Formed Mind, Formless Emotion. Linear and Nonlinear.

Law and Chaos. Yang and Yin. Curves and Angles. Weak and Strong. Freedom and Discipline. I and We. Evolution. Macro to Micro. Infinity to Singularity. Overlapping Properties. Boundaries to Boundless. Simplicity to Complexity. Reverse Polarity. Inverse Polarity.

Existence is a tapestry who’s thread is inter-connecting and disconnected forces and their properties, and who’s weave is overlapping principles and there guidelines. The Pattern is a byproduct. The Universe is also a byproduct. The Loom of Tantra, Threads of Existence and Frame of Reference. Externally we are the Universe’s Reflection, Internally the Universe is Our Reflection. Sentience Delves Deeper.

Harmonic Stasis. Harmony Activity. Overlapping Yin and Yang, Chaos and Law, Randomness and Predictability, Weak and Strong, Omega and Omicron, Formless and Form, Infinity and Singularity. Om and Silence. I AM That I AM. Shining Singularity in a Void. This is That Which IS. From Infinity to your mother’s kitchen, Be Here Now. In the Matter Plane, Void is Primus, Fundamental, Foundational. 8th and 1st are One, and Octave. 7-0-1.

If one inverts an Ankh one will see pyramid power explained. A pyramid with a drop of liquid energy. Emotion is non-linear thought. Mind is linear thought. Oceanic Osmotic Being and Polarized Linear Thinking. This world is overbalanced in the latter.

Understanding that there is a liquid energy sub-atomic 3rd dimensional universe underneath the 4th, we can then begin to look at metals, crystals and gems for their properties. Always remember as well that a 2nd dimensional nature is the foundation for linear 4th, therefor light, magnetism, rays, waves etc have profound effect. Sound is phenomenal in this universe, especially coupled with the right knowledge and focus.Gold is a very conductive dense metal that may reflect the vibrational tone of the 3rd dimension. Perhaps silver and gold both. If one looks at light reflecting on water, or light shining through water, we begin to get a feel for our 3rd dimensional sub-atomic universe. Learn to feel your way through things and situations.

Purifying the Chakras and stimulating the Kundalini is the “Serpent Power” of magic. They split up our heritage and made us oppose certain things so we would not regain our power too quickly, due to the fact we always misuse it in the end. Tower of Babel story relates to this, and all the similarities in myths around the world. Snakes mean science, magnetism tapped from the earth’s core, The Serpent and Samael. Birds mean solar rays and also Asians, as do turtles. Beast of the earth and cattle relate to early human stock. Ark is Arcane. Basically things are not what they seem. If you meet a cyclops along the way, it may just be a Pythagoras or Aaron. A giant or titan may be our Atlantean ancestors. Hydra is dangerous tech. And an astra or ark is also dangerous tech. We have spent a lot of time cleaning up arcane science messes, so as not to leave the power to the unworthy.

The Pineal gland, solar plexus and Mannas sub-chakra are also vital. Pineal is the Tetrahedronic core of our brain. It is important to note that it is very important to purify the subtle body in relation to the Kundalini path. Energy blockages can make one bonkers. This is the path of the steadfast, not the dabbler. Chanting and perhaps praying in the Chakras and going through one’s emotional issues can help in this process. Think of this as lighting the 7 Lampstands, and the energy that comes through each of these as being established “churches” of The Divine Flame, God, Goddess.

Creating a magic circle of humans, braided with polarity (F-M-F-M etc) mimics the sub-universe. The 3rd dimension is the only place a perfect circle can exist. One focuses the mind, but it is the heart that does the work. 51 is common, with 3 potent members of the group at triangulation points. The most potent member is the “cyclops”, 3rd eye. A Hundred-Hander is actually a Pythagorean Circle of 50 people joining hands, with a Cyclops, like Pythagoras himself. Sometimes the cyclops is in the center of circle. Tools of power and an inner connection of the group are vital for this. Celtic traditions such as maypole dance provide braiding clues. Faith to move mountains is vital. What the world needs now, is Hundred-Handers. 17×3=51. 17=1+7=8. Other points on the circle can be also used. Making a circle with other than 51, one can make different numbers as points. A circle with 12 people or multiples thereof allows us to mimic the Astrological Wheel. Female and male also replicate 3rd and 4th, Spherical and Cubed. Curves and Angles.

While imagination can help us in gaining insights into the unseen forces and causes around us, we need to continually hone these down to the essence so we are not lost in fantasy. Keep a very creative and open mind but don’t try to come to conclusions, let the conclusions come to you. But still have an open mind. We find the islands in the ocean. We must think of rediscovering magic as building a spaceship. It needs to be air-tight and adequately powered.

The Circle is the Magic Symbol. Its 360 deg.relate to 36. 1×36, 2×18, 3×12, 4×9, 6×6. The missing chain is 5×7= 35, not 36. Along the back of that number chain is part of the nine-chain. ({3+6, 1+8, 9}. The 3rd space is (1+2 = 3, root of 9.), and the 5th space is 6, between 9 and 3. This Tetra universe is in part running off numerical anomalies. The points all relate to Astrological aspects. This is an astrological universe. The wheel has 3 separate realities (bi-tri-quad) going on it, moving through a 4th reality of 12 houses in an overlapping and interlocking pattern.
+(M)/-(F): Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. This runs around in an interlocking pattern through the 12 houses. An astrological chart is actually a 4th dimensional mechanical schematic. Large objects occupying harmonic places effect the 4th dimension on a subatomic 3rd level.

6×6 on the Sacred Circle is two inverse triangles, or a Star of David, Seal of Solomon.
For “Magic” we work off pure properties of things, even with numbers and math to some degree. It is important to learn to mediate/contemplate and develop a subtle awareness of one’s environment. Emotion is vital to this subtle properties existential way of being/seeing. Be the Princess and the Pea, learn to take empathic blueprints of things. Learn to sense “vibes”. Do this with people, places and situations. Approach this with all the self-purification zeal of a Holy Knight. Know that the Sword is the Mind, and knowing Truth contained within things gives you the power to cleave through the dross.
Another exercise is to expand the sphere of one’s awareness by stretching out with it. Stretch out with emotion and mind. Start with one’s immediate surroundings. Then go on to the outskirts of that. Then your region, your planet, your solar system, your galaxy… your universe. Think/feel of the part of the universe that is deeply connected. You are deeply connected with the whole universe on some level.

The Void Lord. Het. Khether. Ethereal. Omega. Omicron. Ayin.The Shining Abyss in the Void. The Void Watches you, humans, but Never Interacts. It has Presence, but it is Zero. It is Eos. Mother Abyss. The Void Herself, Abyss. The Womb of Space. Fluid Space. The Abyss Mother. Ayin. 7th Dimension. Octave 8th/1st. 0th. Kether. 7-0-1. Abyss and Void. Yin and Yang. Heth and zAyin in PhOencian the Phoenix. OE, Older Eve. The Norse. The Boat People. The Branch of Lebanon. He, Linear Space. He and Ayin throughout the Eons. It has been an Aeon since Atlantis fell and our species began, The Fall of Man. AE, Atlantis and Eve. The Shining Abyss in the Void. 7th and 8th. Omega to Omicron. When you look into the sky and see the clouds and the sun, you are looking at Tao. Air. Ocean. Womb . Sun. Electromagnetism. Light.
8th: Absolute Infinity + –
7th: Non-Linear Infinity/Void/Chaos{OceanicSphere –
6th: Linear Infinity/Void/Law{OceanicDodecahedron +
5th (3,4,5,6)-[5,4,6]-{2+1/6+7}
Oceanic, Energy,Solid ,Gaseous,Liquid {DodecahedronCube –
4th (3,4,5)-[4, 3, 5]-{2+1/6+7}
Energy, Solid, Gaseous, Liquid {CubeTetrahedron +
3rd (3,4)-[3, 2, 4]-{2+1/6+7}
Energy, Gaseous, Liquid {TetrahedronSphere –
2nd: SolidGaseousEnergyLaw {Wave Plane +
1st: SolidLiquidVoidChaos{Sphere –

2+1/6+7 also plays out as Electromagnetism/Waves-2, Gravity-1, Strong Biding Force-6, Weak Binding Force-7. And as Wave-Particle and Oceanic State.

1 and 7 are both chaos/non-linear weak forces. 2 and 6 are law/linear strong forces. 2+1/6+7.1,2-6,7

In 7-0-1 model Strings are 2nd-6th. In 7-4-1(1-8) model, they are 1st-5th. These are different frames of reference that overlap, Polarity (2nd) and Singularity(1st). This is Duality. Tetrahedronic is 0-7 and 1-7. Cubic is 1-8. Straight 8. Dual Reality. Non-Linear and Linear Reality.

1+6 and 2×8. Singularity I, Duality We.Yang and Yin. True 8th Dimension is The 16th Dimension Themself. 17th Dimension, The Absolute One. 8th

Feel the universe when you see it at work. Load up on the graphics of it all. Your life is the grand play of existence, and you are in the starring role. Be the lead actor of your life. The Universe is the stage, you are the actor. This is Existence.

Know the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Planets, the Stars, the Galaxy and The Universe. Spheres of Influence. Planes of Stage. Sphere and Cube. Tetrahedron and Dodecahedron.

Tai ch’i chuan will also accelerate this. And so will meditation and hatha yoga, the oldschool stress-reduction kind, get limber. Centered in one’s Self, not self centered Be gentlemen warriors. Then become the tiger. From subtle to raw power to subtle again. Centered in our body, heart, mind and soul. Energy in motion. Spirit is a force. Ch’i or Ki. It has measurable effects for the user. It is the key that unlocks the gateway to infinity. Sometimes it takes practice, and sometimes practice takes it away. The Eternal Now. Ring the bell, and follow the sound. Loud into silence. Reverence.

Oceanic Osmotic Being, Emotions/Yin/Curves/Boundless/Chaos-Law.
Polarized Linear Thinking, Mind/Yang/Angles/Boundaries/Law-Chaos.

Religion should be a Guidepost, not a Corral. Religion is the Cradle of Spirituality, not The Thing Itself. The baby outgrows the cradle every time. Therefore it must be refreshed from era to era. Dogma slips in, Spirituality slips out.

Gravity (1st), Electromagnetism (2nd), Strong Binding Force (3rd), Weak Binding Force (4th). Electrons (1st), Protons (2nd), Neutrons (3rd), The empty angular space created by the field effect of the particles within Void/Oceanic (4th). We are in essence already in hyperspace of a 3rd dimension. 4th+3rd in 5th made from 2+1/6+7

Aero is a lower expression of Abyss. The Womb of Earth. Air and Water. Oceans.
Circle, 360 degrees. div by: 1-360, 2-180, 3-120, 4-90, 5-72 (72) 6-60 These correlate to astrological aspect Conjunct, Opposition, Trine, Square, Quincunx/Inconjunct, and Sextile. These positions are also harmonic power points for Dimensional Mechanics. Hidden in the Chart Wheel is actually a Dimensional Mechanics Schematic.

Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water
4 States of Matter: Energy(fire),Solid(earth),Gaseous(air),Liquid(water)
3 Modes : Cardinal/Liquid, Fixed/Solid, Mutable/Gaseous
12 Signs : Polarity, Modes, Elements. Dual, Tri, Quad. Pentagonal. Hexagonal.

Newtonian Sacred Geometrical Stringed Membranic Quantum Relativity. Drink 3rd Dimension, Eat 4th Dimension, Breathe 5th Dimension. Sacred Geometry, Ark Cain Science, Serpent Power. Tao, body, patterns of functionality, mundane to arcane. Omega Simplicity leverage on Omicron Complexity, Echoes of Eternity, Evolved Patterns.

The Normality of Infinity outranks its Highs and Lows, dips and peaks, its perfection and imperfection, wheat and chaff. Nature: is from above God down to below mortals and life. Harmony, Equilibrium, Now.

Gray Principle and Tao: Gray, Clear and Void are more than Black and White as a Vast Functionality.

Matter Plane 4th is godlike Normality, body, Mundane. Astral Plane 3rd is godlike Emotion, Arcane. Ethereal Plane 5th is godlike Mental, Arcane.

Perhaps in some ways this pattern plays out as Subatomic Energy 3rd Dimension correlating to (an exchange of energies and matter between 4th and 3rd) digestive Stomach and Elimination Storage (black hole) Bladder,

The Heart and Lungs to 4th Dimension Linear Space and Void (blood correlating to Hydro 3rd and Air to Helio 5th), energies flowing into 4th from below and above.

5th is Brain, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth as well as taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch. Perhaps the Esophagus as well, but this may have 2nd and 1st correlation.

While the 2nd and 1st may be too far removed from our frame of reference to get a very functional insight or projections off of what happens to the energy after bladder; perhaps Numeric Simplicity of Primus Singularity Separation One and Secoundus Duality Continuity Two, as well as Triplicity, Quadrality and Quintessence are enough for this to be useful for functional extrapolation… When we eat and drink, from beginning to end of the process, perhaps we mime the universe and black holes.

The Riddle of Life and Universal Theory of Almost Everything (do we really need everything? Chaff and clutter, just recycle. Simplify)

8th Infinity Containment.
Fabric of Timeless 7th,0th,1st. Supreme Being He+She White Clear Black Oceanic Sphere
Fabric of Time and Space 6th, no void here. Linear Cube He/She Gray Clear

5th Oceanic Nonlinear Space, Ethereal, 0th. Black Clear Linear Sphere 5+3+4 (3) 12+5:17 Pentagram. Dodecahedron. Head. Formless and Void. (Gaseous). Nose, Eyes, Ears, Mouth. Circle. Energy
4th Linear Compaction Space,0th. Fluidic Cube White Clear4+3+5 Tetrahedronic Sphere (2) Square.Tetrahedron. Limbs Form and Void. [Solid]. Square. Duality [2×2,2+2: 4]. Matter I+I, He+She. We
Fabric of Space 2nd,1st,0th. Organs. Tetrahedronic 3+4 White, Black, Clear, Gray. Duality, Singularity. Waves, Gravity.
3rd Astral Nonlinear Energy. Gray Clear Fluidic Sphere 3+4+5 (1) Circle. Tetrahedron Body Formless {Liquid}. Triangle. Singularity (1+1,1×1: [2,1) 3). Energy.

3+1 We are a Tetrahedronic Singularity-Duality (Gravity, Individuality-Waves, Polarity) within a Sphere(Liquid), within a Cube(Solid), within a Dodecahedron(Gaseous), within and Ocean (Infinity), within a Void(Non-Existence. 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th are mixed in larger soup of 3rd,4th,5th, smaller portions. 2nd and 1st are an Evolution Engine.

Omega to Omicron Principle from Infinity to Singularity creates a Quanta Effect on Newtonian. From Granular to Honeycomb. A big effect into the small, and a big effect into the large. The Solar System and Galaxy are their own Quanta, Self-Contained. Size adds power and waves (2) gravity well (1) is relative interaction base, the Field of Action. Relative to Us on Tetrahedronic 4th/3rd Earth in Cubic 4th/6th Universe in Membranic 2nd Galaxy.

Big Influence into the Large: Omega Sun naturally delves into 5th Dimension Dodecahedronic, Cone Up. Omega Ground in Space, Delve Up.
Big Influence into the Small: Omicron Moon naturally delves into Spheric 3rd, Pinpoint Down. Omicron Ground in Space, Delve Down

Synchronicity, Co-Existence, Symbiosis. Overlapping Spheres of Influence, Planes of Stage, States of Matter, States of Being, Angles of Interpretation, Angles of Access. Tri-Point Reality, Triplicity. Polarity, Duality. Singularity, Self. Quadrality, Quantum.

Primus 1st Separation Singularity in Secondus 2nd Continuity Continuum. Infinity is Separate and Inseparable Omicron to Omega, and reverse order Omega to Omicron.

The Solar System and Galaxy are their own Quanta, Self-Contained. Size adds power and waves (2) gravity well (1) is relative interaction base, the Field of Action. Relative to Us on 3+1 Tetrahedronic 4th/3rd Earth in Cubic 4th/6th Universe, in Membranic 2nd Galaxy.

Dimensions are Built of Planes of Existence and States of Matter. Energy,Solid,Gaseous, Liquid. 1-7 Scale. Octaves.Singularity, Duality, Triplicity, Quadrality. Pentagonal. Hexagonal. Hyper 5th, External 4th, Internal 3rd. 4th+3rd in 5th Ocean is basic reality relative to us. This is a functional conceptual sketch, fundamentally both basic and abstract. Form and Formless, Curves and Angles, Law and Chaos. Omega to Omicron. Relative Scale. Maya as we know it is flawed concept. The Veil is not The Universe, but connected to it. Universe is Real, and 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimensions. Maya is a screen that blinds us, sentience, to the larger picture. Straight (Linear) and Diagonal (Non-Linear). Part of 3rd and 5th got Compacted at 4th, Void. It is Super Strong.

Frames of Reference, Spheres of Influence, Angles of Interpretation. Relative Overlapping and Interlocking. Primus and Secoundus are States so Vast they outrank All as Overriding Principles Relative to Existence below Infinity. Law and Chaos, Yin and Yang, God and Goddess, Singularity and Continuum (relative infinity) are all combined in a Primus and Secoundus Order, making them Similar and Unique.

The Sun in Astrology is The God Pillar, the Titanic Body that dwarfs us that we revolve around. Though it is related to 5th Dimension it is also “HE” God, ruler of 4th. As well as Apollo/Brahma/Hades. It is a HE Expression. The Moon is The Goddess Pillar. Smaller but closer to us and also having huge impact on us. Relative Placement played out, Omega Universe-micron Galaxy, Omega Galaxy-Omicron Sun. Omega Sun-Omicron Moon. Omega Moon/Sun and Planets to Omicron Humans. Ares and Taurus correlate to 1st and 2nd Dimension, but also in the above Ares relates to 3rd Dimension, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer relates to 4th. 3+1. These first four are our Tetrahedron. Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,Sagittarius is 5th Dimension.

Tetrahedronic (4th+3rd) is the state between both as Singularity. 1st dimensional point, 2nd dimensional bent plane-wave, 3rd dimensional face, 4th dimensional sides. 1st+2nd+3rd+4th = 10th. That Singularity expression grounds us to 4th+3rd. Singularity/Individuality Reality, a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking.

Think of Tetrahedron as the Singularity. Self, Soul, Body, DNA or Object.
Duality is 4th and 3rd overlapping.
Triplicity 3rd, 4th, 5th, overlapping
Quadrality: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, not overlapping

From small to big:
1:tetrahedron/dot, 2 plane-wave/wave-plane, 3rd: sphere/Sphere, 4th: cube/Tetrahedron,
5th:dodecahedron/Cube, 6:Oceanic/Cube/DodecahedronLaw/Mind? 7:Sphere/Cube/OceanicChaos/Emotion?Abyss, 0-1/VoidYangYin/Spirit?(8) This is our is our Singularity+Polarity reality bubble. 2 as 1. Our Relative Placement Schematic.

Tetrahedronic Sphere: Earth’s Core, Earth and Atmosphere is the 3-4-5 pattern. Use this as Template. Central Black-Hole , Galaxy, overall Gravity is another Tetrahedronic pattern. This matches Earth, Core and Magnetic Field/Atmosphere. This is a Tetrahedronic Sphere in action.

1 and I are both Singularity derivative. I is singularity of the self. Individuality. This applies to objects as well. Relativity is two or more individual points, or spheres of influence. The i is a dot and a line. Gravity and Plane/Wave. Gravity is best understood by feeling and thinking. Most things probably are. Harmonic Frequency Separation in Infinity to Singularity also exists. Singularity/Individuality Reality is a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking. 4th dimension with 3rd inside and 5th outside. Tetrahedronic Sphere. Singularity (1st) smashes into Wave-Plane (2nd), produces a Sphere (3rd) {1face, no sides or 1 side, Curved} that explodes into a Cube (4th) {6 sided, 4 face, Angular} and expands along a 2 D Wave-Plane, producing a flat universe of Energy and Void that is Matter(atoms) Tetrahedron {3 face, 4 sided}. From an apparent small space, a vast universe grows. It had fuel and tracks to follow. Welcome to the 4th Dimension. Matter(atoms) Tetrahedron {3 face, 4 sided}. “Welcome to the 4th Dimension.” We exist in the 5th, Dodecahedron {5 face,12 sided). 3rd,4th,5th is Our Reality.

This is our Co-Ordinance of Existence. We are 4th+3rd, 5th as 1st made of 2nd, our basic reality order. We are a Multidimensional, Singularity Duality.We are 5th, 4th, 3rd and 1st Dimensional Beings. Made out of 2nd Dimension with access to 6th and 7th. Our reality is centered around linear 4th, mid center of 7th. The Matter Universe. 3rd and 5th have more of an effect than 2nd or 6th, 1st or 7th. Localized effects. 6th and 7th Chakra. 1st-7th Chakras are dimensional manifestations in our being. It is possible to access a higher current of spirit and power. This is Kundalini.

All 7 are here, 6th and 7th are beyond full understanding from a 4th perspective, Infinities. 3rd/Astral and 5th/Ethereal are Oceanic Energy. These are more Formless than us.

Gravity(1st), Electromagnetism (2nd), Strong Binding Force (3rd), Weak Binding Force (4th). Electrons (1st), Protons (2nd), Neutrons (3rd) The empty angular space created by the field effect of the particles within Void/Oceanic (4th). 4th Dimension is Matter Universe. Chemical Universe. Earth. We are in essence already in hyperspace of a 3rd dimension. We are in 3rd,4th 5th and are 4th+3rd+5th made from 2+1/6+7. 5th is Non-Linear Space, Oceanic.

Ghosts are Tetrahedronic afterimages, 3rd Dimensional. The 4th side wore off.
Newtonian Sacred Geometrical Stringed Membranic Quantum Relativity. Omega Simplicity Omicron Complexity. Point of View.

Straight 8 States of Matter relative to 3rd Dimension Subatomic. Energy. Strings are Principles, Strands are Properties. And Dodecahedronic 5th/12th, Astrology Wheel Decodes. 5th is Sun (Foundational Pillar) House, opposite of 11(th). 12th is All as One. 3,4,6,8,9 in Divisible In 12. 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4. This is 5th Dimension as 12 Divisions

0th Void Home of Strings
7th-Oceanic Master String
6th-Gaseous String
5th-Liquid String
4th-Solid String
3rd-Energy String
2nd Wave Root of Strings
1st Gravity Pluck of Strings

The Universal Theory of Everything actually does something profound to us when you add feeling and experience it, like a big bang of consciousness. This brings a Tao-like Nirvana, centered in our mundane existence. This is a steppingstone to other Dimensions. Everything is brighter and closer. Innocence and wisdom. The sights and sounds restore us in our clarity, they are more profound. They are closer, amplified in a subtle way. This brings skill in thought, feeling and action as well. Be aware of the forces of nature that surround you. Then expand this awareness to The Universe. Open yourself up to Prana, breathe in subtle pure clear energy. Learn to feel your way through things and situations. Develop Reverence. Thinking positive is a must as well, as an individual and collective consciousness. I and We. Create a Positive Bubble of Quantum Reality, Mentally and Emotionally. Feeling Positive is the Fuel for Thinking Positive.

– 5th

– 5th 5th
– 4th
– 4th 3rd 4th
– 4th
– 5th 5th

Resh/Rho: Head. The Godhead. I. zAyin: Eye. Eyes of The Abyss Mother. Womb Of Eos.

The Eyes of God in Math. Yang / + /Law/Linear- I. Singularity-Infinity. Form to Formless.
I 2-3-4-5-6 We (us)
The Eyes of Goddess. Yin / – /Chaos/Non-Linear-We. Infinity to Singularity. Formless to Form.

Law/Linear tends toward Angular Singularity, Chaos/Non-Linear tends towards Curved Infinity. Yang stretches from 0 to +Infinity. Yin stretches from 0 to -Infinity. But they overlap. 0 is a hands off approach, also it signals who you see after death, 0.

See 7th as connecting to 1st right through the top of you in a line. 1st and 7th are far away but a linear and non linear thread of them stretch throughout reality, both connected and disconnected.
(5th, 4th, 3rd)
Singularity produces Containment. Self is Containment. Quanta

WE become the Two Emanations of the very Polarity that started this Universe. You become a little god and little goddess by going beyond yourselves. Then it becomes all the more magical. Love, Sensuality, Sex.

Two inverted tetrahedrons produce 8 mini pyramids, 1 always hidden from view. 7-0-1. Love/Harmony. Two as One. I/WE. Law and Chaos, White and Black. Day and Night. Sun and Moon. Helios and Eos. Tao

Aero. The Nebula of Earth. Feel the sky and the clouds, the sun and the moon. The fluid of space. Eos.Walk through the formless air, walk on the formed ground. Breath in the formless energy, swim through the formed formless water. Formless is more than Form in Infinity. Feel the shapes of things when you see them. When you look into the sky and see the clouds and the sun, you are looking at Tao. Air, Ocean, Nebula. Sun, Electromagnetism, Light. Open your heart and be the Receptor. The waves don’t bounce back from this, they are already there. Your mind will read what your Emotion feels if you are Intune and Intuitive. Then one learns to Focus with the Mind, and you become the Radar. Make an Echo-Locator of Subtle and Gross Currents out of oneself and aim it at the Esoteric as an antenna. Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron. Feeling Positive is the Fuel for Thinking Positive. Be aware of the forces of nature that surround you. Then expand this awareness to The Universe. Experience it. Load up on the visual, auditory and kinetic graphics of it in an Existential Way. Wisdom: Your life is the grand play of existence, and you are in the starring role. Be the lead actor of your life. The Universe is the stage, you are the actor. Self-Deterministic.

Sacred Geometry works off focusing the best tool ever known, the human being, on bringing liquid energy from the non-linear 3rd dimension into the linear 4th, here, or transcending to Pentagon 5th. Welcome to the 4th dimension, though you have always been here. We Live in both 3rd and 4th, moving through 5th. And 4th+3rd+5th. We exist in the 5th, Dodecahedron {5 face,12 sided). 3rd,4th,5th is our reality. Will Power. We Live in both 3rd, 4th, 5th. And are 4th+3rd+5th. You are I, Singularity. Eos is We, Infinity. Esoteric. Individuality, Intuition, Introspection, Esoteric, Eros, Eos. We, Womb of Eos.
Glassy Mind as a basic State is a State of Emotion Primus Original Ptah Brahma Evolution: Siva Mind Primus: Baby Ptah Ability: Baby Peter Awareness and Angelic Mote Openness
Omega Ptah: Emotion
Primus Siva: Mind
Omicron Baby Ptah: Emotion

3+1. 3 Visible and One Hidden. 4 Spheres. Overlapping Simplicity.

Sun: Omega Valve. 5th Dimension. Sphere God
Moon: Omicron Valve. 3rdDimension Sphere Goddess
Earth: Flat Plane/Sphere. Home. Sphere Home
Dynamic Core. Hidden. Sphere Arcane

3+1/1-4 Tetrahedronic.

3:Moon: Proximity Influence White Pyramid Base
2:Sun: Relative Godhead of System Gold Pyramid Cap
1:Earth: Point Of Home Perspective. 2nd D Tao Continuum
0: Hidden Magnetic Dynamic Core 1st D Arcane Core

4 Sun Yang
3 Moon Yin
2 Earth Flat Plane Yang
1 Dynamic Cor Yin

Arcane Sacred Geometry Circuit:
Sun: 8th D Infinity Pole
Moon: 7th D
Pyramid Cap: 6th D
Pyramid Internals. 5th-4th-3rd D
Flat Earth Surface: 2nd D
UnderChamber: 1st D
Dynamic Core; 0th D Infinity Pole